That's Just Crazy achievement in Gears of War 3

That's Just Crazy

Complete all campaign Acts on Insane Difficulty (Standard or Arcade).

That's Just Crazy0
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This achievement can be unlocked on the first playthrough, if the player plays the campaign in coop session with someone who already unlocked the insane difficulty.

How to unlock the That's Just Crazy achievement

  • Joe da ImmortalJoe da Immortal113,915
    21 Sep 2011 02 Nov 2012
    113 30 57
    To unlock the Insane difficulty, you must complete the campaign once on any difficulty. I would play it on Normal or Hardcore just to be better prepared for Insane.


    General tips:

    -Play Smart.
    -Stay behind cover during combat whenever possible.
    -Know your enemy. Know what they are able to do.
    -Try to kill the lesser enemies first. It will make it easier in the long run in most areas. This is due to much of the crossfire. So kill the lesser enemies to eliminate the problem of getting overrun.
    -There have been numerous reports that if you give a power weapon (boom shot for example) to an ally AI, then they have infinite ammo and use the gun with deadly precision. So don't be afraid to let them have most of the fun ;)

    Note: It is easier to play it with a friend, as you could play it on Insane and they could play it on Casual. This will allow them to mow through your enemies with ease. This also would work with a 2nd controller, if you keep the Insane profile back during combat. All you have to do is play carefully.

    Additional Note:
    If you play this in arcade, then you can use mutators. These change game experience depending on the mutator. There are easy mutators, which make it easier to complete, but will give you less experience towards leveling up while active. There are hard mutators, which will make it harder (of course) but give you more xp toward leveling. And then there are fun/cosmetic mutators which have no effect in difficulty or points.
    You will have to unlock them before you can use them. Each mutator has a different requirement. Here are the easy mutators that would make your life on Insane not as bad:

    Easier Mutators
    • Comet - earn the gold Shock Trooper medal.
    As you roadie run, you'll build up energy, letting you ram into enemies.
    • Instagib Melee - Kill 200 enemies as a wretch in beast mode.
    Melee attacks cause enemies to explode.(Insta-kill unless invulnerable)
    *Recommend playing online to obtain this. Don't be afraid to kill steal to speed up the process wink
    • Super Reload - earn the bronze Master-At-Arms medal.
    More damage and clip size for an active reload. Active also lasts until used up.
    *I did this overtime in online, but you can get it quickly in private bot matches.
    • Infinite Ammo - earn 100 Combat Engineer pins.
    Infinite ammo for all starting weapons and pistols.
    *Fastest if you play horde local/private multiplayer and make everyone give you their money. Set up multiple command posts as well. Spikes are cheap.
    • Big Explosions - earn 100 Hail Mary pins.
    Bigger explosions, but you didn't need me to tell you that, did you?

    If you want to know the hard and fun mutators, then you can find them in the stats & awards on the Gears of War 3 menu. It is located under the "challenges" tab.

    *Special thanks to The Ju1ce for reminding me to talk about mutators*

    BE WARNED: If playing co-op, especially 4 player arcade, more enemies spawn on the last checkpoint of the final act/chapter. This will make things much more difficult than playing solo on insane. Be careful.

    Good luck guys! This is my first guide, so please be gentle with the feedback. If for some reason you give me negative, then please explain to me why in the comments. I am always open to ways to improve my guides. Thank you.

    *Special thanks to all the great people who commented and added extra tips. Thanks for supporting me and helping keep the guide as best as can be. I've updated the guide according, but for anyone reading this; you can always find a little more help in the comments*

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    raidenhardcoredo not ever do this w/4 people its just too hard, did it solo w/3 mutators and got it first try almost no guard spawn just a few shriekers, spot em and the AI will get rid of them
    Posted by raidenhardcore on 17 May 16 at 11:53
    SkarviTcoop better
    Posted by SkarviT on 20 Jan 20 at 13:58
    TalvalinYeah, the final checkpoint took two hours to do and it's very luck-based. Sometimes Myrrah will climb on the tower in the opposite side to your current position and by the time you run over there *and* clear out all the shriekers and Palace Guards, it's too late and Adam Fenix gets flame-grilled.

    Two. Hours. I'm glad I don't need to do it again for campaign. That would just be depressing.
    Posted by Talvalin on 11 Jun 20 at 23:53
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  • Seraphim17Seraphim17864,122
    21 Sep 2011 25 Sep 2011
    72 9 12
    This is a full singleplayer guide to the campaign on it's hardest setting with full commentary. For the most it's pretty standard, but some sections are bat shit crazy.

    Hope this helps
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    Disturbed Jawslike it help me alot
    Posted by Disturbed Jaws on 01 Jun 12 at 06:33
    OnzaTakes me to a page called "Gaming As A Surrogate Religion", GoW videos not obvious.
    Posted by Onza on 02 Oct 13 at 20:08
    Ripley LV426Thanks a lot! It really helped through a few tough spots, especially the obnoxious final boss. toast
    Posted by Ripley LV426 on 13 Dec 16 at 04:08
  • SpazCoolSpazCool73,369
    04 Oct 2011 04 Oct 2011 20 Oct 2011
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    That’s Just Crazy

    Really, Insane difficulty isn't too bad save for four spots that took me an hour, or more, each in frustration: the Lambent Zerker (Rescue), atop the gas station (Brothers to the End), any part with an Armored Kantus (Bon Voyage and later on), and lastly the Tempest (Reckoning).

    I beat this solo in regular campaign mode, never did I use Arcade multipliers or a second controller. The following is less a specific strategy and more a collection of useful tips that I’ve been told or figured out during my run through.

    General Advice

    Big Guns Go to A.I: As stated by other players and confirmed by myself, giving your friendly A.I. explosive weaponry is a plus (e.g. Torque Bow, Boomshot, even the Longshot is good). They're better shots than you'll ever be and they don't run out of ammo.

    Distance & Cover: This game was designed with the cover system in mind. Most of my time on Insane difficulty I spent crouched behind cover, well behind my A.I. teammates, taking potshots at the Grubs n' Glowies. Also, there were some parts where I would activate the enemy spawn then turn tail and run to a previous section--not anywhere near where EPIC wanted me to be--simply to avoid all of that crossfire that'll be coming down on that spot. Thus, leaving my A.I. buddies to fight for me while I snipe from a distance.

    Specific Advice

    Lambent Zerker (Act 3, Chapter 2): Not the most difficult boss to beat but, she still took a while to put down. Obviously, shooting the heart is the only way to hurt the Zerker. Shooting the Zerker before her chest cavity is open is not advisable. This will cause her to charge toward you before her chest is open.

    After a little while, she’ll start to bleed imulsion, leaving trails of it that’ll kill you instantly. After dodging an attack stay as close to the trail as possible, making it less likely for the Zerker to box you in with the imulsion trail, provided you’re A.I. teammates don’t screw you over. After she has made a few passes at you and your available safe standing room has shrunk down, remember that there is that big generator/building/pillar thing and you’ll be safe if you can get that between you and the Zerker. This will give you time to reload, grab ammunition, revive teammates and let the imulsion trails dry up.

    Aside from the above, just keep dodging her attacks and whittling away at her health and you’ll beat her easily enough.

    Gas Station Rooftop (Act 3, Chapter 5): The beginning of this fight isn't the tough part. Simply kill some Boomers without getting hit. I found the left side of the rooftop to be preferable to the right; perhaps due to less splash damage from the extra cover on the right. After the Boomers are all down the Grapplers will begin to attack you, kill the first wave of them.

    There are only a few Grapplers so you must be quick with the next piece of advice. After the first wave of Grapplers is down, run to the rear of the rooftop and plant an incendiary grenade. Feel free to plant a regular grenade along the Formers’ path far enough away to not be activated by the incendiary one. Don't plant them before all of the Boomers are dead, I found that their stray shots almost always blow up the incendiary grenade, messing up the battle strategy.

    Now, finish off the second wave of Grapplers, if your A.I. buddies haven't already, and then the Formers will show up. Your first grenade will take out many of the Formers and slow them down giving you breathing room to deal with the continuing assault of Grapplers. I only needed to survive, dealing with the Grapplers, Formers and the Glowies, for about 1 or 2 minutes before the cut scene came to the rescue.

    My advice for those 2 minutes of hell: don't take cover, always be on the move, hop over any wall you accidently lean on and use the chainsaw on the Grapplers; while in the chainsaw cinematic you can't be hurt and your A.I. friends may just kill any other baddies that are around you.

    Armored Kantus (Act 4, Chapter 5): When I first encountered these guys on Insane I spent nearly 3 hours of dying, restarting and dying again. This was before I realized the power of giving the A.I. the power weapons. There’s ammunition on the left side of the dry dock and Boomshot on the right side. After you’ve killed the first Kantus--I ran around him and stuck a grenade on his ass--there should be one more in the background with a Theron Guard and a Drone as backup. Feel free to kill those three guys in whatever order you like but, try to get to the far side of the dry dock (i.e. opposite of where you entered) before you kill the last of them. This side of the dry dock has better cover and your being there before the third guy is down will, more often than not, make the reinforcements appear on the other side of the dry dock (i.e. near where you entered).

    Enter the Seripedes and cause for many a reloaded checkpoint. First, I suggest you take down as many of the easier Drones and Guards as you can, to cut down on the crossfire. After they’re down take down the Kantuses while making sure the Seripedes don’t charge you. If the Seripedes charge anyways, and they probably will, run, don’t take cover, don’t try to circle them, just run.

    I finally made it past this part while running from a Seripede, rolling toward a Kantus, sticking him with a grenade and then teaming up on the last Seripede with the rest of my buddies. It was simply luck that kept the Kantus from shooting me as I was rolling.

    You’ll be meeting more Kantues throughout the remainder of the campaign but, they won’t be anywhere near as difficult to kill as they are in Bon Voyage, thanks to the absence of the Seripedes and the inclusion of better cover.

    Some general tips for killing the Kantuses- if you can find enough cover your A.I. teammates will eventually (read: 5 minutes) kill an Armored Kantus using regular weaponry (e.g. Lancers and Hammerbursts), giving your A.I. the Boomshot or Torque Bow makes this considerably easier, a Kantus can be knocked down by a nearby explosion or a direct Torque Bow hit and when they get up they’ll spend the next second or two screaming at you (i.e. enough time to send another Torque Bow shot into their face or plant a grenade on their back), and, lastly, it takes 4 thrown grenades to kill a Kantus but only one stuck to their knickers

    The Tempest (Act 5, Chapter 6): If you attempt this final boss without a strategy, good luck and have fun being stuck there for the next few hours. The first part of the fight is fairly straight forward; take cover when the Tempest does the dragon-Sun-scream-thingy and shoot it in the mouth when it’s not screaming.

    After the Tempest starts to physically attack Adam Fenix’s lab is where you’ll need to really be careful. You’ll have Guards and those floating machine guns shooting you, a Tempest to kill before she kills Adam and near useless cover. The best place to be is at the elevator you took to get up to the lab (credits go to KingBroly).

    It is more difficult to shoot the Tempest from here but, you’ll be further away from the secondary baddies that are just plain annoying. After you shoot the Tempest off of the lab the first time, it’ll start flying around breathing fire and laying down the hurt. Just keep circling around the elevator for cover and, most importantly, keep shooting the Tempest in the face.

    As soon as the Tempest is injured enough and resting on the ground whip out the Hammer of Dawn and aim it at the Tempest’s face. TO KILL THE TEMPEST WILL TAKE TWO SUSTAINED FACE SHOTS with the Hammer versus the more than three non-face shots. To get the shot you’ll need to get out of the elevator cover but, when the Tempest is on the ground you won’t be harassed as much as when it’s on the lab. After the first shot to the face the Tempest will take to the air again, run back to the elevator and do all of the above one more time and you’ll kick its ass in no time.

    Some words of advice: don’t shoot the little baddies (e.g. Guards and the gas-bags), the most dangerous part in the fight is the search for ammunition so if you’re being harassed by one of the little baddies simply “spot” him for you A.I. teammates to kill.

    Being this far away from the Tempest means you’ll be pissing through more ammunition and taking longer to shoot it off of the lab. At this rate the lab will only be able to survive two attacks so, if you mess up, you’re dad will be the one paying the price.

    Last Words

    Again, the above is simply a list of suggestions not a full guide. The majority of the campaign is fairly simple to move through without too much restarting. I beat the campaign on solo without any arcade mutators. What I have written above is the product of a great amount of trial and error by myself and a bit of help from KingBroly. I wish luck to anyone else going after this achievement.
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    Killswitch9000I have a couple of points to add for the armoured Kantus in Bon Voyage:
    1. Take a torque bow into the fight, it is the best weapon against armoured Kantus. Make sure to collect ammo for them from the palace guards during the fight.
    2. The best way to take down the armoured Kantus is to down one of the guards or drones that comes out with them. The Kantus will then heal them which exposes his mouth as orange and at this point you can head shot him with the torque bow for a one shot kill. The next best option is to stick him with one torque bow arrow, this causes him to scream at you with his mouth orange and at this point you can one shot head shot him with the torque bow as above.
    3. For the last two armoured Kantus which come out with seripedes focus on enemies in this order. 1st take down one of the guards allowing you to one shot headshot the armoured Kantus with your torque bow. 2nd kill ALL guards or drones. 3rd and LAST kill the seripedes. The only way you can kill the seripede is by teamwork as you have to shoot it from behind and your teammates will shoot at drones/guards in preference. GOLDEN RULE: If the seripede targets you run to the other end of the map, repeat this until it targets one of your team. The seripedes are easy if there are no other enemies for your team to shoot at or get taken down by but are very difficult with other enemies present as you will need to run from the seripede and will get killed by any other enemies in the process. Be clinical about this fight and you will get there eventually.

    It just took me about 5 hours to beat this section of the game solo on insane and these tips helped me do it eventually!
    Posted by Killswitch9000 on 13 Nov 11 at 16:02
    Robster80Got any suggestions for the Gunker in Act 1, Chapter 6? I;m stuck there, I can't get past the Gunker after I get off riding the cables.
    Posted by Robster80 on 15 Feb 12 at 02:09
    Mobius EvalonFollow his advice about arming your AIs to the teeth with power weapons. When I got to the gunker on the bridge in Act 1, all three of my AIs were packing boomshots and they cleared out that bridge within a couple of seconds.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 16 Feb 12 at 04:55
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