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Record Breaker

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03 December 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Record Breaker

  • I Krueg II Krueg I284,507
    14 Apr 2012 14 Apr 2012
    48 1 9
    Some people have said that the exploit has been patched. I can confirm that it has not been fully patched, or that I have found a new exploit. After beating the game I started a new game and played to level 6 where I tried to get the three balls achievement. This is where I found it. Make sure you hit new game so you have no upgrades. On the way to level 6 I only upgraded my paddle size. When you get to level 6 throw the ball into the area and let it bounce around and BEFORE all the bricks are broken, quit out to the main menu and then continue. All your points will be saved and you can essentially farm points like before. Just make sure you don't lose any balls and don't lose all your lives. I was able to get 1 million points this way in about 15-20 minutes.
  • litepinklitepink287,960
    18 Aug 2011 18 Aug 2011 18 Aug 2011
    21 3 6
    This game has a unique scoring system. You get 9 lives, and unlimited continues. However, you lose points when you lose lives, and a substantial chunk of points when you use a continue. Things will get easier as you earn XP and upgrade your arsenal. At the same time, when you have massive upgrades like fully upgraded Chain Reaction, you don't get all the points for destroying blocks in one explosion.

    So, if you go on a good run, you might make it there on your way to Leviathan or fully upgrading your weapons. There is an exploit you can use if you're all done with everything else:

    By the time you beat the game all the way through, you'll be upgraded pretty well. You can hit "Continue Game" after you've beat Leviathan to start from level one upgrades in tact, making them much easier to complete. At anytime in a level, you can quit out, keeping any score you already earned. When you continue your game the level resets, essentially letting you farm points on easy levels.

    The exploit is a bit of a grind though, so hopefully you can get this achievement during your regular run.
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