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Kept at bay

Survive the Pirate Bay siege

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How to unlock the Kept at bay achievement

  • Chimaera36Chimaera36339,609
    03 Sep 2011 03 Sep 2011
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    The sieges can get quite difficult in later waves

    On all the sieges (except 'Militarized Compound'), my partner and I struggled until we found a good camping spot.

    On this siege, a decent camping spot can be found at the top of the winding path up the cliff behind the large warehouse.

    One partner crouches at the top of the catwalk to the left of the gate, picking off the enemies as they try to come up the walkway in a straight line. The other covers the gate (which is a minor enemy spawn - mines are a good idea on later waves to allow you to give your partner some support) as well as killing any guys that try to come up the hill (maybe a dozen in the whole match). The rocks provide cover from the snipers, allowing you to pop out and kill them.

    This spot is not as ideal as that in 'Streets', but it is decent. Got through on third try.

    1st weapon unlock: CQB45
    2nd weapon unlock: Tavor
    3rd weapon unlock: Minimi
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  • Removed Gamer
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    For this map there isn't any one place that is good for camping, but there is a glitch that allows you to exit outside the map's playable area which allows you to complete the map without worry of failure. One of you should get outside the map and the other stays inside to kill off all the enemies. The person outside should focus on not dying.

    Here is how you get outside the map:

    First go to the underground tunnel, and along the right side there are some rocks. You must work your way up these rocks, on top of the tunnel, then to the other side outside the map.

    1 - Go along the right side of the rock, jump up into the corner, slide along the front of the rock and get onto the top.
    2 - Get on top of this rock and then walk back a bit, then sprint jump to the next rock, rock 3.
    3 - Just simply jump up to the top of this rock.
    4 - This rock is actually invisible, so you have to get onto it to where you are able to see the top of the tunnel, face the rock wall (not the tunnel wall) and move right then back to the left really fast and spam A Button. This should land you on the top of the tunnel and then outside the map.

    The weapons that are unlocked on this map are:
    Wave 5 - CQB.45
    Wave 10 - TAVOR
    Wave 15 - MINIMI

    Good Lucky toast
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    silent 3rdWorks Perfectly, thanks
    Posted by silent 3rd on 26 Jul 17 at 15:04
  • GruffleGrinderGruffleGrinder541,413
    24 Mar 2018 11 Apr 2018 12 Apr 2018
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    All Bodycount Siege mode maps have an exploit, please see map specific solution within each achievement.

    This exploit has been previously found by GUTHOX360 and his solution is excellent, this solution is only to complement the other solutions I have done for the other maps and provide images.

    The exploit for Pirate Bay siege is easy to do and the "hidden" player is completely safe in the closed off area of the map which you access as long as "hidden" hides in one of the building at the back of this area.

    First look for the Tunnel which is easily spotted once outside of the buildings, then look for the cluster of boulders to the right of the tunnel:

    External image

    Stand between the two boulders at the bottom and jump onto the first section (you are not supposed to get on top of these boulders so you have to jostle yourself up by moving the analog stick up/down/left/right, find what works for you) then jump up onto the second section (I found that I needed a little run up) then to get on top of the actual tunnel jump continuously and keep moving the analog stick up/left/right.

    External image

    If the "hidden" player positions themselves in the back corner building in the area that has now been accessed the vast majority of the AI will start to congregate near a fence which has blue tarpaulin over it in the area pictured below:

    External image
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    Dadmixis siege mode only available in co op mode as i cant find it at all?
    Posted by Dadmix on 30 Jan 19 at 10:39
    GruffleGrinderYes they are co-op only, in the xbox live multiplayer section of the game you can cycle through the game modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Co-op Siege.

    I didnt include that specific part in the solution because the TA achievement flags are correctly set to online & co-op only.
    Posted by GruffleGrinder on 30 Jan 19 at 11:27
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