Humanitarian achievement in Dead Island


Kill 50 human enemies.

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How to unlock the Humanitarian achievement

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    in act 2 when you get to the city you will find enemies called punks kill fifty of these and the achievement will pop.. easiest way to kill these was using a gun and aiming for the head will down them in 1-2 shots that way.

    most punks use pistols and will drop pistol ammo a few in special areas of the game will use semi automatic rifles.

    if you don't get it in act 2 there are more human enemies in act 3
    first group is called jungle smugglers they appear near crashed airplane for night hawk quest you get from lighthouse in act 1
    second groups of humans are on the main storyline missions Afran's soldiers and Afran himself
    on prison island at end of game if you still don't have it will be a few bidf soldiers
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    DauntingAbyssI know its been quite a bit of time since this solution, and the game's release, but I'd also like to add (it really doesn't need its own solution) that there's at least 2 humans in the resort area that you can kill.

    One of them is a woman (Nenja Samejon) strapped to a bed, who seems to be in the process of becoming an infected, in bungalow 4 near where you give Stanley Alcohol for his binge. You'll know this bungalow because there will be highly audible music playing from it and all the lights on inside are red. This woman respawns, and -though I can't confirm how or why- sometimes she respawns when your still in the area.

    I can say however that many times she's glitched in a single hit and the she appears dead but isn't (I know for sure she just went lifeless, though I didn't one shot her). I think when this happens the game doesn't register the kill. However, as Sam B at least, I've jumped on the bed and smashed her head in, and I believe that's registered the kill. I've racked up almost 10 kills from her alone before ever seeing a Punk in Moresby.

    also, I've looked into her a little, supposedly the game marks her as a Zombie, and for all intent and purpose she acts like one, but I believe its because she has a given name and is not simply "Walker", is why she counts as human. Just speculation though, on my part.

    The other Human is a man named Hector Lecter in during the side-quest named Toy Story. He attacks you wildly when you get close to his companion Lucy, while trying to get to the quest givers stuffed animal. As far as I know, he doesn't respawn, I believe he's quest specific that way.
    Posted by DauntingAbyss on 10 Feb 12 at 19:45
    NICKYG2X3hmm quite poor guides really. what about the people that have completed the game and need about 15 more kills?
    Posted by NICKYG2X3 on 30 Nov 12 at 23:15
    DuncanMacleod08you can take you character into a friends game in act 2 or a random xbox live game. or play through again with the same character.
    Posted by DuncanMacleod08 on 14 Dec 12 at 15:38
    iamdefonotanerdwhy is jack pattilo in the achievement picture?
    Posted by iamdefonotanerd on 17 May 14 at 16:36
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