Premium Greek Civilization Pack

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This DLC has been removed from the Microsoft Store and is no longer available for purchase.

Greek King achievement in AoE Online

Greek King

Achieve level 30 with premium Greek content.

Greek King0
2 guidesDiscontinued - These achievements can no longer be obtained due to closed servers, a bad patch, or other unusual circumstances.

How to unlock the Greek King achievement

  • Dracul RosuDracul RosuThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    25 Aug 2011 17 Oct 2011
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    Just reach level 30 with the greek civilization. You need to have purchased the greek premium content for the achievement to unlock.

    There is no obvious solution for this, just do quests. If your having trouble finishing a story quest (too hard), just do those repeatable quests, since you can do them for ever. Also another good boosting method is to do ranked pvp with a friend, you get lots of xp for a win plus it takes only 4-6 minutes (if doable with a friend)
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  • HaloStorm12HaloStorm12307,777
    19 Apr 2012 18 Apr 2012 18 Apr 2012
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    For this you need to have greek premium.
    Easy ways to get xp:

    1. Neighbourly defense quests - This quest can be accepted at another players city ambassador, these quests give you quite a bit of xp each time and only takes around 10 minutes (Repeatable every 12 hours).

    2. Sarta PvP boosting - This method can be a bit more time consuming as the matchmaking system in this game sucks, it will make it alot easier if you find a boosting partner around your level. Once your both in the game wait four minutes (that bit is important) and then the losing player can quit and it will count as a win to the other player.

    3. Trade Quests (Mosaic Tiles, Delphi,Giza Limestone) - These quests can sometimes be difficult to understand and play but you will get used to them, if done the first time they can both be done in less then 20 minutes with quite alot of xp (Repeatable every 12 hours for each one).

    4. Lots of Rogues - Another Easy mission, this ones available in Argos (It seems to have disappeared for me, anyone know where it is?) It Starts of as a normal quest which is then repeated 4 or so times with increasing difficulty each time. After that it will become a repeatable and is done in around 5 minutes (Repeatable every 12 hours).

    5. Breaking Omlets to make an Egg - Another argos mission but this one is a little more difficult, once you get to know the strategy though it is easily doable with good equipment on your fortressess and it only takes 30 minutes (Repeatable every 12 hours).

    6. My personal favourite and the best way to earn xp on the game, though you will need the skirmish pack. To do this use MICKERR's guide to getting the sphinx achievement which can be found here Solution for Sphinxed! in Age of Empires Online (PC) i wont give all the details because i dont want to steal the method he found but basically this way you get a huge sum of xp in a day and you idle most of it. This method can take an hour or two though but i feel it pays of the best and gives great gear.

    If anyone else has any methods they want to add just comment and I will add it to the guide.

    *Note: xp for nearly all if not all of these methods varies depending on your current level*
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