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Bullish Sentiment achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC)

Bullish Sentiment

Build the Shrine of the Bound Minotaur in your Capital City.

Bullish Sentiment0
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How to unlock the Bullish Sentiment achievement

  • Vandel BusterVandel Buster441,144
    27 Aug 2011 25 Aug 2011 13 Nov 2012
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    *Note: My solution requires you to be at least Level 10 to have Fortresses and this is written as Greeks, but it should be the same for Egyptians, Persians, Celts, Babylonians, and the Norse.

    To earn this achievement, you must build the Shrine of the Bound Minotaur in your Capital City. You earn the blue print for the Shrine of the Bound Minotaur by beating a 30 Wave Number of Attackers. A 30 Wave Defense of Crete will take you a little over 40 minutes.

    To start, have the Defense of Crete DLC installed and then enter the Crete region. Select the Minoan War Council building, which is behind King Minos with the blue exclamation point. This is where you actually set up, and begin, the Defense of Crete quests.

    Changing the Number of Attackers option increases the material rewards as well as changing which Crete wonder blue print you may earn. Upon winning, you choose only one of the following rewards:

    10 Waves – 2x Cypress Wood, 2x Knossos Marble, 2x Minoan Tools, or Temple of Minos blue print.

    20 Waves – 5x Cypress Wood, 5x Knossos Marble, 5x Minoan Tools, or Hubris of Icarus blue print.

    30 Waves – 10x Cypress Wood, 10x Knossos Marble, 10x Minoan Tools, or Shrine of the Bound Minotaur blue print.

    The number of materials needed for each blue print is as follows:
    Temple of Minos requires 40 of each material.
    Hubris of Icarus requires 60 of each material.
    Shrine of the Bound Minotaur requires 100 of each material.

    Lets get onto how to easily set up your Defense of Crete so you can spend about 15 minutes playing and the rest relaxing.

    In the Minoan War Council there are many different Quest Settings, but for my solution I am going to suggest keeping it on the default Quest Setting "Sea of Crete". This will cause the quest to be "Cretins on the Coast".

    Set the Number of Attackers to 30 Waves and the Difficulty on Easy: Level 5-10. Your quest is now called, "Even More Cretins on the Coast!" Select Begin Quest.

    Once it loads, select the Town Center and upgrade to Age II. Take the 5 Villagers given to you and build a Storehouse to the South by the trees. Once it's finished being constructed, all 5 should be harvesting trees. Immediately research Age III once Age II has finished researching.

    DO NOT make any Villagers as this will waste time and possibly lead to your destruction when attacked at the beginning. Higher level players should not be too concerned about that.

    When the green age research progress bar begins to go past the edge of the II, take your 5 Villagers and move them to the Siege Towers. You should have between 300 and 400 wood saved up.

    Once Age III has completed researching, select to build a Fortress. The location of this Fortress is going to be above the left Siege Tower at the edge of the trees to the right of a Watch Post. This should happen at about 1:10 left on the countdown. The countdown will finish and construction should complete, roughly 10-20 seconds after that, right as the first attackers are reaching the area.

    Leave 1 Villager behind the middle Siege Tower and the rest can go do whatever you feel like. My suggestions now are to build a wall around the right tower to force attackers around it and take damage before reaching them. Build 2 towers on the right and 2 on the left around each tower.

    Build a Barracks and train 5 Hypaspists (if Greek). These are needed by Wave 4 to quickly stop the Battering Ram. Note where the Battering Ram comes from. It's a path to the top right of the mini-map. Take the 5 Hypapists and have them go up that path to the end and spread them around. Periodically Battering Rams and Catapults will spawn in that area. This will prevent them from ever reaching your defensive area.

    After that, it's pretty much relaxing until Wave 10. In the meantime you can build an Academy and research things like Murder Holes and Stone Masons. You can also build a Temple and make some Priests to convert enemy attackers and heal any other Hypapists, Spearmen, Archers or whatever you feel like making.

    When Wave 10 begins, take at least 4 Villagers and wait below the center Siege Tower. As Wave 10 is almost completely destroyed, begin construction of a second Fortress to the right of the first Fortress. They most likely will not finish by the time Wave 11 attacks, but if you have other defenders, they shouldn't bother the Villagers construction.

    Once you have the second Fortress, you can sit back and relatively relax for another 20 minutes until the completion of Wave 30.

    After that, select the Quest Map and choose Crete and travel to the city. You have to do this since there is no option to Travel to Quest City for some reason. Select King Minos and choose the blue print or one of the resources as your reward.

    Enjoy spending a lot of time farming resources for the achievement.

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    Bob101910Thanks. Used your solution as a guide to how to start (went way off from the guide around wave 10) and we were able to beat 30 waves after an attempt where we failed on wave 10.
    Posted by Bob101910 on 05 Mar 13 at 02:51
    Vandel BusterGlad it was useful.

    It was written just as an easy way to do the 30 waves solo and on the easiest difficulty too. Doing co-op automatically bumps the difficulty up on it's own a bit even if you keep it at a certain setting. It shouldn't be TOO obvious until you play higher level.

    When farming for gear at higher levels, I had switched to just building towers by the top gold mine and along the right side where they march toward your base entrance and the wonder. You can eventually do it on the other side as well and again sit back and relax with relative ease.
    Posted by Vandel Buster on 06 Mar 13 at 01:19
    RealityBitesDogGood strategy thank you. Still works after all the updates etc. Heck what a grind its going to be for resources though ..... (groan!)

    Thanks V. Buster
    Posted by RealityBitesDog on 28 Sep 13 at 10:19
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  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox615,590
    05 Jan 2014 01 Jan 2014 03 Mar 2014
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    This solution involves using two tricks to get unlimited consumables!! You'll love it guaranteed!! This is the least time involved method to get Crete materials.

    This Crete wonder costs 100 of each material. ***And make sure you build all the wonders in only one of your capital cities, it doesn't work if you build them in different capital cities, as "Gifts of Minos" won't pop!
    Alright, on to it!! The new and improved method that uses a few tricks which you are going to LOVE, which will allow you to AFK almost the entire quest! These have not been patched, and probably won't be patched before the game is closed down July 1st, 2014, however, please don't broadcast them publicly. I do not know whether you can get banned from the game for using these, so you're warned! I have used them VERY successfully for almost everything I've done in Age of Empires PC.
    Time estimates: You will need a total of 300 materials, without going into details, at 10 materials per game that's approximately 20+ hours. And, instead of paying attention the whole time, your total time involved, not counting moving the screen once halfway through so you don't get timed out, your actual time 'playing' is about 1 hour 15 minutes total, not counting loadings screens, etc. Like it yet? Read on wink
    **I have used variations methods for Crete, and finally settled on this one, for all my Crete waves. Elite Crete is slightly different and harder and requires you to pay attention almost the whole time, so I almost don't recommend you do that mission unless you want the loot. Also, Elite Crete and the regular 30 waves Crete are better in coop. smile
    And, just to give you a time idea, I just set myself a new record for a Crete 30 waves mission. 2 minutes, 20 seconds, to get the quest ready to go, and I can afk the rest of it! The quest usually takes about 40-41 minutes each time, and there is no way to speed it up unfortunately.
    I do it using two "Priest of the Empire" and one "Militia of the Empire", both Empire Point items. "Priests" costs.. 150EP? And "Militia" costs 175EP? Those are mandatory, and you will want them for anything else you do in the game too.
    Also, just make sure Games for Windows Live doesn't time you out, as it will log you out after 30 minutes of 'inactivity'. (I've heard that you can queue up a trade cart and put something on the space bar with the trade cart selected, and the screen moving following the trade cart will keep it 'active').
    And, the method! Here's how I actually do it, and then I'll explain how to use the tricks at the end!
    Select the map Mortsalo Gorge, 30 waves, difficulty easy, levels 5-10. As soon as the map starts, spawn some Priests, and send 4 straight north, 3 straight east. Send your scout on waypoints to the left, north, north-north-east, and east spawns to scout it out, then leave him at the east spawn. Also, delete your villagers and priestess. Spawn 2nd set of priests ASAP, and send 3 west, 3 northeast, and 1 more to the east. And finally, spawn 1 "Militia of the Empire". Send the Hippikons to the NNE spawn, the archers to the west spawn, and the spearmen to the east spawn. Try to position them just in front of your priests if you can.
    For your priests placement, you'll want to learn exactly where the enemies spawn physically, as they are the same everytime, and for the East, North, and West spawns, you want to have your priests just within conversion range, but not much closer. For the North-North-East spawn, you want your priests on the spawn, as that's the only seige spawn, and that will prevent catapults killing your priests.
    Alright! That's it! Just sit back and watch your priests convert 200 population... and as soon as you lose a unit, they'll add another keeping it at 200 population! laugh
    The tricks! There are two consumable tricks; one for placeable or boosting consumables, and one for unit spawn consumables.
    Placeable or boosting consumables: Quick storehouse; Bandit Fortress; Armada of the Empire; Strength of the Empire; etc. (any building, boat, and unit ability consumables)
    Unit spawn consumables: Priests of the Empire, Militia of the Empire, Resources of the Empire, etc. (any non-boat and resource consumables)
    To get FREE placeable or boosting consumables, simply click three times where the mouse is greyed out, and you get it for free when you click when the mouse is yellow!
    Unit spawn consumables are just slightly more involved.
    1. Choose any placeable or boosting consumable like "Gold Mine", etc, and put that in one of your hotkey slots.
    2. Put the unit spawn consumable in your other slot of choice.
    3. Scroll to the edge of the map, I always did bottom left or bottom right, press the hotkey for the placeable consumable and click in the black area outside the map.
    4. Press the hotkey for the unit spawn consumable, move your mouse back over the map, and click when it shows yellow.
    That should do it! :-)
    That's all there is to it! Once you learn how to do this, you can use these tricks on anything in age of Empires, and the game will suddenly open up new ways to have fun!

    Big thanks to JMJimmy for having a faster and easier method for unlimited town center consumables!!

    Comments, suggestions, please let me know!
    15 Mar 2012 03 Mar 2014
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