Wait, What Time is it? achievement in Gears of War 3

Wait, What Time is it?

Earn the maximum Consecutive Match Bonus in Versus multiplayer (Standard or Casual).

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How to unlock the Wait, What Time is it? achievement

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    The Consecutive Match Bonus is a XP bonus gained for playing matches in a row during one boot of the game. The matches don't have to be in the same lobby, so you can leave a multiplayer match and play campaign and return to multiplayer and the match bonus will stay at what it was last. So, if you play and get a 600XP match bonus, then go play campaign and then switch back to multiplayer, the bonus will still be at 600XP. However, as soon as you go back to dashboard or start a different game, your bonus resets.

    Please note that there might be a limit for the time between matches which, if you exceed it, will cause your consecutive bonus to reset. xhunterrrr has reported this, and I will try to verify it in order to get a general value of time. If someone else wants to do testing in addition to mine, that would also be appreciated. It does seem, at least initially, that leaving the game idle has an impact upon this counter, and not switching game modes. That is to say, you should be able to play campaign, horde, etc., without worrying about the bonus resetting, but not playing your console for an extended amount of time will likely reset the bonus.

    All you have to do to earn this achievement is play until your bonus hits 1000XP, which will be shown on the post-game XP scoreboard. This takes 11 total games, with the first 100XP awarded after the second match. Once the eleventh game ends and the XP scoreboard appears, the achievement should unlock.

    If you're playing private matches and get your match count up to 9 in a row, then play the 10th and 11th match in public, reports are that it will unlock then. The presumed cause is that the bonus just needs to hit 900XP and 1000XP in public matches. Anything before that can be in private matches. Although the consecutive match bonus won't display after a private match, it will still be counted. You can do quick 1v1, 1 round Warzone games against a bot or local player/friend, which don't take much longer than half a minute each, if even that. Credit to https://www.trueachievements.com/DarkxMaterials.htm for the tip. (He posted it as comment on my solution, then deleted his comment and posted it as own his solution. Give him an up-vote if you feel he deserves it.)

    There have also been reports that playing 10 private matches before a single public match will unlock the achievement, but this has not worked for me on multiple accounts, so I recommend sticking with the 9-2 method if you want to make sure you unlock this right away.

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    SockGORE828I played about 5 matches...backed out to take a quick bathroom break and change my character...10 minutes tops. When I jumped back in the consecutive match bonus had started over. Pretty sure you have to do it in one straight shot.
    Posted by SockGORE828 on 23 Jan 16 at 04:51
    StK I9 private wingman matches won vs 1 casual bot, played 2 ctl matches with 9 bots (standard) and it popped. Thanks!
    Posted by StK I on 16 Jul 16 at 22:35
    SkarviTjust play and play
    Posted by SkarviT on 20 Jan 20 at 13:51
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    This is the quickest method...

    1) Set up a private game of warzone or execution with 1 round matches and a 1 minute timer.

    2) Play in private until you have exactly 9 games played (the bonus multiplier will not appear until you switch to public).

    3) Switch to a standard game and play 2 matches (after the first match you should have a 900 multiplier) and after the second match on the post-game scoreboard the achievement will unlock.
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It is sometimes possible to play 10 games of priviate and 1 game of public, but it has been giving people trouble.

    Credit to W1LLYMAN for finding that you can play 10 private matches and only one standard game.

    You must complete all of these steps without taking a long break, turning off the console, or going back to the dashboard.

    *If you negative vote this solution please tell me why*
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    OnzaWhat does it mean to play a "standard game"? Any on-line MP game?
    Posted by Onza on 28 May 13 at 16:37
    OnzaThank you, worked like a charm. However, I have a few things to note. 1), It may be obvious to others, but a match ending in a stalemate does not count. Make sure you win the match. 2) For this reason, I recommend a timer of 3 minutes. This is plenty of time for you to eliminate the AI enemy, score points and ribbons and win the match. 3) If you go back to the real game and the achievement does not unlock, exit out to the dash (that's the method I used) to reset the consecutive match counter. My first try, after the 8 stalemates, obviously did not work, so I went back to solo, decided to try 10 matches and back to standard. The bonus was 1000, but no achievement. I went back to private, did 9 matches, back to standard, did not work. That's when I noticed bonus was still 1000. So I totally suggest doing this clean with three 9 minutes rounds, which is what I did on the attempt that worked. Thumbs up from me.
    Posted by Onza on 29 May 13 at 14:23
    OnzaOh, I did go with a 30 second bleed out time. I figured if I was going to go to this trouble, I may as well try to get MVP ribbons too, so if I did go down, I wanted a shot at being revived). And regarding the 3-minute matches... I finished most in under 2, so you could use that, but since the match ends when the other team is eliminated, a slightly larger time gives some wiggle room. In a few games I did have to spectate until the end, but most times my AI buddies managed to win the round (mostly because opposing team had been thinned quite a bit already by me). Even if you don't win, it still counts as a match for the bonus.
    Posted by Onza on 29 May 13 at 14:31
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    Best way to get this achievement:

    Try to get this when there are many people on multiplayer
    Make sure you have about 40-50 mins available to get this achievement
    You can earn up to 900 match bonus in private matches and get 1000 in an online game as it will not unlock if you have played 10 private matches in a row. (If this does happen, then you will need to quit to xbox dashboard so the match bonus resets and start again).
    I have put the 8-2 ratio, because sometimes it comes up with 900 bonus after 8 games.
    1) Start up a private match of Warzone with:
    Bots:fill, Timer: 2 (mins) and bleed out time 5 seconds (this shortens the length of the match)
    2) Start the game and when it has finished DO NOT QUIT because it will start up the next game automatically.
    3) Keep playing until you have finished 8 games of Warzone. (You do not have to win each one, just play 8 games in a row).
    4) When you have received your medals and XP etc you can quit to main menu and then search for an online (standard) game of Warzone.
    5) Play 2 more games and then you should have earned 1000 consecutive match bonus.
    Edit: It's safer to play the same game type 10 times as the match bonus can glitch if you switch between different game modes. If the cheevo doesn't pop after the 10th match, just play another online match of Warzone and it should unlock.
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