Look at That, Instant Summer. achievement in Gears of War 3

Look at That, Instant Summer.

Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 2 (Standard or Arcade).

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How to unlock the Look at That, Instant Summer. achievement

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    C H A P T E R 2
    | B L A C K O U T |
    ==[OBJECTIVE: Find Service ladder]==
    Congrats to anyone who made it this far with the Silverback. Give yourself a pat on the back.
    Going up the lift at the beginning of the chapter, it will suddenly stop at one of the open floors. Down the hallway with the number 1 on the wall, a wretch will notice you, and then his little wretch buddies will attack you along with a Flame Grenadier. They'll come at you from all four directions, so never turn your back on one direction for long. The #1 path is the way out, but the other paths offer some hidden goodies.
    ==[OBJECTIVE: Find Maelstrom Facility]==
    When you fight the 3 Elites going upstairs, this is where the Silverback fun ends. Climb the ladders up into a warehouse of sorts. When you go outside, a Reaver will drop down on the helipad in front of you. Take him out with your Lancer or Torque, the move on to find more Elite Therons waiting for you carrying Lancers and Torque Bows. This area is also dark, so it can be kind of hard to see some of them if you have a low resolution TV. Whenever the Therons are dead, another Reaver will land near you. The best position to fight it is back on the heliport where the first one was. Pick up one of the Torque Bow weapons also. Around this U-turn after the Reaver fight, up ahead is finally the Maelstrom Facility. But will the Locust let you in if they have anything to say about it? Nope! At the front steps are an Armored Kantus, a few Shriekers and a few Therons. Make sure Shriekers are first priority, follow by the Therons and finally the Kantus. The Armored Kantus can't do much at all far range with two gorgon pistols on Normal (he sure as hell can on Insane!). Save him for last.
    ==[OBJECTIVE: Locate generator room]==
    Inside once the lift stops, a Theron or two will attack. Whenever they die, a door will open and a Flame Grenadier will also go after you. Go in the room from wince he came to activate a cut scene. This close quarter's hall will spawn 3 Elite Theron and 3 Flame Grenadiers: Two Flame Grenadiers and a Theron will be down this first part, while the rest are around the corner down the hall. At the end of the whole thing is the generator room. It has three switches that you need to pull, and along the way a Flame Grenadier and some Wretches will attack. Don't let a little bit of fire stop you, so pull the easy to find switches, then go inside the office at the other side of the generator room for a cut scene.
    ==[OBJECTIVE: Close coolant values]==
    Well, that plan went to hell. Shutting off the generators did nothing, so now you'll have to shut off coolant values. There are five you need to get on 3 different floors in the middle area. Once you get inside, the entire time you'll get swarmed by Elite Therons that are on the floor with you and shooting from different rooms that line this area. To easily find the values, each one has a green light over it, and turns red whenever pulled. On the second floor, an Armored Kantus joins the fight. Near the steps leading to the third floor, a Boomshot lays. You'll need that sucker because two Armored Kantus will attack you. After the last coolant value is switched, a 1 minute countdown will start. Once you gain control again, roadie run to each way-point as fast as possible. Don't screw around at all. Getting to the end of this race ends the chapter...after you kill the one Grinder in your way....GRRRIIIIINNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD!

    Thanks to GameFAQs for the Guide and YouTube: specifically Howcastgaming for the video walk-through.

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    Long live the Cog!
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