Lost Your Good Driver Discount achievement in Gears of War 3

Lost Your Good Driver Discount

Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 3 (Standard or Arcade).

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How to unlock the Lost Your Good Driver Discount achievement

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    This is another on rails section. This weapon, the Vulcan, operates a little differently. It Shoots like normal but it doesn't over heat. It uses ammo which regenerates slower than it can be used. As long as you don't waste it though, it seems more forgiving than the regular turret. It actually requires two people to use which doesn't matter now but will later when used on the ground. Just coast through blasting Reavers as they appear. Try to be prompt about it, particularly for any that appear to be heading to land in front of you because when they explode, they can cause damage if your nearby. After a few rounds with the Reavers, you'll see immulsion pipes that you need to shoot in order to continue. Do so. There are maybe four of them and you don't really get attacked during this section. After you get past the pipes, you'll get attacked by Hatchlings but they are no match for the turret. Plow through them and then you'll come to a Corpser. Shoot out her eyes just as you did last time. This shouldn't be too much of a problem because you basically get parked inside her fingers/claws. Soon you'll be jumped by a mini corpser (small but with real armor). You can shoot him but I don't think it does anything. Soon he'll get ripped off by a sign and a little bit more driving you'll actually get stuck in sand. You have to hold off waves of grubs while Jace tries to free up the truck. This is the only tough part really. You'll be attacked by enough grubs that it'll actually put a little bit of a strain on your ammo supply. Watch for grubs popping up out of the sand and for Blood Mounts coming down the hill. It should still not be too difficult. Soon you'll be free and wish Jace would drive in a strait line. You'll run into a Brumak (see what I did there?) and then you get a cutscene.

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