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Child's Play achievement in Worms 2: Armageddon

Child's Play

Complete Retro 14 without the Toy Master taking damage

Child's Play0
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How to unlock the Child's Play achievement

  • StarshadeFPSStarshadeFPS
    22 Sep 2011 22 Sep 2011 22 Sep 2011
    Level guide:
    Throw a grenade at the leftmost guy, hit the lantern. He will fly into the ocean and that's one down (restart if you miss). Use a girder over the landmine vertically protecting the toy master in the next turn.

    There's one enemy worm under the Toy Master. Use Machine gun down there after (or before) he uses his shotgun so you have room to throw a grenade and drown him on the next turn.

    On Terry I first used a grenade then ninja rope and walked up to him with a dynamite. Then when he had little health left I throw another grenade to kill him. Remember on grenades you can set the fuse timer with Y.
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    QwanimalI've earned this 6 times now and it won't unlock. I think it may have been caused by an xbox live issue, but interested to know if anyone else has had the same problem, just in case.
    Posted by Qwanimal on 16 Jan 15 at 23:12
    simo949Hardest achievement in the game, by far.
    Posted by simo949 on 29 Apr 21 at 13:08
    MattiasAndersonI did things different!

    1. Build bridge between your start point and bicycle and jump over and stand at the edge of the steering wheel. Now the first attack vs you might be two shots with shotgun. That´s good.

    2. Next worm, have it use hook to get over to were the one to the left is and if you manage to grab yourself up there. Put a grenade to the right of the green canister so the worm there bounce to the left and drown. (If you fail to get up, the worm might still jump down to the right and that way be easy target afterwards.

    3. Third worm! Go down to were the toy guy is and use Uzi to make a hole to were the enemy below is and before the timer runs out stand next to him.

    4. Try to suicide yourself with the worm in the middle of the level with cluster grenades and it is good if your own worm die because if he does he might make a hole to the water below drowning this worm in the process. So stand were he is!

    5. Now kill the worm underneath the toy guy with the worm that you put next to that worm underneath. Use the dynamite and sacrifice your own worm in the process drowning the enemy and your own worm.

    6. Might have one more to kill, just try to drown that one too! You should be able to have one worm left and protect the toy worm.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 23 Oct 23 at 23:11
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