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Minoan Defense achievement in AoE Online

Minoan Defense

Complete "The Elite Meet in Crete".

Minoan Defense0
2 guidesDiscontinued - These achievements can no longer be obtained due to closed servers, a bad patch, or other unusual circumstances.

How to unlock the Minoan Defense achievement

  • AchtiAchti530,073
    17 Sep 2011 22 Sep 2011 23 Sep 2011
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    found a nice guide on the interwebs the other day and i thought hmmm this i need to try. So we tried this tactic and got it right the 2nd try (had alot of other tries with different tactics before that and we always got overwelmed before the end)

    Here is the link (Credit goes to OsamaDeep)

    The only thing we did different was that we made no siege units and the greek guy had all his units(horsies) at 2 spots (the most right ones) and the egypt one at all his elephants on the spawn spots on the upper part and the bottem part.

    We both had alot of barracks/fortresses up for fast unit spawning.

    The only thing that you need to take care of is that your towers can hanlde wave 4-5 and that you got your units ready to stand on the spawn spots BEFORE wave 9-10 (when the golden sieges come)

    i (egypt) had around 30 farms for food, 20 caravans 10 villagers on gold or stone and 10 on wood.

    After that just keep your population at max and when you got enough resourches kill some villagers.

    i hope this helped :>

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    HitchyNZAgree with Bears Scare Me, my partner had resources of the empire, made it really easy to help set you up fast. Had 20 war elephants on each spawn spot by the time of the ten wave, spent the remaining waves building guard towers all around spawn spots as well
    Posted by HitchyNZ on 10 Jul 13 at 04:20
    Senior ChuponDid this get harder with a patch? Tried this a few time and failed horribly.
    Posted by Senior Chupon on 23 Mar 14 at 23:26
    misfit119Yes it did. Shortly after people came up with a strategy for it they patched it to make it harder. Now these strategies don't really work without using resource glitches and be ready to lose lots of units.
    Posted by misfit119 on 08 Jun 14 at 00:34
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  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox602,267
    25 Nov 2013 27 Feb 2014 03 Mar 2014
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    Easiest method by fast uses the unlimited consumable tricks. The match will still take about 50 minutes, but it's far easier using unlimited resources and units! Also, it's much easier in coop, and more fun too!

    The most important consumable to use will be "Resources of the Empire", followed by "Laborers of the Empire"?(the 12 villager spawn consumable). You can also use "Priests of the Empire" and "Militia of the Empire", although I personally mainly used Egyptian War Elephants and "Priests of the Empire" for my offense. "Militia of the Empire" is handy though because you can go over the 200 pop cap with it!

    All of those consumables cost EP, however you never run out of them using the tricks so it's well worth it! The tricks are at the end, the solution first.

    You'll want to get the extra resources first, 5k of each, and start spamming buildings and ages and researches as fast as you can.

    The enemies will start coming fast, and your goal is to get a lot of units on each spawn point as soon as you can, so the battles all occur where the enemy spawns. It's very important to have high damage units also. I personally put about 8 elephants each on the North and South spawn points, and 16 on each of the Eastern spawn points. I supported them with "Priests of the Empire", and just kept refilling my units that died.

    Be very careful with the enemy priests waves! If they convert any of your priests of the empire, you can be in big trouble, so make sure you don't have your priests too close.

    Once you have units on each spawn point you can relax and have fun.. I personally sometimes logged and mined the entire map, built hundreds of towers and fortresses, etc. Just don't let the enemy overrun the spawn points, and keep resupplying lost units, deleting converted enemy units that aren't strong enough.

    Follow those guidelines, and you should have no problem. I'm including the way to do the tricks here:
    The tricks! There are two consumable tricks; one for placeable or boosting consumables, and one for unit spawn consumables.
    Placeable or boosting consumables: Quick storehouse; Bandit Fortress; Armada of the Empire; Strength of the Empire; etc. (any building, boat, and unit ability consumables)
    Unit spawn consumables: Priests of the Empire, Militia of the Empire, Resources of the Empire, etc. (any non-boat and resource consumables)
    To get FREE placeable or boosting consumables, simply click three times where the mouse is greyed out, and you get it for free when you click when the mouse is yellow!
    Unit spawn consumables are just slightly more involved.
    1. Choose any placeable or boosting consumable like "Gold Mine", etc, and put that in one of your hotkey slots.
    2. Put the unit spawn consumable in your other slot of choice.
    3. Scroll to the edge of the map, I always did bottom left or bottom right, press the hotkey for the placeable consumable and click in the black area outside the map.
    4. Press the hotkey for the unit spawn consumable, move your mouse back over the map, and click when it shows yellow.
    That should do it! :-)
    That's all there is to it! Once you learn how to do this, you can use these tricks on anything in age of Empires, and the game will suddenly open up new ways to have fun!

    Big thanks to JMJimmy for having a faster and easier method for unlimited town center consumables!!

    Comments, suggestions, please let me know!
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