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I'm Special

Complete any Elite quest.

I'm Special0
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How to unlock the I'm Special achievement

  • Dr Tinus NLDr Tinus NL1,187,485
    30 Aug 2011 30 Aug 2011 24 Oct 2012
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    If you want to do it legit, fast and easy, here's how to do it:

    I just did mine with a friend in co-op. He being level 11, me being level 22.

    We did the quest ''The Bandit Armada''.

    They won't attack you on your own island, so you can gather resources and level up through your ages, and then build the dock to build Triremes/Fireships. I had my fireships upgraded to champions, trireme's nothing special. My friend also didn't had any upgrades for them.

    Here comes the nice part. you need to destroy the bandit fortress, the trireme champion ship and 10 normal trireme's. Although youre playing on Elite, the ships and building are NOT elite. So both build a lot of ships, and then attack the normal trireme's and the champion trireme. Then go to the upper center of the map to see the bandit fortress. There will be Elite Toxotes Archers in front of it, take them out first,this goes pretty fast. Then get all your ships on the Bandit Fortress. Ours went down in less then 30 seconds.

    All by all, this isn't so hard, but I recommend you to be at least level 10-15 before trying (having Age 3), and set your tech tree to Triremes and Fireships and upgrades.

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    HighT3chR3dn3ckDo I have to turn on an elite mode or is it just specific quests?
    Posted by HighT3chR3dn3ck on 21 Aug 12 at 02:31
    Itzz Sh0wt1m3turn on elite, but this is only possible with specific quests
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 01 Sep 12 at 11:39
    xJarutheDamajaxThanks man it was easy pie:) Just plant your buildings centered in the middle of the island because it can be frustrating when the triremes start to attack those buildings in the early-game.
    Posted by xJarutheDamajax on 02 Feb 13 at 20:28
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  • GibajonGibajon68,738
    13 Sep 2011 13 Sep 2011 14 Sep 2011
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    Challenge: Keep Them Under Our Wing is an easy repeatable to beat on elite to gain this achievement. I have added a video showing the second time I beat this challenge on elite.

    There is also a repeatable from Troy called 'Keeping Control' and requires you to kill 20 elite units. This can be very easily achieved in 'Keep Them Under Our Wing' elite mode to result in the achievement.

    I beat this on level 21, and it could possibly be done earlier as well.

    To start, unspend all technology points and use them to gain the following:

    Star tech: Strong foundations - +25% health
    Star tech: Fleet of foot - +15% movement speed
    Star tech: Strategic defenses - -20% cost
    Star tech: Enhanced fortifications - +20% damage
    Star tech: Quarrying - +50 starting stone, +50% Stone conservation
    Star tech: Forestation - +50 starting wood, +50% Wood conservation

    Advisors cards that increase tower damage or allow for faster building will also help.

    Points to remember:

    -Keep two groups of villagers hot-keyed.
    -Build towers surrounding the stone mine to protect villagers.
    -Which ever resource you are in excess of, use those villagers to build the next tower.
    -Double click towers and direct fire onto single enemies to bring them down faster.
    -Once you are swamped by enemies, garrison villagers into towers.
    -One at a time release them to distract enemies from attacking the towers and to repair.
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    petee moobaaWow - who would give this a negative vote? Clear directions, and a ten-minute video solution that looks simple to follow...
    Posted by petee moobaa on 14 Sep 11 at 23:30
  • NeoSm0keNeoSm0ke181,968
    31 Aug 2011 31 Aug 2011
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    I found a way to unlock this achievement in a much easier way. While i was completing a co-op quest with my friend, i had several "World quests" where i needed to farm something.

    I had to kill 10 wild elephants along with others. I was doing the co-op elite quest (or just another elite quest) and i completed the wild elephants quest while still having the elite quest uncompleted. You just need to make sure you make the last kill or just farm the kills while on the Elite quest.

    Thus if you play alone, Elite could be a little hard. Therefore use my way to unlock it. I preferred to have gotten the achievement while i completed the real elite quest, but just a worldquest did the pop for me.

    (about 15 mins. later we smashed the opponent into pieces and my friend got the achievement as well)

    Hope this helps you all out! :)
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    NeoSm0keCould be changed allready, the game had several big patches that changed some stuff into the game. Could be the cause but this worked for me the way I said it. Make sure you are playing an elite quest while you complete the objective. I had 9/10 elephants (egyptian empire) and it unlocked for me mid-game, as soon as the yellow text turned green after i killed the last ele.
    Posted by NeoSm0ke on 15 Nov 12 at 01:00
    I can confirm, this method no longer works.
    Posted on 12 Jan 13 at 09:08
    Bears Scare MeNo longer works
    Posted by Bears Scare Me on 21 Jan 13 at 04:31
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