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Fully Armed and Operational achievement in Call of Duty Black Ops

Fully Armed and Operational

In Moon, acquire 3 pack-a-punched weapons at the same time.

Fully Armed and Operational0
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How to unlock the Fully Armed and Operational achievement

  • TheOceanic815TheOceanic815444,536
    25 Aug 2011 26 Aug 2011 06 Sep 2011
    48 1 3
    Play solo and use the strategy below, but instead of going to Area 51 with 2 weapons, wait until you have Mule Kick and a third weapon. Once you get there, do as he does in the video, but with all three weapons instead of two. Make sure your AK74u has full ammo when you leave, you'll need it.
    Credit for the video goes to GAM3VIDZ

    If you are going to vote negative, please leave a comment why so that I may improve my solution for the future.

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    AustinBlueI didn't really watch the whole video, but for the beginning I would like to add that the guy in the video didn't use either of his grenades. I usually do the whole cycle of running and using all of the initial pistol ammo. Then, after that's gone, I run tight circles around the barbed wire and the two metal barrels in front of the Pack a Punch machine to get the zombies in a smaller area. This essentially bags you more points per grenade. The earlier on you do this, the more points you will get since the zombies are weaker towards the beginning of the pre-round-one part. If you're at a point where the zombies survive the grenade blast, it may be that all it takes is an additional knife attack to finish the crawlers off, which gives you even more points. This strategy ALWAYS gets me Juggernog (without the grenades, like in the video), and usually 1500 - 2500 points before round one.

    One things I left out was that you should always keep an eye out for dogs in Area 51. If they spawn before the first three or four sirens, they are a one-hit kill and are basically a free 130 points.
    Posted by AustinBlue on 12 Sep 11 at 05:05
    RSA BR SAThumbs up. I got the achievement on the second try. As you said, it is better goint back to earth after having 3 weapons already, with at least two full loaded so, the 5K points are easy running in circles. (I went with the MPK5 and AK47 and the shotgun (I don't remember the name). Perfect solution.
    Posted by RSA BR SA on 29 Apr 13 at 18:06
    CanadianWhizKidSecond try my ass buddy. No way this game didn't fuck you over like it's doing to me. Taking far too many tries and I still don't fucking have this shit.
    Posted by CanadianWhizKid on 11 Aug 13 at 19:23
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  • vikingbloodlustvikingbloodlust282,930
    24 Aug 2011 27 Aug 2011 27 Aug 2011
    37 2 5
    This solution is the strategy i used. I can easily PaP all 3 weapons by wave 10 doing this. This method is best done solo. Also, ALWAYS BE AWARE OF WHERE THE ASTRO-TROLL is, this is vital. He can seriously ruin your day if you're not careful.

    1.At the very start, try to make sure the perk available at hangar 18 is Juggernog. If it isn't, restart (you don't have to, it just makes life a lot easier). If it is Juggernog, you're ready to start.

    2. Once the zombies start spawning, don't waste any ammo, run around knifing them as quickly as possible (on a good run you can get 1500 pts, on a bad run about 1000). Once you hear the alarm for the teleporter gate lifting, go to the corner behind the PaP machine and wait for the nuke alarm. Once the nuke alarm sounds, carefully begin running a big circle around the map, getting the zombies in a straight line.

    3. Once you have no more spawning and they are all chasing you, cook a grenade and wait for the crosshairs to pulse 3 times. turn and throw it at your feet, this should net you about 500-600 points. do the same with your second grenade. After you run out of grenades, continue running circles, turning to pop shot the train of zombies when you feel it's safe. continue this until you run out of ammo. you should have enough for the Juggernog. Once you can afford it, run up and buy it and head straight for the teleporter.

    4. On wave one one the moon, let the zombies in and begin knifing them as you did to start at hangar 18. If you're lucky you'll get a good power-up like double points. (if you have Juggernaut, be careful of the astronaut as if he grabs you he will take it away). Once the round ends, repair the windows.

    5. on wave 2, do the same, let them in and stab them all to death. Once all the zombies are dead, board up all the windows again. (if you don't feel confident, or you just wanna be safe, you can buy quick revive now as well)

    6. On wave 3, open the doors and buy the m 14 off the wall. you'll now be holding the catwalk area. try to stay towards the middle of the cat walk. shoot each zombie twice in the chest and then knife them once to maximize your points.Leave one alive at the end of the round (note:you can't make crawlers yet, so don't try to). Begin opening all the doors leading from tunnel 11. make your way to the conference (or pyramid room) and turn on the power. you should have enough points to make it to at least the laboratories at this point.

    7. once in the labs, look for the hacker on the desks. there are 2 possible spawns on each level of the labs. if you're lucky, it will be on one of the first 2 floors and you'll be able to hack the door to the to the top floor of the labs. if you don't have access to the hacker yet, go back and kill the last zombie of round 3 and head back to the catwalk area outside the spawn area.

    8. repeat the method you used for round three. this time put 3 shots into the zombie's chest and knife them to maxmize your points. If you feel like you're getting over run, you can also just go for headshots. Once you start getting to the end of the round, make a crawler using grenades.

    9. If you haven't already, open the door to the top floor of the labs and pick up the hacker device. Hack the door to your left and go outside. this is where you'll really start racking up points.

    10. If you can afford it, buy the AK74 U off the wall outside. This is a great weapon to have because if you begin running low on ammo you don't have to waste 950 to get a gun from the mystery box, you can just grab ammo for 600.

    11. From round 5 on, this is what you are going to do. At the start of each round, run circles around the rock outside. continue doing this until you have a train of zombies following you and you see no more zombies spawning (only sprint if you have to avoid zombies coming at you from the front, this will help line them up for you). Once you get a good train going, turn around and unload on them with the AK74.continue doing this until you notice their numbers dwindling. Once there are 4-5 left, cook a grenade (3 pulses of the cross-hairs) and make some crawlers. kill all but one. if you are confident about running circles, jump to the teleporter and do the same thing at hangar 18. continue killing until you run out of AK74 U ammo. Go back to the moon and buy more ammo for your AK. Continue doing this until you can afford the Mule Kick perk, which is outside where you have been running circles. For your guns, you should currently have the m14 and the AK74 U.

    12. once you have enough points from rinsing and repeating step 11, go buy the olympia from the catwalk area, by tunnel 6 (it is the cheapest weapon). head to hangar 18 and PaP either the olympia or the m14. At this point you can grab your weapon and leave immediately and go back at the end of each of the next 2 rounds and do the same for the other 2 weapons, or, IF YOU FEEL CONFIDENT ABOUT RUNNING CIRCLES, you can actually PaP all three weapons in one go (if you can afford it of course). In order to do all three weapons in one visit to Hangar 18, put the olympia in the Pap machine, begin running a circle. once you pass the machine, hold x and grab it . Run another lap and put the m14 in the machine, take another lap and grab that on your way by the machine the next time. finally do the same for the AK74u and the achievement will pop, once you pull it out of the machine.

    sorry this is such a long solution, but i wanted to be very detailed. if you are confused about any part, pm me and i will answer any questions you may have. i can also take time to show you exactly what to do if you really want me to and i can find the time.

    please, if you negative vote, put the reason in the comments, so i can better make this guide and future guides.

    i have also attached a video from Achievement Hunter on how to run circles at hangar 18 if you need to see what to do (don't be confused as it's for the perks in spaaaace guide). once you get the hang of it, it's not too tough to do and you will get TONS of points doing it.

    [edit] the earliest i've gotten all 3 PaP'd doing this method was round 7
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    SoH Anarchygreat guide, got it on round 6. i had close to 5k when i went to no mans land and just used the ak to get there, PaP the m14, then used the ak to get as much points as i could. after that i used the m14 to finish up the 5k then i PaP the ak and easily got back up to 5k for the last gun
    Posted by SoH Anarchy on 04 Sep 11 at 20:30
    vikingbloodlustawesome! glad this helped
    Posted by vikingbloodlust on 04 Sep 11 at 21:43
    Day O ReckoningNo negative comment here! Just because it's long doesn't mean it's not good! You need it to be long in order to be detailed! Thanks a bunch!
    Posted by Day O Reckoning on 13 Sep 11 at 19:19
  • iNTiMiDaTe xXiNTiMiDaTe xX433,669
    23 Aug 2011 23 Aug 2011 24 Aug 2011
    28 2 9
    Buy the mule kick perk which costs 4,000 points which allows you to have three weapons, ( the location of mule kick is in the video)

    Use the teleport to travel back to no mans land and pack a punch one of your guns at a time throughout three seperate journeys as too many zombies arrive at once. Leaving a crawler doesn't affect the amount of zombies in no mans land.

    After you have all three weapons pack a punched at the same time your achievement will unlock for 25g
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    EndxofxTimeIll bet in a group of four when you get a few people willing to hack you money this would be pretty easy
    Posted by EndxofxTime on 25 Aug 11 at 07:28
    z I ScReaMz I z1st person 2 get this yay lol achievement was too easyyy
    Posted by z I ScReaMz I z on 03 Sep 11 at 16:04
    F12ED HAMILT0Ntake the hacker wiv u to the pack a punch and hack the pack a punch this then puts a cage around it so u can easily upgraded 3 weapons at once
    Posted by F12ED HAMILT0N on 04 Sep 11 at 22:14
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