Ssssssssh! achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC)


Build the Library of Pergamum in your Capital City.

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How to unlock the Ssssssssh! achievement

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    Servers for this game are now turned off and these achievements are no longer obtainable

    *UPDATE 4*

    Seems they are giving away all the achievement related blueprints for free, go to the above link and sign up. Shame I enjoyed the grind :)

    Thanks to colllecionador and Paulfei for the info

    *UPDATE 3*

    Now that the last update has had time to settle, I can set out the different ways of helping to obtain this and the other blueprint related achievements.

    I want to point out that all the blueprint related achievements are 100% PURE RANDOM LUCK, this guide will not guarantee you the achievement but will help limited the time spent searching and greatly increase your chances of finding the building you need. You do not need to have the achievement related buildings in the same city for the achievement to unlock. The exception being the Crete wonders, all three must be in the same capital for the Gifts of Minos achievement.

    I would advise finishing every other achievement for the game before you worry about grinding for these. (I didn't and got obsessed with farming/grinding) You might get lucky and find all blueprints without having to grind (possible but unlikely)

    While there is certain game modes that have a higher likelihood of the drops you need, your main focus is going to be on making gold to spend at Moe’s.

    These methods are based on you having all at least one level 40 civilization and owning the booster packs Skirmish and Fertile Crescent

    1. Level 20, 30 and 40 Chests at Moe’s Mystorium
    Lucky chest shop that you can build in your capital or you can visit a player’s city that has one. The Library of Pergamum, Spartan Academy and Tomb have all been confirmed at level 20 chests, the Sphinx has been confirmed at level 30. Personally I have received everything, except the Tomb from level 40 chests and the majority of my Sphinx’s have come from level 40 chests. It is a bit pointless to go to Moe’s without a lot of gold to spend, at the very least 40k upwards

    The Following methods do drop achievement related blueprints but mainly they will earn you a lot of gold and good items to sell.

    2. Fertile Crescent Booster pack
    This pack is basically a set of quests repeatable every twelve hours. They are very quick and net you A LOT of gold. From I started playing this booster I have received a tomb, 2 Spartan Academies and 3 Libraries, however no Sphinx yet.

    Quest lines to play;
    Play them all (I haven’t tried the co-op ones yet) until you get to the 12 hour repeatable stage then I recommend you focus on these as they a quick and offer high rewards

    a. Hoard that Hoard! Gather gold takes about 10 minutes to do, epic Kleon is very useful as is the gold deposit consumable. Nets you 400 gold, 5 alliance points and 2 level 40 chests

    b. Ambrosia Obsession. A set of six quests that will net you 5900 gold, 6 level 37 chest and 2 level 40 chests. Takes about 30/45 minutes depending on gear/advisers used and consumables

    c. Median Manipulations. Takes about 7/8 minutes depending on gear/advisers used. Nets you 450 gold, 10 alliance points and 3 level 40 chests.

    d. Temple Wrecker. Takes about 6/7 minutes depending on gear/advisers used. Nets you 400 gold, 5 alliance points 2 level 40 chests

    I have gotten a lot of good level 40 gear, epic advisers and some legendary gear as rewards for the chests in this booster pack

    3. Alliance War Quests
    There a nine quest in total some take longer than others. I only ever do the following two because they’re quick;

    a. A New Pharaoh’s Challenge. Success is HIGHLY dependent on gear and advisers. Nets you 2000 gold, 16 alliance points and 6 level 40 chests. Fasted I done it in is 3.21, but usually about 3.30 minutes. Video on how to beat it;

    b. Persian Coercion. Pretty much the same as Median Manipulations only slightly harder, again success is dependent on gear and advisers but takes me about 8 minutes. Nets you 1500 gold, 8 alliance points and 5 level 40 chests. Video on how to beat it;

    I only bother with these two quests as they a very quick. Alliance quests yield very high rewards and I regularly get legendary gear and epic advisers. I have so far received blueprints for 2 Sphinx, 2 Spartan Academies and Library.

    If you wish to do the other quests, the following thread has video guides for all of them. I haven't bothered to try most of them but they might be very quick, especially in co-op. If you find one that is please let me know

    4. Skirmish wonder method
    I can personally confirm all blueprints as rewards for skirmish repeat daily quests, however since the anniversary patch it seems the drop rate for skirmish has decreased. I think they want more people to play the alliance wars and purchase the fertile crescent booster. In the time after the anniversary patch I did receive another Spartan Academy and a Library.

    The drops for high level sellable gear however have been decidedly crap, bar one blessed hammer :) I have left this method in as it was how I got my achievements, but the above methods are now much faster.

    You can no longer AFK this method however it has become a hell of a lot easier to build the wonder yourself.

    Set up I use;
    Map: Dueling Islands.
    Map Size: Huge.
    Map Resources: High
    Player Resources: standard
    Maximum Age: IV
    Victory: Wonder

    This setup gives you two level 40 chests as a reward for winning and then the level 40 chests for the dailies. You can change the settings to suit what level chest you’re after

    Have 1 Unstoppable ally, doesn't matter who as they will be wiped out in the first 4/5 minutes vs. 4 Unstoppable Celtic Village Elders

    The reason for playing against Celts is that they use the overflowing fruit basket hammer, while every other civ uses the blessed hammer of construction.

    Using a craftsman’s hammer and rare/uncommon advisers it takes my civs about 1.30ish minutes to build a wonder, takes the Celts about 3 minutes. Makes a big difference to victory at times.

    I tend to build two centers before aging to third age then build forts and final town centers so I have a diamond around were I’ll build my wonder. You will be constantly attacked but by the time I build my wonder I usually have about 100 villagers so a few dying doesn't really matter

    Takes around 14 to 20 minutes, depending on gear/advisers for a win and four games for each civ to complete the dailies. With setup/loading times that’s about an hour each civ, 5 civs is 5 hours a day, which is why you might be better focusing on the other methods.

    Post anniversary patch I have had 100% success with every civilization bar the Celts, for some reason the AI peruses me mercilessly and I won 1 out of 5 games so just stopped doing it with them.

    If you have all 5 civs (recommend you do) that’s about 115 chests a day and before you sell anything will also net you 1800 gold from each civ. In addition when you join an alliance, Skirmish dailies reward you with 170 alliance points a civ which turn to empire points, which can be used to get free dlc :)

    Level 40 civs will give you better rewards and you can sell for more. There are some lower level items that sell for a good amount of gold, check the following price guide threads for info.

    If you can get your hands on a Blessed Hammer of Construction/Hammer of Kaveh it will help you a lot, failing that buy a Craftsman’s Hammer for 1k

    Best advisers to use are;
    Age I: Closet Organizer Irene or Apprentice Mason Philon
    Age II: Village Elder or Trainer Thoth
    Age III: Councilman Onesiphoros
    Age IV: King Nannus or Architect Tyhco

    Obviously epic versions are the best but I regularly have had success using rare and uncommon ones

    There is plenty of gear that will speed up the process of building your wonder. For your villagers the main ones being a good hammer with build speed, Ancient Trojan Guard Chiton for extra wood and either an item to decrease training time/cost or one that increases movement speed. For your wonder, Walls of Earthen Strength for decreased build time, a high level Construction blueprint, either Adepts or Khufu or Iron wall joints for decreased cost. Don’t add a wall joint that decreases cost but adds build time

    There is a faster method to complete the skirmish dailies, that's the spearman rush method. I have never tried this as it requires 4 people, but my understanding is that it takes 4 players about 8 minutes a game. Confirmation of this would be great!

    Some notes on selling items and making money;

    Trading post thread and price guides of what to sell your items for
    Old price guide

    These are rough price guides and the prices vary between servers/time of day. Use them when you are not sure what price to sell an item for, particularly useful for the higher value items. However your best indication of prices is to just watch the trade channel.

    If you’re not on Marathon server, change to it. It has the biggest player base and a very active trade channel with players willing to pay the gold. Useful to note that a lot of the rich players tend to jump between servers to buy high value items at a fraction of the costs and then resell on Marathon for ridiculously high prices. They are also the same players that will buy your cheaper priced items to resell for profit later. I never bothered switching servers just to buy cheaper items so don't know how profitable it is.

    Watch the trade channel, 99% of players are looking gold to buy the best items to do legendary/alliance quest or pvp, you just want gold to use at Moe’s for blueprints so don’t bother holding out to get the best price an item sells for at peak times, be flexible with the amount you want and sell when you can.

    Undercut other traders, not nice but someone will rather pay 25k for your adviser than 30k for the same one from someone else.

    Get a good craft recipe you can make and vendor, I used Custom Horse Armour recipe for Cavalry Craft School, the recipe for the materials can bought in game stores for cheap and are fast to produce. With 4 civs producing the mats I got about 6/7k every 2 days for free. There are of course epic craftables that you can sell in trade, Athena’s Graceful Arrows being the main one, which usually sell for 1k a piece. Though now with the new +/- 5%, a maxed 17% dmg arrow will sell for 5k upwards

    When it comes to fairly common epic gear that sells for 1k each it really isn't worth your time trying to sell in trade, everyone else is selling the same items and nobody wants them. You’re best to gear your civs with them then vendor what you don’t need.

    The Tomb was the last blueprint I found and my total of blueprints as of 22nd October 2012 is 7 Sphinx, 8 Spartan Academies, 13 Libraries and 3 Tombs.

    I will try and answer any question you may have but please be aware that I have all the blueprint related achievements I no longer grind this game the way I used to. I do still play it for fun and will endeavor to update this guide every time the game is updated or a new method is found.

    I would reiterate that these achievements are 100% PURE RANDOM LUCK and this guide will not guarantee you the achievement but will help limited the time spent searching and greatly increase your chances of finding the building you need. I put a lot of work into this guide so if you wish to vote negatively please send me a message as to why and give me a chance to update the guide before you do.

    This should hopefully get you the following achievements;

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Sphinxed!The Sphinxed! achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 252 pointsBuild the Sphinx in your Capital City.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Tomb DwellerThe Tomb Dweller achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 238 pointsBuild the Tomb in your Capital City.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)This.  Is.  Spartaaaaaaaaaan!The This. Is. Spartaaaaaaaaaan! achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 226 pointsBuild the Spartan Academy in your Capital City.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Ssssssssh!The Ssssssssh! achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 218 pointsBuild the Library of Pergamum in your Capital City.

    If you are not already level 40 these methods will also level your civilization very quickly too

    Good luck and I hope it takes you less time than it did me!

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    Sir StratsavvyMy library just dropped at a lvl 12 skirmish fyi
    Posted by Sir Stratsavvy on 19 Jul 12 at 01:08
    MICKERRCant 100% confirm but pretty sure the library can drop from level 5 upwards. Got my first one about level 8/9 on Greek civ
    Posted by MICKERR on 19 Jul 12 at 10:17
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  • AngelformAngelform132,796
    07 Mar 2012 01 Jan 2012 28 Mar 2012
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    NOTE: spring update made the guardians harder but you can still farm Lot's of Rogues. Just build some towers at the camp.
    Farming level 20-25 chests:

    A common method on farming Blueprints for the "Build XXX" Achievements is to do the "Lot's of Rogues" quest in Argos. It will become available after doing some quests there and is a repeatable.

    The trick is not to finish the quest. You just have to farm the camps as they always spawn on the same spots and you start with a lot of Villagers, Resources and a Fortress. The camp on the last repeatable quest is at the top right corner of the map. Just rush with your Villagers or some Units there and as soon as you loot the camp, restart the mission and repeat. The Quest is only repeatable every 12 hours, so do not complete the mission.

    You can try to do the mission on Elite to raise your chances on better quality items. Try to find the fastest way to clean the camp for yourself. For example you could build Towers at the Camp or build some Units (elephants) from the Fortress. Feel free to comment your optimizations.

    "Lot's of Rogues" has some prequests with the same name before it becomes repeatable. Each one gets harder and finally the last one will be the repeatable. The prequests have more camps than the last one. For example the last quest has only one camp at the top right corner but the second one has an additional one on the left side. So i highly recommend stopping on one of these and farming there as you will get more chests.

    It takes approximately 1:30 minutes to clear the camp depending on the difficulty. Every additional camp should take 30 more seconds to complete. On your last farming you should complete the mission as you will get some good rewards and chests from it.

    NOTE: spring update made the guardians harder so farming this method is outdated. i'll leave it here in case they change it again.
    Farming level 35 chests:

    Here is a nice Youtube Video showing how to farm level 35 chests on the recapturing mission for Amathus in Cyprus. Read the description, the camps are always spawning at the same position.

    Credit goes to Safe Base from the Age of Empires Online Forums. He is really in to this game and has tons of guides how to solo legendary missions or elite meet in crete which you also need for an achievement if you have the crete booster pack. He is using the Advisor Nekhbet to train Desert Swordsman from the Fortress. I bet you can use any Age 3 Advisors to train a special unit out of it but try to use one with low costs. The Sparabara from the Persian Civ are very cheap too.

    AoEO Forums:

    You can farm the following Blueprints on these missions:

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Sphinxed!The Sphinxed! achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 252 pointsBuild the Sphinx in your Capital City.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Tomb DwellerThe Tomb Dweller achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 238 pointsBuild the Tomb in your Capital City.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Pyramid PowerThe Pyramid Power achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 129 pointsBuild the Large Pyramid, Large Step Pyramid, and Small Step Pyramid in your Capital City.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Ssssssssh!The Ssssssssh! achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 218 pointsBuild the Library of Pergamum in your Capital City.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)This.  Is.  Spartaaaaaaaaaan!The This. Is. Spartaaaaaaaaaan! achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 226 pointsBuild the Spartan Academy in your Capital City.

    I don't know what the level requirements are for the chests to contain a specific blueprint but i do know that the sphinx is dropping from level 35 chests and is the hardest to get. So i guess the others are dropping from lower chests beginning from level 20. I got my Sphinx from farming camps in Amathus (not working anymore).

    You can also farm Moe’s Mystorium on Lot's of Rogues. Having that, you can spend your money there or just visit a player city who has it already. Remember to buy level 20 chests or higher. I don't suggest buying level 40 chests as the Sphinx already drops at level 35.

    For some extra Gold and Points you should accept the two global quests for killing wolves and bandits.

    GAZZ16 from X360A opened a thread to gather informations on drop locations and farming methods. You can find it here:
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    WcbezoekerYes they can be build with a free account. Build the Sphinx and Spartan Academy myself with a free account. Although I would advise to go premium at the start of your game so you can have more storage space and you can build a Moe's.
    Posted by Wcbezoeker on 31 May 13 at 07:14
    WcbezoekerFound mine in a level 40 chest at Moe's.
    Posted by Wcbezoeker on 06 Jun 13 at 15:40
    olde fortran 77The game inundated me with Epic items I couldn't use (not Premium) so I was always out of storage slots. When I finally got the blueprint, I didn't have the materials to build it. I recommend making a list of needed materials ahead of time.
    Also, if you are out of space, you can mail items to yourself. If you receive the same material (say, ebony planks) in two different civilizations, you can mail one instance to yourself, log into the other account, retrieve the item, and combine the two to save space.
    Posted by olde fortran 77 on 22 Jan 14 at 14:28
    09 Apr 2012 03 Mar 2014
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