Legend achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution at its hardest setting without ever changing the difficulty.

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How to unlock the Legend achievement

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    09 Sep 2011 09 Sep 2011 18 Sep 2011
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    Here are some general tips I found to work well completing the game on the hardest difficulty.

    1: Save the game after every important event, such as clearing a room or beating a mission

    2: Go silent and non lethal. It's easier. Getting into firefights on the hardest difficulty is ridiculous. 2 shots and you're dead. Stay hidden. Try to sneak through areas using air vents and use stealth in general.

    3: Upgrade your battery often to enable you to run through enemy strongholds while cloaked. You can sometimes skip entire sections of the game if you have enough battery power to run through them with stealth camo engaged.

    4: Upgrade your take-down ability. Being able to take down two enemies with one take down will prove highly useful later in the game.

    5: Go everywhere, find everything, do all side missions, and whatever else you can think of to upgrade your character.

    First boss: Stay hidden, and shoot him the head when he waits for his weapon to cool down. If you have no weapons, try throwing the gas canisters and explosive barrels at him.

    Second boss: stay away from her at all times. Lay a few shots off, and run away. Save the game after every engagement. Try to get her to electrocute herself using the power, just remember to jump to avoid being electrocuted (or upgrade your leg prosthesis to enable surviving the electrical current).

    Waiting for the Funicular: I avoided this entire firefight EASILY. Simply barricade the entrances to the room with boxes and vending machines. To be safe, lay gas mines near the barricades just in case they squeeze through (which they probably won't). Now just sit and wait for the funicular happily and safely.

    Third boss: This boss fight is incredibly easy. At the start of the fight, run to the left, and as the boss jumps over the wall, knock him out with a take down. This video will show you how:

    Forth boss: This is easier than it seems. First take out the turrets with a heavy weapon like the grenade launcher. Then either hack the terminal to disable the pods, or open the hatches and stun the women inside. Sometimes soldiers will come in. Use take downs or gas grenades for quick neutralization. Once the women inside are out cold (or dead), run to the highest point of the map. It's like a little cove. Just look for it and you'll find it. (or upgrade your leg prosthesis to enable surviving the electrical current) It's the only place the electric currents doesn't reach. Stay there crouched and unload bullets on the window protecting Zhao, or just wait for her to break it herself. When she's exposed, take her out however you please. I just spammed her with the lazer rifle. It's actually really easy, just make sure to save frequently.

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    a holy chainsawsame thing just happened to me, i deleted the DLC and its save files hoping for the best but didn't work
    Posted by a holy chainsaw on 03 Feb 14 at 11:19
    Shadow XBLFYI for the second boss lady - she takes 14 stun gun shots to kill. You can start hitting her right after she appears in front of you. This is useful if you don't have the right upgrades or Typhoon, etc.
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 14 Aug 16 at 19:12
    Shadow XBLFinal Boss - (BUY EMP SHIELD UPGRADE) cloak, run around the middle area to the other side and find the panel. Punch in 2012. Wait about 2.5 minutes. Then shoot her in the face. Watch the patrolling robot, otherwise you can just sit there.
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 16 Aug 16 at 06:03
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  • amenazamenor JFamenazamenor JF1,278,947
    07 Apr 2012 08 Apr 2012
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    Adding to the previous solutions, there's a very easy way to kill the final boss, but requires a bit of previous preparation. You must carry a Laser Rifle (you can find one behind Tong in the Harvester Hideout, or another in the room where you fight Jaron Namir).

    You will need like 600 ammo for the rifle. It's easy to find some batteries in Panachea, they are located at the beginning of the level over a red crate, and inside the rooms where Taggart and Sarif are.

    When the fight with the boss starts, simply activate the cloaking so the turrets don't kill you, get nearer the boss and shoot her through the glass. Don't worry, the laser goes through and damages her. Hold the trigger a few seconds, and it's done. Easy as pie.
  • UmrathumaUmrathuma176,672
    14 Dec 2011 14 Dec 2011
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    All the bosses up to and including Namir can be stun locked with frag mines. As soon as the action begins hit them directly with said mine and it is plain sailing from there, usually takes about 5/6 mines. If you don't hit them with the 1st mine then I recommend re-starting the last save as it would be easier in the long run.
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    OnzaSo do you know if I can turn "objective locators" and "object highlight" back on without affecting this achievement? I see with this difficulty setting, the game turned them off... But after 1.5 playthroughs (I missed pacifist and thought I could pick up from a save... It did not work), I sort of want them back. Thanks.
    Posted by Onza on 06 Mar 12 at 20:41
    UmrathumaI'm afraid I can't help you there man, I didn't know you could turn them off in the first place, sorry about that.
    Posted by Umrathuma on 07 Mar 12 at 13:36
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