All for One, One for All achievement in Gears of War 3

All for One, One for All

Earn the Bronze "Force Multiplier" medal.

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How to unlock the All for One, One for All achievement

  • Nikke84Nikke841,213,944
    14 Sep 2011 15 Sep 2011 19 Sep 2011
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    Found a really good way to earn this achievement. It requires you to maintain 10x multiplier in 10 chapters (doesn't have to be different chapters) in Arcade Mode.

    Load up Act II chapter VII on casual or normal, as soon as you take control of your character run to the turret at the back-right of the ship. Shoot down the 2 gas barges that pop right in front of the turret. Now head over to the front of the ship, a reaver will pop on the right side, shoot it down with your lancer. Another reaver will pop to the left of the ship, shoot it down with your lancer as well.

    Next part is a little bit tricky and might take a few tries to get the timig right, but grab the turret on the front-right of the ship. You'll see a gas barge pretty far away, wait till it's closer and turns a bit to your left. Shoot it down, aim a little in front and above it.

    As soon as it dies, head to the front-left turret, you'll see another gas barge heading straight for you, wait untill it's pretty close because this kill will give you the 10x multiplier and if you get hit by any of the reavers flying around after your gas barge kill you will lose your 10x multiplier and there will be no chance to regain it, if this happens you must reload your last checkpoint.
    A cutscene will play shortly after the last gas barge and as soon as you get control of your character you must take cover by the edge of the ship so you don't get hit by any of the lights.

    This chapter takes about 2:45 to complete.

    Check out my video for it.

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    faultrdYes it still works, used it last night
    Posted by faultrd on 28 Sep 16 at 10:30
    SkarviTanother achievement that is sickening and not creative
    Posted by SkarviT on 20 Jan at 13:50
    HungryNic42Need help with this
    Posted by HungryNic42 on 25 Jul at 20:15
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  • Barad 007Barad 007785,604
    27 Sep 2011 27 Sep 2011 01 Oct 2011
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    I have found a better and easier way to earn this medal than the above two.


    This is when your defending the fort, basically just sit on the turrets at the first gate killing the locust till they breach the gate, when they get past that gate, lancer/ frag the locust in the courtyard, then after they get past there just sit on the turret on the left looking towards the gate and just mow them down. - Easy 10x, takes about 5 miins but your guranteed a very easy 10x.

    Also if your quick enough it's possible to not even go to the last wave, if you kill everyone in the courtyard, including the maulers before they reach the second gate then the chapter will end here with an even easier and quicker 10x, so you don't have do the bit where you shoot the tank if your quick enough

    Another positive fact! If you play the whole thing through on normal diffculty then you can make between 400k-450k points, thus making the onyx for 7.5 mill points in arcade a walk in the park! :P

    Have fun!
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    SnelleSjonnieThis method, including Pukeys modification to only replay the mauler waves after the catapult breaches the first gate, is awesome! Way easier than act2 ch7.
    Only thing is that every now and then the enemies get stuck, stop appearing... Anyone knows how to 'nudge' them back on track?
    Posted by SnelleSjonnie on 07 Jul 13 at 14:47
    BloodngunsMrphyI know it's an old game/solution/system lol but the location of the Boomshot(s) really oughta be put in. That, the One Shot, and mutators make killing everything after the first breach fairly easy.
    Posted by BloodngunsMrphy on 01 Sep 15 at 23:18
    Sorry but I don't get this at all, if you want a guaranteed 10x multiplier, without doing the Gas barge chapter, then this is not the best solution.

    Act II Chapter I Shipwreck will net you a guaranteed 10x every time because killing the Brumak at the end, with just a few shots of your LongShot to the guns, with always end you with 10x. It takes around 7-8 mins, at least 4 minutes quicker than Act III Chapter I, and it is also much less taxing on your wrists.

    Also, if you do decide to waste more time doing Unbreakable, you should set it to Casual, the multiplier is not affected and it's much easier to get the multiplier up and get shot less.
    Posted on 06 Nov 15 at 19:58
  • 55 13 18
    Other way to get this is, is at Act II, Chapter 6: Airborne. Best played on Casual or Normal.
    Once you've killed the first serie of Theron Guards, you will enter the stock of Dizzy with lots of ammo.
    Pick up the Boomshot and Oneshot.
    Go upstairs and wait until the Beastriders arrive.
    Shoot them with the Oneshot, one at a time.
    When you run out of ammo, use the Boomshot to get the other kills, also on the Theron Guards.
    Once you've done that, normally you need to have 10x Multiplier.
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    wolfzero01this worked perfectly. in doing the gas barge one I only was able to get my multiplier up to 9x as I never could quickly destroy the first two., so I found this one easier
    Posted by wolfzero01 on 10 Oct 11 at 14:33
    BudgetBallin360Worked like a charm. I got 9x on casual but an easy 10x on normal. Awesome guide. Thanks!
    Posted by BudgetBallin360 on 20 Nov 11 at 08:41
    BudgetBallin360Worked like a charm. I got 9x on casual but an easy 10x on normal. Awesome guide. Thanks!
    Posted by BudgetBallin360 on 20 Nov 11 at 10:17
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