You're Dead! Now Stay Dead! achievement in Gears of War 3

You're Dead! Now Stay Dead!

Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 6 (Standard or Arcade).

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How to unlock the You're Dead! Now Stay Dead! achievement

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    C H A P T E R 6
    | R E C K O N I N G |
    [OBJECTIVE: Secure the rooftop and defeat the Tempest Boss]
    Getting off the elevator, you'll be right in the middle of a firefight between Elite Therons and Drudges. You don't take sides here, so kill them all! About halfway, Clayton will come by on a King Raven offering support fire from above.
    ======================================BOSS: TEMPEST====================================
    Once everything is dead, the final fight between you and the Tempest will occur. This is probably the hardest thing I've done in a really long time. (Not so bad on Normal but on Insane you’re in for a real Challenge). Right away, get behind cover to avoid the tempest blast. Now it becomes a game of 'Ring around the Rosie'. As you go around the pole avoiding its attacks, constantly shoot it in the mouth to damage it. Eventually it will go down, and now you have to pick up a Hammer of Dawn to hurt it in this state. Drop the hammer on its head until it starts to back off, and it will do a game of 'peek a boo', meaning it will occasionally pop up from below and fire a blast and quickly go under again. After the third time of doing this, it will repeat the first part all over again and once again start attacking from the air. When it falls again, Elite Therons will join in the fray with the few Shriekers in between. No matter what, focus fire on the downed Tempest with your Hammer first. If you run out of ammo, ammo boxes around the middle structure and the Hammer of Dawn will occasionally respawn during the fight. After the 3rd Hammer drop, it will start to attack the middle structure. Use your rifle to shoot the glowing spots on its back in order to get it off, and now it becomes a repeat of earlier.( Don’t forget to time your reloads well to get additional damage bonuses). At least for me, the next Hammer drop is the final one, and you'll finally beat Gears of War 3!

    - Works best with a full group of players but can easily be done solo on Normal -

    !!!!!Word Word!!!!!

    Final Note Worthy Quote: 'We finally have a tomorrow’ ~Anya

    Thanks to Youtube and Howcastgaming for the video walkthrough!

    If you vote please comment either way.

    Long Live the Cog!!
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  • Little 3vilLittle 3vil565,388
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    I found this solution on Gamefront.

    1. Clear the roof. It sounds a bit easier than it is, but the baddies are also all fighting each other, grub to lambent, which helps. Once the roof it clear, Dad will run to activate his weapon.

    2. Here comes the giant bug. You will need to take cover behind the arches, and move from arch to arch when it does. It deals a ridiculous amount of damage, so be careful, but when it’s between firebreathing rounds, it’s vulnerable and has a pretty big mouth to shoot at.

    3. Once it goes down for the first time, your dad will change some stuff around and you can grab a Hammer of Dawn. Now, this only works the first time, and then you need to switch back to your regular guns. After that, the monster will be vulnerable to the Hammer again. If you run out of juice, return to where you got it in the first place. Stay under cover and keep at it.

    4. You’ll repeat the process several times, and reinforcements will show up while you do. On the easier difficulties, you can rely on your team to take them out while you focus on the giant beast. Keep reloading the Hammer and reload your other weapons when necessary.

    5. ACHIEVEMENT: Right about now you’ll get 10 points for You’re Dead! Now Stay Dead!
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