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One Giant Leap achievement in Call of Duty Black Ops

One Giant Leap

In Moon, become trapped in the Receiving Area and free yourself through resurrection in co-op.

One Giant Leap0
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How to unlock the One Giant Leap achievement

  • WHiiTLEYWHiiTLEY396,795
    24 Aug 2011 24 Aug 2011
    59 2 16
    Basically what you have to do for this achievement is to die and spawn on your team mate in a certain way. Only 3 out of the 4 people can get this at one time.

    Step 1: Play through the rounds as you would normally, the best place to camp would be in the dome (easy circling spots). Keep fighting through the waves until the woman's voice says breach in tunnel 11 and tunnel 6. Let the excavators breach the tunnel.

    Step 2: When the second excavator is on its way the people who want there achievement make there way to one side of the map before tunnels 6 and 11 are blocked off by the excavators. But keep one crawler alive in that round and make sure the crawler is with the person who isn't getting the achievement as they will be on the opposite side of the map to the rest of players.

    Step 3: Make sure both tunnels are definitely blocked off then the players who want the achievement cook a grenade and down yourselves, allow yourselves to bleed out.

    Step 4: When there is only 1 player left (the guy with the crawler) kill the crawler to complete the round.

    When the 3 players who died come back there achievement will pop.

    **It doesn't seem to matter which side each set of players are on but just to be safe the people getting the achievement in my game were on the side of the map where quick revive is.**

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    killin chilunI'm finding this very hard to get without sucking at zombies. For some reason I seem to be training zombies quite well in the dome area so when the randoms i play with die and bleed out, they get the achievement when they respawn. When I try to go for this, the randoms only want to do the easter egg and turn off the excavator's before they breach.
    Posted by killin chilun on 20 Apr 13 at 16:51
    Unky KyStill looking to get this ugh. Message me if you're interested. GT- SilverSluggerMZ
    Posted by Unky Ky on 17 Apr 15 at 16:16
    TexasHONZFor those still trying at this, you can force the excavators you need by NOT opening the biodome.

    You can get the first excavator on round 3 if youre lucky and the next in another 3 or 4 rounds.

    I had 3 excavators by round 13 with my fiest on round 4 or 5 when I went for ground control.

    So wave 7 or 8 is possible. Go for the bowie knife. OHK into round 9. Makes it easy
    Posted by TexasHONZ on 24 May at 02:18
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  • Kommandant KarlKommandant Karl367,096
    29 Jun 2012 29 Jun 2012
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    You can also get it local split screen SOLO:

    The idle controller is the one that will get the achievement, while the secondary is the one you will play mostly with.

    -On earth, leave the idle controller to bleed out completely. Run circles and get $2,500 at least with the secondary by running circles. Then, head up to the moon.

    -Get the secondary controller to turn on the power at round 1 and play as normal.

    -Make the idle controller (The one that wants to get achievement) to remain at the spawn area at all times. Of course, it will be killed at the beginning of each round. For this, the secondary controller needs to go to the spawn area and kill the last zombie there by the end of each round. This way, the idle controller will always respawn at the main room.

    -Wait until tunnels 6 and 11 are breached, then at the beginning of the next round, the achievement will pop.

    Keep in mind that quick revive will not work. Try to get juggernaut ASAP.

    I got all three excavators by round 12.
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    ICoN xLeViAtHaNI had to do this split screen because randoms either suck or only wanted to do the easter egg. I played like normal. Didn't bother doing circles in the beginning. Turned on power at wave 3. Tunnel 11 got dug first and around wave 10 tunnel 6 was on its way. My main account immediatly died on the dome side where he was brought back upon completion of the previous round. Since he died on that side I ran back to the receiving area, waited until tunnel 6 was dug and then finished off the last of the zombies. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!

    I admit i was skeptical if split screen was going to work out. But now I'm so mad I didn't try it sooner. Upvoted
    Posted by ICoN xLeViAtHaN on 03 Aug 12 at 18:22
  • MFMegazeroxMFMegazerox150,425
    23 Aug 2011 23 Aug 2011 27 Jul 2012
    29 4 4
    To get "trapped in the receiving area", (co-op of course) someone(s) has to be at the receiving area (NOT AT AREA 51, BUT WHERE YOU GOT YOUR FIRST SPACESUITS AND WHERE IT ACTUALLY SAID ROUND 1) when the both "escavators" have come down. They will not be able to get out because the "escavators" will be in their way. However, if at least one person stays at the end of the level, they can respawn on him, therefore "freeing yourself through resurrection".

    There are a couple ways to do this.

    1. (recommended) Someone someone has to get a girsh device and wait until both tunnels have the "escavator" in them (chambers 6 and 11, not the biodome). Then, make a crawler at the end of a round. Everyone should use the teleporter (the teleporter is at the end of the level, when the paths splits between biodome and outside, you choose outside and go to your right). When everyone has come back to the moon, have the person with the girsh device throw it and whoever will not get the achievement (only three can get it at once) will go through it. The others will down themselves by running through the saw or cooking a grenade until it blows up. When everyone has finished bleeding out, the person who went through the girsh device will kill the crawler and the other players will get the achievement. If you wish, the person who didn't get the achievement can get it next round (presuming they were the one with the girsh device).

    2. This requires that you to run to the initial spawn point when you hear the announcement of the second "escavator" going to crush the second passage way. The three people have to sprint through the last chamber before the saw breaches it to become trapped (remember, one must stay behind). Once it closes, they kill themselves and the other player just needs to survive the round. This is harder than the first method, and not recommended.

    The crushers come down after a certain amount of time. The order they come down and how long it takes them to activate is completely random. You could have the two crushers down minutes after activating the power or the first come in three hours (remember these are extremes, however, theoreticly possible). I would recommend not hacking any of the crushers, including the cosmodome one. If it is the cosmodome one, at least it won't come down again if you don't hack it, therefore increasing your odds of getting the chamber 6 and 11 ones.

    I believe it is possible on splitscreen co-op, but it is more difficult.

    Please leave comments on how I can improve my solution. I am always open to suggestions.
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    Paully05Awesome solution. I am going to try for this achievement in couple hours, and this is the guide I will be using. Thanks.
    Posted by Paully05 on 27 Aug 11 at 23:59
    TheSkullmasherYou don't actually have to have either excavator going to get this achievement. Just dive off of the cliff at the spawn area, and when your friend kills the last zombie (Preferably in the bio-dome) You will respawn, and the achievement will pop.
    Posted by TheSkullmasher on 28 Aug 11 at 01:24
    CrispyVictimI tried TheSkullmasher's idea and it didn't work.
    Posted by CrispyVictim on 09 Mar 12 at 16:49
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