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The Son's Destiny achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC)

The Son's Destiny

Complete "Vizier's Doom" with premium Egyptian content.

The Son's Destiny0
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How to unlock the The Son's Destiny achievement

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    First off, you'll want a co-op buddy for this quest if you're not an expert at this game.

    The objective in this quest is to destroy the enemy base that is located at the center top of the map. The enemy also has a small outpost consisting of a fortress and some gaurd towers.

    When you start the quest you''ll have a nice set up with walls and guard towers. Immediately start making villagers and assign them to food, lumber, and gold. Start constructing some houses, have a total of three barracks, and a seige workshop. The game is nice enough to give you two war elephants periodically so I didnt build a fortress so i could conserve resources.

    I highly recommend not building the Temple of Ptah as that will waste resources and you dont really need anything from the Golden Age. Now, Once you get your buildings built, start mass producing a combination of spearmen, axemen, slingers, priests, and several seige towers. (this worked best for me) the enemy will not take too long before they start attacking you with elephants, calvary, and infantry. So all that will be countered if you took my route.

    Now once you destroy that outpost build some barracks, a fortress, and a temple of set at that location. (the fortress is recommended at this point if you want more elephants to assault the final base)

    KEEP UP THE PRESSURE. Fill up all your food with an army and keep rebuilding armies as your current army diminishes from the assaults. Eventually you'll break through and destroy that base.

    Notes: keep those resources flowing and build a market if you want. This quest isn't easy at first but keep turtling your way up the map as well as rebuilding armies quickly. If you have upgrades for walls and guard towers use them right away as soon as the quest begins.


    I hope this helps you as this strategy made it easier for me to beat this quest and make that cheevo pop.
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