Socialite achievement in Gears of War 3


Earn the Onyx "War Supporter" medal.

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This achievement will not unlock for people that have already played the current event.

How to unlock the Socialite achievement

  • dc0drdc0dr549,576
    27 Apr 2012 30 Nov 2011 13 Nov 2012
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    Epic now gives you 29/30 events on all characters within the game. Play one event as defined below (play a public match of any game type) and you will get the achievement. I have tested this with a new account and was able to get the achievement.

    **Archived Information**
    In order to earn the Socialite Achievement you are required to play in 30 seperate & unique Gears of War 3 Events. The events so far have followed a pattern of every week and cycle the same 35 (or so) events. If you have already won the ribbon or played that event you will not get another ribbon or get credit for that event. Some of the events are shown on the Calendar & Events on the main menu, but Epic does not seem to update this page on a regular basis. During most events, you only need to play a quick, ranked or private match (Beast, Horde or Multiplayer) resulting in receiving a ribbon for that event. It is no longer required to play a specific playlist.

    Important Notes:
    The events cycle, don't know right now if it is random.
    If you received the ribbon for an event, you cannot get it again.
    Events 1-35 is the original list I created of cycling events (Main Events).

    Listed are the past events, I will no longer keep this updated do to the lack of structure and order that Epic is providing.

    Event Title - Start to End [Props/First person to let me know]

    Rotating Events:
    35) Shot Through The Heart - May 11th to May 14th [xZer0ex via post]
    34) KOTGnasher - May 5th to May 8th [Wannabe Actuary via PM]
    33) My Baby Shot me Down! - Apr 27th to Apr 30th [xZer0ex via post]
    32) Creapy Crawly - Apr 20th to Apr 24th [Naughty Died via PM]
    31) Struck by Lightning - Apr 13th to Apr 16th [LGS I Hitman & TE4RIN IT UP via post]
    30) Easter Bunny Hunter - Apr 6th to Apr 9th [Icy iNs via post]
    29) Raven Down Survivor - Mar 30th to Apr 2nd [merkins via post]
    28) Forces of Nature - Mar 27 to Mar 29 [LGS | Hitman via post]
    27) Torque Tagged - Mar 23rd to Mar 26th [LGS I Hitman via post]
    26) Almost Time for DLC - Mar 15th to ??? ??? [LGS I Hitman & Piemanns Bakery via post]
    25) Gnashers 4 Life - Mar 6th to Mar 10th [ComesBrothers via PM]
    24) March on Gears - Mar 3rd to Mar 6th [Gumbeaux Jr. via PM]
    23) Can You Dig It - Feb 24th to Feb 27th [Cobryza via PM]
    22) Boom Snipes - Feb 17th to Feb 20th [xDevilz 1 via PM]
    21) Cupid's Wingman - Feb 10th to Feb 15th [Un4given Raider via PM]
    20) The Grayson Cup - Feb 3rd to Feb 6th [semi kid via PM]
    19) Get Gnashy - Jan 27th to Jan 30th [o Progressive o via post]
    18) Winning Weekend - Jan 20th to Jan 23rd [xDevilz 1 via PM]
    17) Horde Dance-a-Thon - Jan 13th to Jan 16th [mr matty uk via Post]
    16) Stranded KOTH - Jan 6th to Jan 8th [Sedgendary via Post]
    15) Triple Team - Dec 29th to 31st [SixtyFootMonkey via Post]
    14) The Twelve Days of Gearsmas (Part III) - Dec 21st to Dec 25th
    13) The Twelve Days of Gearsmas (Part II) - Dec 17th to Dec 20th
    12) The Twelve Days of Gearsmas (Part I) - Dec 13th to Dec 16th
    11) Brothers to the End - Dec 9th to Dec 12th
    10) This Is My Rifle - Dec 2nd to Dec 5th
    09) Thanksgibbing - Nov 24th to Nov 28th
    08) Blades and Nades - Nov 18th to Nov 20th
    07) One shot, One kill - Nov 11th to Nov 13th
    06) Can you dig it? - Nov 4th to Nov 7th
    05) Happy Halloween & Boom Snipes - Oct 28th to Oct 31st
    04) Hardcore Weekend - Oct 21st to Oct 24th
    03) Torque Bow Tag - Oct 14th - Oct 17th
    02) Big Head Mode Weekend - Oct 7th - Oct 10th
    01) Golden Wings week - Sep 20th - Sep 26th

    Events are also listed here, sometimes:

    Thank you to the community for your continual support in this guide.

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    Devil Warr1orI just unlocked it too. Had never played an event before today. Soon as I booted the game up, it gave me 29/30 events and then i went "verses", playlist "hype execution cycle" and then quick match. Got matched up with 2 other guys, once the game was over BOOM got it.
    Posted by Devil Warr1or on 16 Jun 21 at 23:44
    RiotEpidemic@chaos look at you so negative about the medal and then they fix it a month later, moron.
    Posted by RiotEpidemic on 06 Jul 21 at 19:53
    King KRoolnot unlocking for me could it be because I'm playing on XBox one?
    Posted by King KRool on 19 Aug 21 at 01:44
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  • imaidiot19imaidiot191,430,887
    08 Nov 2012 08 Nov 2012 15 Oct 2014
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    As of today, 11-07, Everyone is set to 29 of 30. All you have to do is get one more ribbon for an event you don't have and you get the achievement. Start up the game, play a public match, any match, any game type... ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! (unless you have already played the current event...if that is the case, wait for the next event...either way, you are at 29/30!)

    UPDATE November 14th 2012: The event has now changed, so hopefully this will allow the others that could not get it before to unlock it. Good luck!

    I was at 10 prior to turning it on today. Now, I have the achievement. Jump on it while it lasts!

    XP Note: Those that have a low number of events will see a nice XP bonus when they play their public game, as you get credit for the bonus ribbons at the end of the match!

    From Peter Knepley, Epic Games - Peter Knepley ?@PeteNub

    A cool guy sent me a 2 page handwritten letter about War Supporter so I've given everyone a minimum of 29 to catch up.

    A big thanks to the person who took the time to send out a 2 page letter regarding this achievement! Everyone is now on even ground, so the people that didn't get the game early before it was patched, or get the DLC and do the glitch before that was patched, have an even chance of getting the achievement. Thanks Epic for realizing the mistake!

    Thanks to Dat Boi Treezy for the video!
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    imaidiot19It is not really a weekend anymore...they have been on the same event for several weeks now. I would just keep checking back in the game, and we you no longer see the 'boom snipes' game type, then it has moved on to another event.
    Posted by imaidiot19 on 12 Nov 12 at 23:25
    HolyHalfDeadThe event changed today!
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 14 Nov 12 at 17:26
    imaidiot19i'll update the solution. thanks!
    Posted by imaidiot19 on 14 Nov 12 at 17:28
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,667,979
    17 Aug 2012 22 Sep 2012 29 Dec 2012
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    If you were on the fence about starting Gears 3's achievements because of War Supporter, do it NOW. Now is the best and possibly last time to do it if they change this.

    Does anyone else find it a massive coincidence that they did this at Halo 4's launch instead of weeks or months ago? I think the supposed "hand-written letter" he says he received is a lie.

    NEW INFO: SUPPOSEDLY (see above) some genuinely frustrated gamer sent PetNub (the guy who changes the events) a 2-page handwritten letter. Because of this letter (or maybe this was already in the works and the "letter" is a ruse), PetNub has bumped ALL players to 29/30 events, so that the next event that counts for you will onyx War Supporter for you.

    It doesn't reset which events you've participated in, so you'll still have to wait for an event I.D. you missed to pop your 30th event and the achievement. See below for more details about event I.D.'s.

    For new players, this means you'll start with 29/30 and the very first online match you play will give you 30/30 and Socialite.

    For rest of original post, see below:

    Up-to-date info: This is a long read, but if you want to UNDERSTAND the event system (as best as it's currently able to be understood) please read this entire post BEFORE replying to the thread.


    1. Understand that the Event name and the Ribbon name do not matter. TThink of it this way: their server recongnizes the event from Week 1 as '##Event##01/35' for instance. Week 35 would be '##Event##35/35' in this manner. Since they cannot repeat event 1, the cycle is 34 events. Event numbers 36-69 will be repeats of events 2-35 as far as the server is concerned. Then event 70 will start the cycle for a 3rd time if we get that far.

    2. You CANNOT get credit toward War Supporter more than once for each unique event I.D. For instance if you played during Event 2, then Event 36 would not count for you since it is a repeat of Event 2's unique I.D.

    3. If you're just starting Gears 3: DO NOT MISS MORE THAN FOUR EVENTS, or you will be forced to repeat the cycle, since if you miss more than 4 events you won't be able to hit 30 events played within any one 34 event cycle. Cycle 1 was 35 events. We can't repeat event 1 so we're down to a 34-event cycle now. Therefore, I would suggest not missing more than 3 events just in case, if you're just starting this game.

    4. They aren't consistently starting events on Friday mornings anymore. As of Sep/Oct 2012 the past couple events have taken 3-5 weeks to change. Check this forum or the event twitter religiously, or play 2-3 games a week: one on Wed, one on Sat, and possibly a third on Mon, just to make SURE you don't miss an event.

    5. At this point you have to ignore the event and ribbon names and focus on which event #'s in the 34-week cycle you've played.

    I'm posting the events in the same format as the event calendar thread here and will update it continuously and as promptly as I can when new events are up.

    Cycle 1, events 1-35 (ended)

    Cycle 2, events 2-35 repeated (in progress)

    Event #36 (repeat of event 2): RavenDown 24/7 -------- May 18 - 20
    Event #37 (repeat of event 3): Stay Frosty -------------- May 25 - 28
    Event #38 (repeat of event 4): One Shot One Kill -------- June 1 - 11
    Event #39 (repeat of event 5): Shotguns And Snipers --- June 11 - 14
    Event #40 (repeat of event 6): Assassination ------------ June- 14 - 18
    Event #41 (repeat of event 7): Gnashty Guardian -------- June 19 - 27
    Event #42 (repeat of event 8): Gnashty Guardian -------- June 27 - July 2
    Event #43 (repeat of event 9): Wingman 2x XP ----------- July 2 - July 12th
    Event #44 (repeat of event 10): Force Multiplayer ----------July 12th - 20th
    Event #45 (repeat of event 11): Triple Threat --------------July 20th - 27th
    Event #46 (repeat of event 12): Boom Snipes ------------- July 27th - Aug 3rd
    Event #47 (repeat of event 13): Stay Frosty --------------- Aug 3rd - 10th
    Event #48 (repeat of event 14): Stay Frosty (again) ------- Aug 10th - 17th
    Event #49 (repeat of event 15): Raven Down 24/7 -------- Aug 17th - 24th
    Event #50 (repeat of event 16): Raven Down 24/7--------- Aug 24th - 31st
    Event #51 (repeat of event 17): 1 Shot 1 Kill --------------- Aug 31st - Sep 7th
    Event #52 (repeat of event 18): KOTGnasher --------------Sep 7th - 16th
    Event #53 (repeat of event 19): Bros to the End ----------- Sep 16th - Oct 11th
    Event #54 (repeat of event 20): Torque Bow Tag ----- --Oct 11th - 30th
    Event #55 (repeat of event 21): Boom Snipes -------------- Oct 30th - Nov 5th
    Event #56 (repeat of event 22): Boom Snipes -------------- Nov 5th - Nov 14th
    Event #57 (repeat of event 23): Boom Snipes -------------- Nov 14th - Nov 21st
    Event #58 (repeat of event 24): Thanksgibbing ------------- Nov 21st - 30th
    Event #59 (repeat of event 25): One Shot One Kill --------- Nov 30th - Dec ?
    Event #60 (repeat of event 26): Bros to the End ------------ Dec? - Dec 14th 
    Event #61 (repeat of event 27): Hardcore Weekend -------- Dec 14th - Dec 17th
    Event #62 (repeat of event 28): Can You Dig It ------------- Dec 17th - Dec 21st
    Event #63 (repeat of event 29): This is my Rifle ------------ Dec 21st - Dec 26th
    Event #64 (repeat of event 30): One Shot One Kill ---------- Dec 26th - ?
    Event #65 (repeat of event 31):
    Event #66 (repeat of event 32):
    Event #67 (repeat of event 33):
    Event #68 (repeat of event 34):
    Event #69 (repeat of event 35):
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    Lord BaneJAs of 20 May 2015, I've played a public match of TDM and Horde and still did not unlocked the Socialite chievo.
    Posted by Lord BaneJ on 20 May 15 at 06:19
    HolyHalfDeadI'm passing on this tip. Delete your save game data, then the first match you play will get you the achievement. However you will also have lost all your progress towards Seriously 3.0. You could backup your save, but that still won't help you get the Onyx War Supporter medal required for Seriously 3.0.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 28 Feb 16 at 20:10
    Lord AszureI don't have this achievement, and playing the modes you suggested didn't work.

    Edit: I actually HAVE the Achievement, it's just I do not have the Onyx War Supporter Medal. I've seen people online suggest that I delete my save progress, but I don't know if that will work.
    Posted by Lord Aszure on 10 Aug 20 at 21:49
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