Gesundheit! achievement in Dead Island (Xbox 360)


Heal yourself with a medkit 100 times.

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How to unlock the Gesundheit! achievement

  • sTheFousTheFou22,494
    28 Sep 2011 07 Sep 2011 11 Sep 2011
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    There is a easy but costly way to earn this achievement : you can buy some medkit to some sellers, you just need money; I recommend to do this achievement all through the game, just get you some medkit before leaving an outpost and use medkit instead of energizing's drinks when (if) you lose some life. It heals you for 2 points of life (the mid medkit) - don't know if it will always heals for 2 points of life when you'll getting more levels.

    A mid-medkit costs 200$. 20.000$ is required for the achievement if you buy all the medkits if they are mid-one.

    Edit : You can use a medkit by using the "B" Button !

    There is bigger than the mid-medkit ! The big-medkit ! (don't know exactly how it sounds in english :x) but they cost 500$ so if you just wanna beat this achievement faster, use the cheapest ones :p

    Since some achievements are cumulating, I'm almost sure you can do it on multiple playthrough.

    Why negative votes ? Explain, it's my first solution XD

    - There is a medkit in the backroom of Svetlana's Bungalow (last N-E Bungalow ever on the first map of the game) it will respawn when you leave area.

    - Another medkit can be found where you go to repair the car tagged "Bank of Banoi".

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    sTheFouThank you :))

    I got the achievement yesterday or I don't remember when, so it's ok on this side too !
    Posted by sTheFou on 15 Sep 11 at 17:00
    chanjamlukeIt's remarkable how many times I used a medi-kit (not often) compared to how often I died (very often). +1
    Posted by chanjamluke on 04 Mar 12 at 21:05
    XeivanIt's a good guide! Haters are gonna hate! I'm by no means an expert on grammar but only thing to vote down would be that. However, I'm not a grammar Nazi and English is not your first language. So fuck it and the haters! You got my vote! toast
    Posted by Xeivan on 28 Mar 14 at 05:58
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  • TRGZYTRGZY461,167
    14 Sep 2011 14 Sep 2011
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    Just follow the video guide that I have made and you should get the cheevo in no time. If you are going to leave negative feedback please tell me why so I can improve my guides in the future. Thanks
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    hunterIVNice guide! Just want to point out it is quicker to just hit Load Last Checkpoint after you use the last medkit. You don't get a medkit to start with, but all the medkits available to pick up on the walls respawn.
    Posted by hunterIV on 11 Oct 11 at 17:49
  • guns vs kittensguns vs kittens808,024
    22 Oct 2011 22 Oct 2011 24 Oct 2011
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    This solution explains TWO ways to get this achievement.

    I didn't see this up here, and I hate to be THAT guy that encourages glitching of a game, but here it goes.

    You can duplicate weapons and sell them to vendors to get money to buy med-kits. Aim the weapon of choice at the ground, throw it, and then automatically hold the Y button. This should both throw the weapon AND drop it at the same time, creating two of the same weapons. Now hold X to automatically equip ONE of the weapons and rinse and repeat until you are satisfied.

    Now go and buy medium medkits from a vendor after selling your ill-gotten gains. Then fast travel to the Monastery and head outside. Take the gate directly in front of you and follow the path out of the courtyard to this flaming car. Kill all of the zombies and Stand in the fire and just repeatedly use your medkits. I got 70 used in less than 3 minutes, 8 minutes if you count the time it took to get the money, buy them and travel to the fire to use them.

    ALTERNATIVELY, if you've beaten the game and don't believe in glitching the game, you can start a new game with the character you beat it with, load up chapter 18 and do the final fight again. In a room in the back, there are a bunch of medkits to pick up. Just run outside and get shot and use the medkits, reload the checkpoint and rinse and repeat. This can take up to 25 minutes, depending on how many medkit uses you had prior, and is mostly due to load times. Refer to the YouTube video for visuals on this method, and credit goes to SNiPERxXV1 from YouTube for the video. (PS. Sorry if the music is too loud...)

    Hope this helps, and if you vote negative, PLEASE comment and tell me why. Anything that helps you guys helps me as well. <3
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    How do you load a chapter? I just can start a new game starting at chapter 1. Please help!
    Posted on 24 Oct 11 at 14:48
    guns vs kittensStart a New Game and select a character that you have made progress with. After you press A on them once it should ask you what chapter you wish to be placed in. This is what it looks like:

    He only has games played with Purma and Sam B, so I assume you can only do it with characters you played as.
    Posted by guns vs kittens on 24 Oct 11 at 16:01
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