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THIS! IS! ANNEX! achievement in Gears of War


Complete 100 multiplayer matches of 3+ rounds in Annex and capture 3 objectives in each match

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How to unlock the THIS! IS! ANNEX! achievement

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    *Update* It's reported that the achievement is now buggy, and may not unlock when it's supposed to, but shortly after. Check the comments. Many people (lately) have been reporting to unlock it around 112 - 115 matches.

    The actual requirement is that you are the player getting the cap in a game that is at least 3 rounds, and you have at least 3 caps. Each round nets 2 caps, thus, 120 is plenty (60 seconds per cap).

    Best way to do this is in a local game, 3 rounds, time set to 120, with 2 controllers/profiles (it's ok for the 2nd profile to be silver). The FASTEST way to do this is on Raven Down, which is part of one of the free map packs. It's the smallest map of the game and it only has 1 weapon with 2 spawn locations -- frag grenades. Their spawn locations will be the annex locations. They're located on the bed of pickup trucks right in front of both team spawn locations. So if the annex isn't at your spawn, it's at the opposite spawn.

    At 120 each round caps take 2 minutes, and with all the extra loading time, round countdowns, etc, each win takes about 7.5 minutes. Multiply that by 100 and you've got the length of time it will take to get this achievement. The 2nd player does not have to have an XBox Live account, as "local game" is not done over XBox Live.

    Personally, I did most of the other DLC map achievements (20 round wins on each dlc map) while going for annex, but I haven't done the math yet if it's in fact faster to just do warzone for those and leave the annex's to Raven Down.

    You figure if it takes 30 seconds to reach the enemy spawn in all DLC maps (maybe longer for bullet marsh, maybe shorter for most others), then in fact it would be saving you time to just do local warzones for those map specific achievements and focus on Raven Down for the annex achievement.

    Do a little bit at a time, since 750 minutes is a long time, so spread it out. Be patient and this achievement will unlock. Since you're the only person making the caps, all the caps go to you, and at 120 seconds, you get 6 caps (2 per round) by the end of the match.

    So yeah, happy grinding!

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    HappyDog325Bit of a grind this one!
    Posted by HappyDog325 on 19 Mar at 19:24
    Leo AscendentCan you double box this?
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 18 May at 08:46
    ItsAshRowleyCan't wait to do this again on the Ultimate Edition...
    Posted by ItsAshRowley on 09 Jun at 21:53
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  • yeahwhatever84yeahwhatever84406,573
    03 Sep 2010 31 Aug 2010 01 Aug 2011
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    This is more of a guide to speed up how long this takes. As the other guides seem to do a good job of explaining how to actually do it
    As per usual 120 points per round, Raven Down, 2nd controller signed in (which doesnt have to be signed to xbox live even if you are).
    Now trigger the first checkpoint then when it starts counting down move your character to the opposite side (both points are by the grenades at the back of the 2 trucks).
    The countdown will continue and as your character is at the next checkpoint already you wont need to do anythin for nearly 2 mins instead of having to move your character every min or so.
    Again this will only save you 10-20 secs each round but 3 rounds x 100 games x 10 secs all adds up

    Hope this little bit of info helps :)

    If you put negative please explain why. Thank you
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    yeahwhatever843 rounds is the minimum you need to do
    Posted by yeahwhatever84 on 07 Sep 11 at 22:33
    Almighty AllahVery nice addition. Anything that saves me an hour will get a thumbs up!
    Posted by Almighty Allah on 12 Sep 11 at 09:57
    ParadoxReal8It saves more then that. The fact that we just need to move for a few seconds at the begginning of each round thanks to that information allow us to do other thing. It is really helpful. Thanks!
    Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 16 Feb 17 at 04:29
  • The Planet PeteThe Planet Pete86,962
    08 Nov 2013 02 Jan 2014 03 Jan 2018
    46 1 0
    This checklist is useful when following HolyHa1fDead's great guide.
    Just print it out and check items off as you complete them.
    It took me about a week of part-time playing to complete all of the achievements listed.
    External image
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