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Pyramid Power achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC)

Pyramid Power

Build the Large Pyramid, Large Step Pyramid, and Small Step Pyramid in your Capital City.

Pyramid Power0
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How to unlock the Pyramid Power achievement

  • HaloStorm12HaloStorm12312,029
    16 Sep 2011 16 Sep 2011 27 Apr 2012
    14 1 3
    Large Pyramid- this is obtained after the quest Finally quell the Masses!, you cant miss it and it costs nothing to build.

    Large step pyramid- this is obtained on the mission viziers doom, it is not missable and also costs nothing to build.

    Small step pyramid- this one can only be found in chests (if buying from moes it can be found in level 20+ chests) or traded. To build it you will need 5 concrete blocks, 4 precision tools and 3 giza limestone.

    Hope this helps and please tell me if i made a mistake somewhere. Good luck

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    deutschZuidYou get Large Pyramid from Challenge: Finally Quell the Masses!
    Posted by deutschZuid on 16 Sep 11 at 03:07
    HaloStorm12Ok thanks i thought so but wasnt sure
    Posted by HaloStorm12 on 16 Sep 11 at 03:21
    Itzz Sh0wt1m3How did you get precision tools and giza limestone?
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 04 Oct 13 at 16:07
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  • I am JeffRay90I am JeffRay90574,546
    14 Jul 2012 16 Jul 2012 09 Apr 2014
    7 0 4
    Small- step pyramid is still trade-able. You can save the hassle of spending the time farming for this blueprint by trading other players. I've seen players sell this for 1k - 5k in the trade channel. Another alternative is to ask a friend or know someone who already have this achievement. They can convert their small step- pyramid back to a blueprint and then trade it to you (This assumes that they still have it built in their empire).

    * Large Pyramid and Large Step Pyramid are both untradable and can only be obtained through Egypt's main quest story line.

    1. Helping the Generals
    2. To the Open Desert
    3. Take the Oasis
    4. Sandstorm!
    5. Nile Denial
    6. Farm Harm
    7. Chief Relief!
    8. Ambitions of a Prince
    9. Camels in the Mist
    10. Push to the Pass
    11. What Are All the Elephants For?
    12. The Final Badari-Down!
    13. Nubia Awaits!
    14. The Golden Punch Bowl
    15. We Three Priests
    16. Priestess to Queen's Temple One
    17. The Great Divide
    18. Echo Canyon Slaughter
    19. Ace in the Hole
    20. Gold One Way
    21. Expedition to Libya
    22. Not to Be Trifled With
    23. Guard Duty
    24. Beefing Up
    25. The Road Home
    26. The Supporting Cast
    27. Vizier's Doom ** (Large Step Pyramid is part of the reward)
    28. Defend Egypt! (Level 19)

    Pyramid Quests (King Narmer):

    1. Challenge: Quell the Masses
    2. Challenge: Quell the Masses Again!
    3. Challenge: Finally Quell the Masses! ((Large Pyramid is part of the reward)
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    I am JeffRay90Please do not make any assumptions until you have tried your idea first.
    Indeed it is a fact that any "gear" that is used or equipped becomes non-trade-able.
    However, this is not the case for blueprints. I did some testing as of 5/22/2013.
    Posted by I am JeffRay90 on 22 May 13 at 08:48
    elKazaamI tried to sell and trade Blueprints i used, but it was´n possible.
    Maybe its possible with the small pyramid.
    Is this so, you can maybe help me, just for this achievment? I give it back, if you want.
    Posted by elKazaam on 27 May 13 at 15:18
    Darth Hawk CZJust gave my small step pyramid to a friend, this method works. You cant send the other two though, still gotta play the missions for it.
    If you have the 2 quest pyramids and the small step is slipping your grasp, let me know and I can send it to you, you'll get the achievement and send it back. (Only for people with positive boosting rating above 10)
    Posted by Darth Hawk CZ on 09 Jun 13 at 08:36
  • AngelformAngelform132,712
    27 Aug 2011 01 Jan 2012 28 Mar 2012
    6 2 2
    NOTE: spring update made the guardians harder but you can still farm Lot's of Rogues. Just build some towers at the camp.
    Farming level 20-25 chests:

    A common method on farming Blueprints for the "Build XXX" Achievements is to do the "Lot's of Rogues" quest in Argos. It will become available after doing some quests there and is a repeatable.

    The trick is not to finish the quest. You just have to farm the camps as they always spawn on the same spots and you start with a lot of Villagers, Resources and a Fortress. The camp on the last repeatable quest is at the top right corner of the map. Just rush with your Villagers or some Units there and as soon as you loot the camp, restart the mission and repeat. The Quest is only repeatable every 12 hours, so do not complete the mission.

    You can try to do the mission on Elite to raise your chances on better quality items. Try to find the fastest way to clean the camp for yourself. For example you could build Towers at the Camp or build some Units (elephants) from the Fortress. Feel free to comment your optimizations.

    "Lot's of Rogues" has some prequests with the same name before it becomes repeatable. Each one gets harder and finally the last one will be the repeatable. The prequests have more camps than the last one. For example the last quest has only one camp at the top right corner but the second one has an additional one on the left side. So i highly recommend stopping on one of these and farming there as you will get more chests.

    It takes approximately 1:30 minutes to clear the camp depending on the difficulty. Every additional camp should take 30 more seconds to complete. On your last farming you should complete the mission as you will get some good rewards and chests from it.

    NOTE: spring update made the guardians harder so farming this method is outdated. i'll leave it here in case they change it again.
    Farming level 35 chests:

    Here is a nice Youtube Video showing how to farm level 35 chests on the recapturing mission for Amathus in Cyprus. Read the description, the camps are always spawning at the same position.

    Credit goes to Safe Base from the Age of Empires Online Forums. He is really in to this game and has tons of guides how to solo legendary missions or elite meet in crete which you also need for an achievement if you have the crete booster pack. He is using the Advisor Nekhbet to train Desert Swordsman from the Fortress. I bet you can use any Age 3 Advisors to train a special unit out of it but try to use one with low costs. The Sparabara from the Persian Civ are very cheap too.

    AoEO Forums:

    You can farm the following Blueprints on these missions:

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Sphinxed!The Sphinxed! achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 252 pointsBuild the Sphinx in your Capital City.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Tomb DwellerThe Tomb Dweller achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 239 pointsBuild the Tomb in your Capital City.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Pyramid PowerThe Pyramid Power achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 129 pointsBuild the Large Pyramid, Large Step Pyramid, and Small Step Pyramid in your Capital City.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Ssssssssh!The Ssssssssh! achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 217 pointsBuild the Library of Pergamum in your Capital City.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)This.  Is.  Spartaaaaaaaaaan!The This. Is. Spartaaaaaaaaaan! achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 227 pointsBuild the Spartan Academy in your Capital City.

    I don't know what the level requirements are for the chests to contain a specific blueprint but i do know that the sphinx is dropping from level 35 chests and is the hardest to get. So i guess the others are dropping from lower chests beginning from level 20. I got my Sphinx from farming camps in Amathus (not working anymore).

    You can also farm Moe’s Mystorium on Lot's of Rogues. Having that, you can spend your money there or just visit a player city who has it already. Remember to buy level 20 chests or higher. I don't suggest buying level 40 chests as the Sphinx already drops at level 35.

    For some extra Gold and Points you should accept the two global quests for killing wolves and bandits.

    GAZZ16 from X360A opened a thread to gather informations on drop locations and farming methods. You can find it here:
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    Ariose999Small Step Pyramid dropped in the Argos Quest Lot's of Rogues.
    Posted by Ariose999 on 02 Feb 12 at 10:00
    Sir Stratsavvygreat info. the thread over @ 360a is very informative. thumb up from me even tho i have yet to get this (in time)
    Posted by Sir Stratsavvy on 09 Jun 12 at 06:26
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