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Gifts of Minos achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC)

Gifts of Minos

Build all three Crete Wonders in your Capital City.

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How to unlock the Gifts of Minos achievement

  • Ellusion noEllusion no304,882
    17 May 2012 22 Aug 2011 17 Aug 2013
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    These are four similar and connected achievements revolving around building 3 unique buildings in your capital city, for the Defense of Crete Booster pack.

    Starting off, you need to visit Crete and don't be fooled by the quest giver standing in the middle; that's a demo quest for the people who doesn't have the Crete pack yet. Look above this quest-giver and click the building to start the 'Horde' like mode of defeating wave after wave of cretans. A few pointers and tips to keep in mind:

    - Go 'Easy: Levels 5-10' no matter. Harder doesn't give you anything but extra XP, Gold, Crete & Empire Points, and although nice, it's not what we're after here. You'll get plenty of that doing easy.

    - Find a map that you are comfortable with and since you are going to be doing this so many times it's sickening, you'll have the strategy down to a bloody science.

    - Playing co-op is a great way to alleviate some frustration and have some company while you grind. Both players will reap the rewards for the same time spent.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Temple Fit for a KingThe Temple Fit for a King achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 66 pointsBuild the Temple of Minos in your Capital City.
    For this, first do a 10 Wave match and choose the blueprint (fourth chooseable reward on the list) as your reward. Shouldn't take you more than 15min. To actually build the blueprint you will need:
    40x Cypress Wood & Minoan Tools & Knossos Marble = 120x unique resources that can only be gotten doing these waves.

    I suggest keeping 'Easy' on at all times, but change the setup to 30 waves. This should take you between 45min to an hour. Once done you can select which of the three resources you want, and note that where 10 waves gives you 2 of the resources, 20 waves will give you 5, and 30 waves will net you 10.

    In total, roughly 10-12 hours to get all 120x resources to build the Temple of Minos.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Warned You About the SunThe Warned You About the Sun achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 79 pointsBuild the Hubris of Icarus in your Capital City.
    The second wonder blueprint, Hubris of Icarus, can be gotten as a reward from doing 20 waves and the quest 'More Cretins of the Coast!'. Building this will take 60x of each resource so keep doing Easy 30 waves, 18 times to be able to build this.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Bullish SentimentThe Bullish Sentiment achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 81 pointsBuild the Shrine of the Bound Minotaur in your Capital City.
    The Shrine of the Bound Minotaur blueprint is a reward for doing a 30 wave game. To build the blueprint you'll need a whopping 100x of each resource, and have to do another 30 games. You won't be getting this any time soon.

    Age of Empires Online (PC)Gifts of MinosThe Gifts of Minos achievement in Age of Empires Online (PC) worth 117 pointsBuild all three Crete Wonders in your Capital City.
    Awarded to you once all three wonders have been built. To break it down, you need to play a minimum of 63 games to net this, or around 50 hours spent.

    There's no use doing a separate solution for these four achievements, so I'll have this up for all four.

    Comments, feedback, or have a great tip or suggestion for doing this? Comment and I'll build up the list of tips. Negative votes? Please state why and I'll rectify where possible.

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    I am JeffRay90Co-op may be your best choice if you are totally unwilling to put the effort for this achievement. Just have 1 person play the game and the other person afk ( do nothing for 40 minutes). You can rotate after each game.
    (Thais would be an ideal scenario but very few players would agree to this)

    Regardless of the difficulty, every Defense of Crete game takes about the same time because of the re-spawn rate. The only difference is the last round which is to defeat all the remaining enemy. Sometimes there is a trigger that sets you to win even though you have not defeated all the enemy . If you are going for other achievements, it is strongly recommended that you play a high difficulty (you get higher level chests)
    These rewards "can" include the Sphinx, Tomb, library, and Sparta Academy blueprints. I can confirm with certainty that you can get Sphinx and Library since I got them through Crete.

    You should mention "The Elite meet in Crete" for the experienced players. The requirement is to have your capital level 35 before you can get the quest. You can only do this quest once every 6 days. It is definitely worth doing. The "Elite meet in Crete takes about ~55min. Instead of the ordinary 10, you get 20 resources of your choice. This can definitely cut some hours out.

    "Elite Meet in Crete" = 55min for 20 resources
    " 2 Standard Crete game at any difficulty level " = 80min (~40 each) for 20 resources
    Posted by I am JeffRay90 on 16 Jul 12 at 08:10
    JamesLCCthis is possibly the most boring chievo ever lol
    Posted by JamesLCC on 07 Feb 13 at 07:55
    King DragoNot sure how the game ran two years ago, but just a heads up to anyone working on this that Elite Meet in Crete has a 7 day cooldown per completion if I recall correctly
    Posted by King Drago on 12 Jun 14 at 02:23
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  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox615,681
    05 Jan 2014 01 Jan 2014 27 Mar 2014
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    This solution involves using two tricks to get unlimited consumables!! You'll love it guaranteed!! This is the least time involved method to get Crete materials.

    This is the final Crete wonders achievement! ***And make sure you build all the wonders in only one of your capital cities, it doesn't work if you build them in different capital cities, as "Gifts of Minos" won't pop!
    Alright, on to it!! The new and improved method that uses a few tricks which you are going to LOVE, which will allow you to AFK almost the entire quest! These have not been patched, and probably won't be patched before the game is closed down July 1st, 2014, however, please don't broadcast them publicly. I do not know whether you can get banned from the game for using these, so you're warned! I have used them VERY successfully for almost everything I've done in Age of Empires PC.
    Time estimates: You will need a total of 600 materials, and without going into too much detail, at a rate of one of the 3 wonders or 10 materials max per match reward, that's approximately 40+ hours. And, instead of paying attention the whole time, your total time involved, not counting moving the screen once halfway through so you don't get timed out, your actual time 'playing' is about 2.5 hours total, not counting loadings screens, etc. Like it yet? Read on wink
    **I have used variations methods for Crete, and finally settled on this one, for all my Crete waves. Elite Crete is slightly different and harder and requires you to pay attention almost the whole time, so I almost don't recommend you do that mission unless you want the loot. Also, Elite Crete and the regular 30 waves Crete are better in coop. smile
    And, just to give you a time idea, I just set myself a new record for a Crete 30 waves mission. 2 minutes, 20 seconds, to get the quest ready to go, and I can afk the rest of it! The quest usually takes about 40-41 minutes each time, and there is no way to speed it up unfortunately.
    I do it using two "Priest of the Empire" and one "Militia of the Empire", both Empire Point items. "Priests" costs.. 150EP? And "Militia" costs 175EP? Those are mandatory, and you will want them for anything else you do in the game too.
    Also, just make sure Games for Windows Live doesn't time you out, as it will log you out after 30 minutes of 'inactivity'. (I've heard that you can queue up a trade cart and put something on the space bar with the trade cart selected, and the screen moving following the trade cart will keep it 'active').
    And, the method! Here's how I actually do it, and then I'll explain how to use the tricks at the end!
    Select the map Mortsalo Gorge, 30 waves, difficulty easy, levels 5-10. As soon as the map starts, spawn some Priests, and send 4 straight north, 3 straight east. Send your scout on waypoints to the left, north, north-north-east, and east spawns to scout it out, then leave him at the east spawn. Also, delete your villagers and priestess. Spawn 2nd set of priests ASAP, and send 3 west, 3 northeast, and 1 more to the east. And finally, spawn 1 "Militia of the Empire". Send the Hippikons to the NNE spawn, the archers to the west spawn, and the spearmen to the east spawn. Try to position them just in front of your priests if you can.
    For your priests placement, you'll want to learn exactly where the enemies spawn physically, as they are the same everytime, and for the East, North, and West spawns, you want to have your priests just within conversion range, but not much closer. For the North-North-East spawn, you want your priests on the spawn, as that's the only seige spawn, and that will prevent catapults killing your priests.
    Alright! That's it! Just sit back and watch your priests convert 200 population... and as soon as you lose a unit, they'll add another keeping it at 200 population! laugh
    The tricks! There are two consumable tricks; one for placeable or boosting consumables, and one for unit spawn consumables.
    Placeable or boosting consumables: Quick storehouse; Bandit Fortress; Armada of the Empire; Strength of the Empire; etc. (any building, boat, and unit ability consumables)
    Unit spawn consumables: Priests of the Empire, Militia of the Empire, Resources of the Empire, etc. (any non-boat and resource consumables)
    To get FREE placeable or boosting consumables, simply click three times where the mouse is greyed out, and you get it for free when you click when the mouse is yellow!
    Unit spawn consumables are just slightly more involved.
    1. Choose any placeable or boosting consumable like "Gold Mine", etc, and put that in one of your hotkey slots.
    2. Put the unit spawn consumable in your other slot of choice.
    3. Scroll to the edge of the map, I always did bottom left or bottom right, press the hotkey for the placeable consumable and click in the black area outside the map.
    4. Press the hotkey for the unit spawn consumable, move your mouse back over the map, and click when it shows yellow.
    That should do it! :-)
    That's all there is to it! Once you learn how to do this, you can use these tricks on anything in age of Empires, and the game will suddenly open up new ways to have fun!

    Big thanks to JMJimmy for having a faster and easier method for unlimited town center consumables!!

    Comments, suggestions, please let me know!
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    Shadow 00 FoxYou're welcome! :-)
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 27 Mar 14 at 16:54
    SilentExiledOneBest guide for getting this done, I'm sick of this game now and these are my last achievements. So glad i can just set it up and let it play itself. Thanks for this amazing guide.
    Posted by SilentExiledOne on 02 Apr 14 at 08:02
    Shadow 00 FoxReally appreciate the feedback!! I hope you all can get this game done in time!
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 06 Jun 14 at 07:06
    15 Mar 2012 03 Mar 2014
    1 0 1

    Go to this link if you want free achievement buildings. I don't know if it works or how fast it takes, but its an option for the people who still haven't got whatever buildings they need.

    Just putting this here if someone didn't see it on the individual achievements page.
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    H4rdcorekillahthis does give all of the blueprints, but not the much needed resources to build them.
    Posted by H4rdcorekillah on 28 Mar 14 at 08:18
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