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Ground Control achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Ground Control

In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.

Ground Control0
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How to unlock the Ground Control achievement

  • T IR E L O NT IR E L O N340,802
    28 Aug 2011 29 Aug 2011 18 Oct 2011
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    The other solutions here are really good.


    This will make it MUCH easier to get...

    When you stop one of the excavators from breaching, for example "biodome", and the same excavator gets called in again...


    You'll still get the achievement as long as the same person does all the hacking. If you stop an excavator one time, it's OK to let it breach the second time.

    That way, you'll increase your chances of getting the other two excavators.


    P.S. Everyone in the lobby will get the achievement as long as the same person does all the hacking.

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    SYst3M0FAd0WnzzI got the achievement on wave 26 solo. Perks used were quick revive, juggernaut, staminaup, and mule kick. Over the course of rounds I pack a punched the mp2k, ak47u, and the shotgun by the power. Letting the escalators breach was a good idea because tunnel 6 only repeated twice and I was able to get tunnel 11 activated before the second biodome.
    Posted by SYst3M0FAd0Wnzz on 23 Feb 19 at 06:57
    sjpsjpsjpSo four of us got this today in round 11 after two of us in the group had been trying for about 10 hours overall. A few tips for a fast match.

    1. Ensure you turn on the power in round 1. If you don't, restart.
    2. If you don't get one Excavator moving by the beginning of round 3, restart.
    3. BIG TIP: Don't kill the Zombie Astronaut! We discovered today killing the Zombie Astronaut resets the order in which the Excavators activate, meaning you may have the one of the 3 areas activate again and you may have to work until very late rounds (25+) to try and get the third unique one.

    ( and reference the caveat about killing the Zombie Astronaut)
    Posted by sjpsjpsjp on 13 Apr 19 at 02:21
    EarthboundXThose wikis may be incorrect, we didn't kill the Zombie Astronaut, and it still repeated. So it's just random.

    Yep, we finally got it, on wave 17, it did Tunnel 6 and Biodome twice, we didn't kill the Zombie Astronaut this time either, and it still did those repeats. So I think that's just a coincidence that not killing him seems to cause the excavators to not repeat or change.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 13 Jul 19 at 02:58
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  • Ace AnnihilatesAce Annihilates328,837
    27 Aug 2011 28 Aug 2011 29 Aug 2012
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    First things first. There are 3 Excavators and each name of the excavator itself corresponds to a certain area on the map either Tunnel 11, The Biodome and Tunnel 6. The power must be turned on for any of the excavators to begin to come out.

    At one point while playing, a lady over an intercom will announce that either excavator Omicron, Epsilon, or Pi is going to cause decompression in Tunnel 11, Biodome or Tunnel 6. Omicron is to Tunnel 11, Epsilon is to The Biodome and Pi is to Tunnel 6. Listen very carefully to the lady over the intercom. The last thing that you want is to risk your life trying to hack an excavator you already have hacked.

    There is no certain amount of waves that the excavators come out in and there is no certain order, you can get the same excavator 3 times in a row if you're unlucky enough. I will tell you that I have played for this achievement about 10 times and the 1st excavator has always come through rounds 3-8. If you TURN ON THE POWER on round 3, there is a chance the lady will say that an area is about to be breached, it has happened to me 3 times.

    When the lady finally does announce that an excavator is going to cause decompression I suggest that one person go for the hacker immediately, usually its the person with the best weapon so that they can protect themselves. If you need a place to camp I would suggest the right and left sides of the pyramid, they are easy to cover and it is really close to the hacker room. In order to get the achievement, the SAME (I cant stress that enough) person has to hack all three of the consoles at the start room, the consoles are pretty obvious, when activated they are green and flashing, simply walk up to them and hold x until the hack is done. Even though the same person has to hack all 3 consoles, all present players get the achievement when the last console is hacked.

    NOTE: Do not shoot explosives in any of the rooms that the hacker can be found in and don't shoot any explosives in the start room, that includes grenades. You may be wondering why, well its because if you accidentally blow out a window, the room will no longer have air in it, therefore you cant have the hacker in those rooms because you have no space suit when having the hacker and you cant breath and you'll slowly lose oxygen until you go down.

    SUGGESTIONS: I suggest getting the zap gun and pack a punching it, the wave gun comes in handy in a plethora of situations, it is basically like having a wunderwaffe except with 28 shots in it, not to mention the 120 something electricity bullets you have. I would also suggest that you get Juggernaut, Stamina-up, Quick revive and Sleight of Hand, they are the most helpful out of all of the perks.

    CAUTION: The astronaut will take your most recent perk from you if you get caught by him, along with being teleported away from your teammates, so try not to get caught by him, a good way to take him out is by shotguns or quantum grenades.

    GERSH: Gersh devices also come in handy when you need to grab a max ammo and there are too many zombies or just when you need to revive someone who is amidst a mass of zombies. May I also say that gersh devices will transport you to a different part of the map if you walk into the black hole where all the zombies die at.

    MORE SUGGESTIONS: If I were to make any more suggestions it would be that if you are in the position where you need to hack the last excavator for the achievement and you don't think you'll make it due to it being a high wave like wave 20 and up, send ALL players up to the hacker and run as fast as you can to the earth teleporter. If everyone is running fast enough, the person with the hacker should'nt go down due to lack of air and you should teleport to earth. Step back on the teleporter as soon as it will let you and go back to the moon. That way when you come back to the moon, there will be no zombies in the map for about 10 seconds and you will be in the start room and can hack the last excavator without worries of hordes of zombies coming behind you.

    HACKER TRICKS: A couple other tricks that you may not know is that you can hack 500 points at a time to other players if they do not have many points but are in desperate need of a weapon or perk. Simply pick up the hacker and walk up to the player you wish to transfer points to and hold x until it gives your points to them, you need a minimum of 500 points or you cant transfer. Another thing is you can hack the random box 2 times every time it moves. Simply pay for a weapon and when the roulette stops take out the hacker and hack the weapon for 600 more points added on to the 950 you already spent, it will cycle through another roulette and give you a different gun, if you in fact hack that second weapon it will give you 950 points back and make the current roulette weapon available for any of the current players in the game to pick up.


    Last but not least you can hack the weapon outlines on the walls. What this does is it makes regular weapon ammo 4500, or somewhere around there, and pack a punched ammo really cheap. Although hacking a weapon on a wall costs quite a few points, its up to you to decide if its worth those points. For example the steakout pack a punched ammo would be 750 points. The pack a punched steakout is a pretty good weapon up until round 20. Since it seems to be unclear, you cannot simply hack a weapon outline and then buy pack a punched ammo. Before you can actually buy the ammo off of the wall, you have to pack a punch (in this example the steakout) first on earth. Basically saying you cannot buy pack a punched ammo without having the pack a punched gun first.

    If there is anything you think I forgot or anything that is unclear to you please leave a comment and I will fix it or make it more clear to you.
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    Sku11ySn1p3rDoes everyone in the game get the achievement?
    Posted by Sku11ySn1p3r on 25 Sep 11 at 05:01
    Ace Annihilatesyes
    Posted by Ace Annihilates on 25 Sep 11 at 20:51
    Unreal Japsterthis helped alot, thank you! :D
    Posted by Unreal Japster on 09 Nov 11 at 08:46
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    Just to add a little strategy to this, assuming you already know what to do regarding the excavators from the above posts. In Solo I circled the area outside where the Mule Kick perk and AK47u is until I had enough points to Pack-a-Punch the starting pistol and buy the Flopper. Just keep circling this area purchasing more AK47u ammo when required. You'll hear the warning about the excavators at the start of any given round..usually every 3 or 4 rounds after you put the power on. When you hear the warning DONT get anxious. You have plenty of time! When you hear the warning dont kill any zombies, just round them up in this area until they stop spawning then go back through the labs, picking up the hacking tool on the way with the group following you. You will easily get far enough ahead of them for you to get back to start and hack the relevant console. The reason I suggest PaP the starting pistol is that its amazing for getting you out of trouble while circling in the Mule Kick/AK47u area. Hope this helps a little =D
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    Ace Boss KillaThis Achievement really is all about luck I got this solo using your wonderful method of the pack-a-punched and PHD flopper pistol which saved me from one more hit that would of killed me Luckily each excavtor breached One time and I got the Achievement by round 18 thank you so much for the solo guides I used most of your methods to get all these solo except for Cryogenic Slumber Party :) Thumbs up
    Posted by Ace Boss Killa on 29 Aug 11 at 20:38
    spxyu02Great strategy. I always prefer solo as I find it easier to keep track of where zombies are trailing me and coming from, and for this achievement, I'm guaranteed to be the same person performing all the hacks.

    I wasn't as confident outside, so I spent a little more money and had both doors to the dome open and circled in there, and kept the hacker with me at all times, no PES. I was able to make individual trips for AK ammo, AK hacking, and mule kick outside (over the course of the game), and not have to use the PES, just move quickly and get from airlock to airlock. Your note on hacking the AK ammo was awesome, as was PhD Flopper + Mustang & Sally if shit hit the fan.

    For the rounds when excavators were called in, I was always starting in the dome, so I could easily train zombies, thin them out 2-6 times, then make a crawler or two, hit the teleporter and hack the terminal normally before the 60 second warning was given. Staying calm, as advised here, is definitely key. You have lots of time and if you're in a good rhythm with your circling and ammo/weapons, it's all good.

    The notes below here are from another comment of mine in a different solution, but I think are relevant if anyone reads this novel I'm writing here:

    Letting the excavators breach is a great strategy, however you need to remember which terminal corresponds to which excavator. On my first attempt, I had to let two of the excavators through (after stopping them initially), to get the last one to begin. However, when I got to the spawn room with the terminals, all 3 terminals were lit green (2 excavators down, 1 coming down), I panicked and hacked the wrong one, then got out of my rhythm and decided to restart (round 21 or so).

    Before my 2nd attempt I took my time in rounds 1 and 2 and drew a little map of the spawn room and noted which terminal corresponded to which excavator. This way when a round started and I was circling at the bio dome, I could note which excavator the announcement was made for, refer to my map, and confidently know which terminal to hack quickly after using the teleporter to get back to the spawn room near the end of the round. Turns out all 3 excavators came down in order in rounds 8, 12, and 16, but that map still saved me from moments of hesitation when needing to hack the terminals.

    Good luck!
    Posted by spxyu02 on 06 Feb 13 at 16:24
    Joel78This is a bit old, but the PaP'd Starting Pistol definitely with the PhD Flopper saved me, I finally got this tonight (in round 25!) after about a week of trying. I also used the AK47u and bought the Mule Kick and was luck y enough to get the wave gun which I also Pack a Punched.

    I did my circling in the biodome so I could keep the hacker, and I used the Mustang & Sally and the Wave Gun when there were a few enemies likely to box me in, in the tighter spaces, and the AK47u when it was a bit more open. At the end of the round if I needed it, I got the suit back and purchased more ammo for it.

    When the announcement came I used the Mustang & Sally, or mostly wave gun a bit more to finish off the enemies faster, made a crawler and ran back through the labs to hack the excavator. Reason I didn't use the shortcut and use the teleporter was because I made sure the Juggernog would be there waiting for me in case I ever needed to use it.

    One big thing which I don't think has been mentioned here is that you can use the Hacker to hack the powerup. It costs something like 5000 points, and you can really only do it if you get it at the end of the round when there's only a crawler around but it gives you Max Ammo which is extremely helpful.
    Posted by Joel78 on 20 Oct 19 at 11:06
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