10 heads are better than 1 achievement in Dead Island (Xbox 360)

10 heads are better than 1

Kill 10 zombies in a row with headshots.

10 heads are better than 10
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How to unlock the 10 heads are better than 1 achievement

  • FuzzyWuzzyLemurFuzzyWuzzyLemur227,609
    07 Sep 2011 08 Sep 2011
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    Guns start to become more available in Act 2. You will start to run into humans (killing them for the humanitarian achievement), and most of them will be carrying guns. When you finally acquire a gun, continue to collect ammo until you max out.

    Also be on the lookout for guns that drop from humans and if the stats are better then your current gun, replace it. When you have a good gun and max ammo for it the hard part is now over.

    All that is left is to find a group of zombies and lure them to a car, which if you are still in the city in Act 2, you wont have to look very far. Jump on top of the car and the zombies will group around, but will not be able to climb on top. They may move around a bit at first, but it is only to try to get closer to you so find a good spot and wait for the zombies to stay still and raise their arms toward you.

    Once you have your spot and the zombies are in place. Aim down with Left Trigger and nab some easy head shots. Do not worry if it doesn't kill them instantly, sometimes even a direct head shot wont kill them with one bullet (which is why you picked up all that ammo :) ). After the group has been killed jump off and repeat with a new group.

    If needed you can upgrade your gun however many times you wish but I was able to get it done with what I had. Good luck and have fun slaying some zombies!

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    ZordnilWhen there where more then 3 zombies they never stood still for me, they just kept pushing each other around.

    Also, beware of water behind any zombies you want to headshot, my count got reset because a zombie fell into shallow water behind him and drowned the last little health he had left.
    Posted by Zordnil on 22 Sep 12 at 12:27
    c36dI maxed out a purple shotgun and added the stun and impact mods. Stir up zombies and wait on car tops. Go into aim mode and shoot one by one in the head. If you max out the purple shotgun it will only take one round. Just keep drawing zombies back to your car until yu get 10. Amazingly once you get the achievement you will have a much easier time going well beyond 10 in a row. I racked up close to 30 before I missed and blew off an arm.
    Posted by c36d on 26 Sep 12 at 18:28
    SEBA VENCEDORI got the achievement using the AK 47. When you're in the car, do not press the trigger LT with pointing equipment. You need to shoot without aiming at the head zombie with AK 47 without LT easier to hit in the head. From the targeting of LT stayed at 4-6 zoombie.
    Posted by SEBA VENCEDOR on 13 May 14 at 16:20
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  • ii K0JI iiii K0JI ii220,880
    11 Sep 2011 12 Sep 2011
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    Since bullets are way too expensive or scarce, I found this method easiest and... well economical. ;)

    Once the handgun is available to you. ( I used the Languid pistol with level 2 upgrade.. Fast travel to either the church, light house or life guard tower. Around 100 meters out, some 3 or 4 stragglers should be present.

    Make sure you are near a car. Start kicking them! I normally kick and move till they have around 40-30% life left. then i run to the roof of the car, where they can't reach you. From this point, you can crouch and aim for the head. Voila! 1-2 bullets per zombie should do the trick depending on how much upgrade you have.

    It's even easier If you fast travel to the life guard house. Mark a way-point on the road about 100 meters out and go there. There's like 1 or 2 sluggish walkers. Kick them and when they are on the ground with about 30-40%hp shoot them while they are lying down. Once dead, drive/run back inside the gates, make a u-turn and run back out. rinse and repeat.

    IMPORTANT: 30-40% hit points is important. do not try and injure the zombie to almost 10%. I tried this before and accidentally scored a critical hit and killed the zombie from my stomp! I had to re-do this because of that.
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    FuzzyWuzzyLemurVery well done guide. :). A quick point however, in my opinion, bullets aren't very scare since by Act 2 Looters are abound and marked on your map as skulls and a group of them will fill your pistol almost every time. This guide is still very well done!
    Posted by FuzzyWuzzyLemur on 21 Sep 11 at 22:24
    ii K0JI iiThanks! Glad i could help. Your point is valid too. I tend to use melee weapons more and try to save the ammo for when I get cornered or mobbed. Especially with those thugs around. So saving ammo was a priority for me. :)
    Posted by ii K0JI ii on 28 Sep 11 at 08:47
  • TerryLuddenTerryLudden256,828 256,828 GamerScore
    13 Sep 2011 13 Sep 2011
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    There is a very easy place to do this achievement - go to the city of moresby and there are a couple of areas where each end has been blocked off with junk and humans with guns are holding out. kill them and grab any ammo you need. the zombies can't get to you here but they still hang around.
    I had enough ammo to only use the guns (just incase i killed one accidentally another way)

    there is one area in the northeast and another in the very middle of the very east side (just above a workbench) VERY easy here
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    Phoenix C64this is the solution most similar to what i did. the other solution write a lot, but don't really help shooting the zombies.

    1) get a shotgun with around 15 bullets
    2) go to moresby city, find a place like TerryLudden said. I used the small barricade in front of the Police Station entrance, lots of zombies closeby
    3) aim slow and carefully and BAM! rinse and repeat
    Posted by Phoenix C64 on 07 Aug 12 at 20:04
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