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Seriously ... achievement in Gears of War

Seriously ...

Kill 10,000 people in versus ranked match total

Seriously ...0
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How to unlock the Seriously ... achievement

  • Capricious KiwiCapricious Kiwi
    09 Jul 2012 10 Jul 2012 06 Oct 2012
    This isn't really a solution, more some advice for people trying to unlock the various kill related achievements as quickly as possible - at the end of every boosting session you should play a quick one round local match against a second controller before quitting to dashboard or turning off your xbox. I've done this and unlocked Seriously yesterday pretty much bang on 10000 kills. I've also unlocked all the weapon kill achievements after 100 kills.

    I think what's going on is that sometimes, for whatever reason, the progress you make in the last match of a session isn't added to the various achievement counters. I first noticed this when boosting the 'Win 20 matches on map X' achievements - if I won 20 matches in one session the achievement would pop, but if I spread them out across multiple sessions I'd have to play 21, 22, sometimes 23 matches depending on how many sessions it took.

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    TurnoverDuckI unlocked this today It took me almost 12k kills though
    Posted by TurnoverDuck on 09 Aug 23 at 03:53
    Ox1893Changing consoles DOES NOT reset your kills. I can vouch for this as I’ve just popped it and used two consoles. If anyone tell you different, they are simply wrong.
    Posted by Ox1893 on 10 Nov 23 at 17:57
    Sam Squanch15I got this last night on the Xbox one using this method. Unlocked around 9200 apparently some of my kills from 2006 on my first Xbox still counted
    Posted by Sam Squanch15 on 04 Feb at 17:21
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  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter
    24 Jun 2008 05 Aug 2008
    This achievement has become glitched after the last patch. It will take over 10,000 kills to net this one.

    All the kills MUST be on ranked matches and kills on Annex DO NOT COUNT towards the "10,000"

    Personally it took me 12,827 kills to get this one and I've heard of people with 15,000 - 18,000 that still dont have it, so just hope you have some luck and keep at it.

    My personal way of getting the most kills is to host 10-12 round matches on smaller maps (Raven Down, Fuel Depot) with a 2-3 min duration (playing with friends helps too, to trade off hosting duties). I averaged 20-30 kills per match.

    Just have fun playing and don't give up, you will get it eventually and oh boy will you enjoy it :D
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    Inferno118Quad boxed with zero people ever lagging out and always did a 1 round at end of sessions. My partner is at 10,700 kills rn with no luck and I’ve just hit my 10k. Hope everything pops soon enough :/
    Posted by Inferno118 on 14 Mar 19 at 01:14
    Corymonster1Mine popped at 9,847, had people disconnect multiple times throughout the boost, didn't seem to have an effect. I also would usually do a one rounder when stopping the grind but forgot to a couple times as well
    Posted by Corymonster1 on 16 Jun 21 at 07:43
    Ox1893Changing consoles DOES NOT reset your kills. I can vouch for this as I’ve just popped it and used two consoles. If anyone tell you different, they are simply wrong.
    Posted by Ox1893 on 11 Nov 23 at 13:36
  • SanadaSanada
    26 Jan 2011 04 Mar 2011
    To start; as every other solution states. The achievement rarely (Basically never) pops on time. The average for the people I boosted with was right around 11.5k though there have been people with 20+ thousand and still no achievement. I felt the need to write a solution because a friend mentioned to me that he hadn't known how to suicide boost and there was no solution explaining so I figured well; Why not?

    To start just like any other method you get a group of 6 people together and host a 19 round match on War Machine. In order to suicide boost one member from each team must go to their own grenades, the torque bow and the other teams grenades. If you don't know where grenades are they are located they are in the direction of the open part of the map towards troika and such. Depending on which side you spawn they are either directly left or right after leaving the main spawn area past a couple pillars and the torque is on the ground in the middle of a circle just in front of the troika on the lower level. Anyway back to the boosting process. Basically run to your designated spot which again would be your teams grenades , the torque or the opposite grenades and meet up with a member of the opposing team there. Now it's as easy as either pick up and tag / torque or be tagged / torqued and move up to each other so you each get a kill. In some cases the rounds will become unbalanced so one grenade group will have to slow up (If cog are down the locust grenade guy waits and vice versa) and after the other two groups go the locust tags the cog, and the cog can chainsaw / beat down the locus to make sure they win the round. Doing this method you can work on your torque, chainsaw and grenade tag achievements and some people allow weapons to be thrown in the mix. In a near perfect session you can get done right around 20 minutes and earn yourself 37 kills. This is the fastest and most efficient method by far and what most sessions on TA are set up for. The final tip...find some way to entertain yourself while boosting! This can get rather boring and repetitive and it helps to have something to keep your mind off it. Other than that...Happy boosting!
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    FTW IGotChukedHow do i properly see stats in 2022? Are they just entirely broken? Says I’ve got 51 warzone kills even though I boosted all day
    Posted by FTW IGotChuked on 29 Jan 22 at 07:23
    Darth SiFinally got Seriously today - even cleared my cache on my Series X after 8000 kills and it still unlocked at 10,000
    1 rounders seem to be irrelevant based on my count. I missed some and still got it.
    Ive done a mix of tagging grenades, being tagged, using the torque or getting blown by the torque and all counted.
    Just glad its over!!!
    Posted by Darth Si on 01 Oct 23 at 11:05
    Ox1893Changing consoles DOES NOT reset your kills. I can vouch for this as I’ve just popped it and used two consoles. If anyone tell you different, they are simply wrong.
    Posted by Ox1893 on 11 Nov 23 at 13:37
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