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Serious Skills

Play for 2 minutes without dying

Serious Skills0
02 December 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Serious Skills

  • SneakyStabbalotSneakyStabbalot620,312
    17 Aug 2011 17 Aug 2011 30 Oct 2014
    10 1 3
    I did this on Lvl 3 - right after defeating the Centurion. Level 6 is also a prime level.

    You must keep the ball *IN PLAY* for two minutes. You can't have it simply stationed on your platform!

    I tried using Tilt mode, but it's not fine-grained enough, so I would recommend you use Slide mode (finger) instead to get this.
  • littlelou1982littlelou1982411,382
    23 Oct 2013 23 Oct 2013
    3 0 1
    I got this on Level 1 and over to level 2.

    Keep the ball moving as slowly as possible and avoid any movements which will make it fly off on a sharp angle. It doesn't matter if you only have a couple of blocks left to break as long as you don't die and as long as the ball is in play and not sitting on your little platform.

    I accidently hit the last block before the achievement popped then as level 2 started the ball had been in play for around 5 seconds and it popped.

    I did this using the touch method.
  • saltdog0313saltdog0313257,349
    31 Jul 2014 31 Jul 2014
    1 0 0
    Hey all,

    Another great level for this achievement is on level five. My game had max upgrades, so the platform was max length. This is not needed to get this achievement.

    Using touch method on this level works well.This level has a long line of blocks that
    can't be broken by the players ball and they can only be destroyed by a bomb.Just start the level Five and bounce ball up to the blocks that can't be broken and the ball will
    come back to your platform.repeat with some balance movement until the achievement pops.
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