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Triple Threat

Have three balls in play at the same time

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02 December 2019 - 1 guide

Achievement Guide for Triple Threat

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    Post-update solution. (There was a glitch that made some of the achievements in this game very easy, but the game was patched to remove this.)

    The best way to earn this, Hands Free, Serious Skills, Double Time and Record Breaker is to use level 06 and replay it over and over until you have what you need.

    Start a new game, spend your upgrades on whatever you want, apart from IonBall and Hit-Power. Work your way to level 06. Shoot the ball up the left or right then the "blower" thing will push the ball into the middle area. Just leave your paddle at the edge.

    You shouldn't have to do anything just leave it and the ball will bounce around. Very rarely they escape, but you can just return them back up the side.

    Now, the rest of this is luck. You will get about 2-4 upgrades, and you just need two of them to be multiballs. If you get down to one or two bricks, hit the back button and exit to the menu, then click continue. You will keep your score and be on the same level.

    Do not pick up;

    Red Ball powerup; this will wipe out everything too fast.
    Red Bomb; because you loose a life.
    Green Bomb; this will wipeout all the bricks.

    If you need Double Time, the solution is the same, except, you need to get a double green ball upgrade, followed by the yellow ball upgrade, rather than two green double green balls in a row. (You can't get yellow than green)
    For Record Breaker, I was earning about 50K per round, and when I got to 1 or 2 bricks left, exit to menu and continue. So at a maximum it will take you 20 rounds of quitting and continuing, but you will have some points from the earlier levels.

    Any questions ask below :)
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