You’ve beaten the world achievement in PowerUp Heroes

You’ve beaten the world

Beat every opponent in Campaign Mode

You’ve beaten the world+0.5
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How to unlock the You’ve beaten the world achievement

  • OwnonOwnon168,059
    20 Nov 2011 03 Jan 2012 05 Feb 2012
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    It was very hard to me to get this achievemenet, to beat the final boss (every other opponent was so easy...). I've tried many times, failure every time. It was even so hard to win at least one round. I was trying hard, using different characters, power-ups, etc.

    And to be honest, I've found very easy way, thanks to player PANIC ATTACK 10 and his post on You have to choose Shadow X. At the beggining attack with his underground attack (you have to jump, your character goes underground and gets close to the opponent) and after you hit just have to keep in close combat - move forward you opponent and just kick and punch him. You don't have to make the final punch/kick, just make sure you keep in close combat and do some damage every time during you powerup charging. But you have to be fast, timing is very important - always try attack with this only one powerup and then get close to your opponent, dont's let him hit you with his power strikes.

    Don't bother with dodging, just attack. When you are underground he should not be able to hit you with any of his attakcs. If you see him charging you can try to shoot him to stop his attack but if you are fast enough you should be able to get close to him before he attacks.

    With this method I was able to beat the final boss on second try. It is quite exhausting but really easy after some practice with timing.

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    TheMajinLegacyThanks for adding this solution!! I was having a lot of trouble with this until I kept at it with this method. Although its going to sound silly- I found that waving both arms up and down as well as throwing up a knee usually helps the last hit of the close range combat sections, dealing that extra bit of damage!

    As @RedmptionDenied mentioned, equipping the 'Stronger Melee Damage' powerup helps a ton especially for the close up fighting (Unlocked at Level 4)
    Posted by TheMajinLegacy on 03 Apr 13 at 13:34
    BongoJust doesn't work. The tunnel attack is automatically dodged and nothing to do from there. No time to dodge, katana, jump, nothing. 75% dead from the one combo that follows. If I get lucky enough that he doesn't dodge it once, how is this supposed to last 10+ times over the course of two matches?
    Posted by Bongo on 06 Jul 16 at 08:25
    Ownonsorry to hear that. it was almost 5 years ago and worked fine, maybe they changed something within the game... hard to say as I do not have the game anymore.
    Posted by Ownon on 06 Jul 16 at 23:30
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  • Wyldcat34Wyldcat34515,747
    19 Oct 2011 21 Oct 2011
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    Tough. Very tough indeed (so I found). The best combo I found was to select
    Vortex and Shadow X.
    Dodge continually til Mal X uses a super power, dodge that and then perform the following combo
    1. Vortex power whip
    2. Swap to Shadow X
    3. Stun blast (2 hands in the air)
    4. Tunnel punch.
    5. Start circling and dodging again using other super powers while waiting for combo powers to recharge then do the combo again.

    Good luck
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    Wanderer128I've been seeing a few people suggest using Shadow X (although perhaps you just have multiple solutions)
    Anyways, as I was going through the campaign, I found Volta(or Volta of Death, they have the same moves) with Chaos X (or Chaos if the latter isn't unlocked). They seem to be a great pair, and their Ultimate Combo is pretty easy since the final move is the same movement for both characters. I'm waiting till Level 7 before I try Malignance X again, primarily for the PowerUp that you unlock when you hit Lv.7. Perhaps I'll end up using the pair you suggested, but I wanted to note for other people what got me through the campaign if they were having any difficulties.
    Posted by Wanderer128 on 27 Dec 11 at 01:58
  • Captain SpackerCaptain Spacker494,924
    08 Aug 2012 07 Aug 2012 07 Aug 2012
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    It's been mentioned here and there but I just want to make it clear, when you reach level 10 you unlock a "stronger super powers" perk which makes this fight a million times easier. So if you are intending to 1k this game definately boost before this.
    Unrelated tip, just putting your leg out registers as a kick, makes the counters that bit easier to get
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