Oh, no you don't achievement in Dead Island (Xbox 360)

Oh, no you don't

Kill a Ram using tackle skill.

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How to unlock the Oh, no you don't achievement

  • Cro11Cro111,120,488
    08 Sep 2011 09 Sep 2011 09 Sep 2011
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    This achievement is called "Oh, no you don't"

    You get this achievement for killing a Ram using the tackle skill.

    The rams are the giant no armed charging guys. It is best to get there health as low as possible before trying to kill them with a tackle as the tackle skill does very little damage and the achievement can still be unlocked as long as it is a tackle that kills the ram.

    (*Note: you must have at least 2 Ranks in the tackle skill in order to do any damage with tackle. You should see damage appear above the Rams head when you hit him. (credit goes to mattcrossUNC))

    (*Note: Sam B is the only character that gets the tackle skill. (credit goes to Mercenary Girl))

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    MLP ShawnShould've started as Sam B my Xian is level 50. Now I need to level up a new character
    Posted by MLP Shawn on 07 Feb 15 at 20:31
    Im the LoraxYou can do it in a few hours mlp, just start over n do main story no sides
    Posted by Im the Lorax on 07 Feb 15 at 21:09
    Darth ReillyNice guide thanks
    Posted by Darth Reilly on 06 Jun 20 at 17:15
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  • WyrmserWyrmser233,200
    14 Sep 2011 14 Sep 2011 14 Sep 2011
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    I read the solution above by Cro11 and I would like to add something:

    Sam B. must have 2 ranks in his Tackle skill in order to cause physical damage and the Ram is wearing a straight-jacket (appropriate attire for an unstable Zombie like the Ram!). The problem I was having was dying quickly when attempting to Tackle this beast...even after taking what seemed to be 99% of his life total away from him, He still only needed one or two shots on me to send me to a respawn. This not only made me poor and frustrated, but most places I found a Ram, the respawn point set me far enough away from him to respawn HIS health-bar...bummer!

    I finally got this cheevo when attemping the Side-Quest "Fast Aid"...found in Act2 at the Fast-Travel location "Square". After you talk to Lucas, he'll send you out to a pharmacy for medicine...at the doorway to this place is a Ram...the best part about this is that you will respawn about 100ft. from the doorway where he is standing if you happen to die (this respawn area was close enough to the Ram as to NOT trigger his health-bar regenaration...very sweet!). So basically you want whittle him down any way you can until almost no health is showing on his bar and then go for the Tackle...Get a good distance away from him and get him to charge you...at this point you want to step aside, let him go by and turn to face him...from here his back should be to you and he'll be howling at the moon (or sun depending on the time of day!) and at his most vulnerable point...Start the Tackle run (click the left toggle to run) and make sure you hit him in the BACK...you do a great deal more damage when you hit him in the back and you are also safe from his Big-Boot which can quickly send to the grave...rinse and repeat this charge-step-turn-Tackle routine until the cheevo is yours!

    As far as damaging the Ram to lower the health-bar, I used a Molotov to start and then chippy weapons after I eluded one of his charges...Dont use a Molotov on him if he is standing still in the first spot you encounter him...reason being he will stand there like a goon and die a firey death...instead, make him move first and then light him up...when he starts to burn he will move out of flame and go back to his original spot without dying...very helpful!

    Good Luck and Happy Cheevo Hunting!
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    Phantom NinjarThats a burn.
    Posted by Phantom Ninjar on 15 Sep 11 at 06:03
    xboxrjdSpoken wisely.

    Might give this a try as soon as i'm level 50 with my other character (lvl49), your description sounds easier than i thought it would be.
    Posted by xboxrjd on 23 Apr 12 at 23:07
    Octobot SuperI'm doing this quest now and there's no Ram cry
    Posted by Octobot Super on 23 May 15 at 10:47
  • Harlequin GodHarlequin God101,847
    18 Jan 2012 19 Jan 2012
    32 1 2
    Okay this achievement is not as bad as I thought originally. Assuming Sam B isnt your main character, the best time to go for this is during your Life 4 Right runs. As long as you skip all sidequests that are skippable, you should reach Act II around 12-13. By this point should have easily been able to upgrade to Lvl 3 tackle as well.

    What you want to do is keep your machete you got from saving Nikolai during black hawk down, and upgrade it, you are throwing away the run anyway so money doesnt really matter. Fully upgraded, give or take some minor discrepancies, at that level you do about 200-300 damage on the ram.

    Now we get to the actual business. Where do I do this achievement? Very first enemy you see in Act II in front of the church. Perfect place, the Ram is actually trapped here, if you run out of any of the gates he cannot follow. Most of the other zombies here wont pay you much attention unless you attack, but if you want you can clear them out. So basically what you want to do is, stand in front of him, and as he get ready to charge, dash to one side, and he should hit a wall and get stunned.

    Key part, run up to him and slash him 3 times. You can risk 4 but you might kill him. At 3 slashes you whittle his health to about less than 1/4. And tackle level 3 does enough damage at this low level so its not a big deal. If you only get in two swings, set him up again, and put in one more swing.

    Now when you are going for the actual tackle I feel the best place is the front gate, it is guarded by benches on two sides, with an opening just big enough for the ram to charge through. Stand in front of the gate, and as he charges jump over one of the benches. He is set up perfectly for you know, back facing you, only one path to go, so hold down the stick to run, and tackle is an auto skill that will hit the ram as you run through.

    Now it will take more hits, unless you risked a fourth machete swing in which case I imagine you might be able to one shot him. But like I said, you tackle and run through, and should run out of the gate where he cant hit you. You can then run around, let him follow you out and repeat.

    Plus as a bonus, if you die, you will probably spawn close enough, I did, that he wont heal.

    Key Takeaways:

    The most important point is you want to tackle the ram at the lowest possible level, because tackle never really does more damage as you level up, but the rams life skyrockets. At this low level, 30 dmg a hit is pretty decent, as the ram has no more than a 1000 hp by my estimation.

    Watch your health, and if you need a breather, any of the three gates are safe zones.

    The machete from Nikolai, is probably the best weapon, that you are guranteed to find on an Act 1 run, you might get something better, and have to adjust accordingly. But if you get the machete, about 3 swings, just monitor his life bar, you want it down about to about 1/4 or less.

    As a bonus tip, Sam B has a skill that allows him to regenerate based on time, ie every minute he gets x health. So if you run out of health packs, just wait behind the gate, and you should slowly heal, and just goad the ram, by being close, but watch out for his kicks, they have a long range.
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    talkstogodGood solution... I was using Sam B as a non-primary character & reading the other guides kept wondering why they weren't using the church ram - he's the first one you meet, he's boxed in, you respawn right next to him...
    Posted by talkstogod on 21 May 12 at 15:43
    BistricJust did this, this is definitely the best place to get the achievement, especially if Sam is your secondary character. You can just keep dying with no penalty except for some cash.
    Posted by Bistric on 21 Jul 12 at 15:23
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