School of hard knocks achievement in Dead Island (Xbox 360)

School of hard knocks

Reach level 50.

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How to unlock the School of hard knocks achievement

  • Crimson RidleyCrimson Ridley423,236
    17 Sep 2011 19 Sep 2011 07 Feb 2012
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    *Update: There have been confirmations that the glitch still works when the patch has been removed. However, there are reports that progress towards the People's Person achievement is being lost after clearing your cache and removing the update. Therefore it is advisable to unlock the People's Person achievement if you have any progress towards that before doing this.*

    *Update: There are reports that the recent update has patched this glitch. However, if you clear your cache (Go in to System Settings on the dashboard, click Memory, press Y on your storage device and click Clear System Cache), you can perform the glitch while offline. Just connect again right before you reach Level 50 if you want to have the time stamp*

    In Act 1, as you are driving along the road you will find a survivor behind a fence, in front of his hut.

    Kill the zombies and start the side quest; "Make Yourself At Home".

    (A few people are having difficulty spawning this quest. I can confirm that the quest will be available when Sinamoi sends you to the Hotel Garage to find the truck. Another member has confirmed the quest is available as early as the quest; "Seek 'N' Loot", where Sinamoi requests that you find 2 crates of Juice. Both of these quests are very early on, which makes starting a new character less of a chore.)

    You will have to get inside the hut where you will find a Thug. This Thug has not been programmed to attack and will sit there as you batter him.

    Get a set of knuckle dusters and hit a zombie until they are "broken". Go to the Thug and hit his arm with a blunt weapon to break it.

    Switch back to the knuckle dusters and start hitting his broken arm. If you hit it right (it helps to let the sticky aim lock on to his shoulder), you will get an XP bonus. Keep doing this over and over until he's almost dead, then reload your checkpoint and repeat the method.

    It shouldn't take too long to get to Level 50, once you get into a routine.

    Note; You can make this go even faster if you are using Sam B, as he has a multiplier that goes up to 4x in his Survival Skill set, which is for breaking bones. However, this ability is in the 5th tier of the skill set, so you will have to be around Level 30 to unlock it.

    This video will show you exactly how to do it, if a visual description would help you further;

    EDIT: Credit for the video goes to Nvoy123

    EDIT 2: Jammy32 has posted another solution, which has additional information about the Thug and using Sam B to farm the XP. As I do not want to take his information, please use his solution alongside this one, for optimal results. Thank you.

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    LuckyKantIn chests or from a merchant.
    Posted by LuckyKant on 15 Mar 15 at 00:43
    TearyVenus8606Is this still working for those playing in 2015?
    Posted by TearyVenus8606 on 08 Apr 15 at 17:37
    LuckyKantIt doesn't matter what year is it. You delete the patch. It will work now, next year and beyond. Follow the steps and you can do this.
    Posted by LuckyKant on 09 Apr 15 at 10:53
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  • kbkM347W4DkbkM347W4D244,817
    30 Jan 2012 30 Jan 2012 01 Jul 2013
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    *!*!Possible Spoiler*!*!

    If you would not like it ruined then do not read unless you do not care. Please do not comment about how I had a spoiler because you are fair warned in Ver.1.

    I have found that instead of going offline like some of the guides I would offer a little simpler solution:

    After you beat the game just start a new game with the same character on Chapter 18. Every time you kill White you gain about 13,000xp. The 13,000 plus the 7 guards and the random infected, plus the thug is:
    13,000+2,500(thug)+1,400= 16,900xp!
    (edit: If you immediately reload the checkpoint right after killing White, to get your Rage meter up and get a 4x multiplier.(Thanks Big Ell; sorry it took so long!))(Also Tendoman77 pointed out that he was getting around 19K experience for killing White with a grenade. Thanks Tendoman77!)

    Doing this level by myself I have done runs in as little as 5 min. Might not be fastest but can do it online and no need to re-update the game.

    Good achievement hunting!

    EDIT 1 -- If you kill White then hit start and reload checkpoint it keeps you from making multiple saves and a little loading time. DO NOT let the video start or it will not let you load....just a little time saver.
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    kbkM347W4DNo problem WKFJonsey! Glad it is still helping people!
    Posted by kbkM347W4D on 27 Nov 16 at 12:36
    EthigyGreat solution. Using a modded weapon I was able to gain my last two levels within 10 mins.
    Posted by Ethigy on 13 May 19 at 00:51
    Maelstorm95Went from 42 to 50 in about an hour. Averaged about 5.5 minutes per level as the amount of xp you got rose with each level, so the time between stayed the same or lessened. Thanks!
    Posted by Maelstorm95 on 01 Jun 19 at 15:23
  • FPSDeathFPSDeath2,077,482
    14 Sep 2011 13 Sep 2011 23 Nov 2011
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    Hi Guys I'm bringing you a different method (Which isn't mine) and it requires:

    1. Story progression to the point where you are at the laboratory
    2. A good weapon
    3. Lots of money (See below for reference)
    4. Doesn't require a co op partner

    So this is the oleander method. when you get Ope's cave you will get a continuous mission of collecting oleander. Look For a ! on your map to accept mission. For every 5 oleander you get a 1000xp. Now you need money and lots of it! So....

    1. Hold left trigger
    2. Then hold Y at same time
    3. And then quickly tap the right trigger

    EDIT: This Dupe glitch has been patched so other solutions may prove better. But you can still use the dupe glitch if you wipe your cache. So i will keep the solution until people no longer find it useful.

    This will clone your weapon and keep selling the duplicates to a vendor. Keep on with this method until you have a required amount of cash. So for example I was at level 39 and on my second playthrough, I needed approximatly $650,000.

    To get oleander fast travel between the lighthouse and laboratory and check each vendor. If niether vendor has them, keep travelling back and forth until they do. Oleander costs $115 and just keep buying like crazy until all money has been spent. To give you guys a heads up that the inventory selector does jump all over the place so keep an eye out for that as its a bit annoying!

    Now once all above is done fast travel back to Ope's cave and back to the guy who gave you the mission and keep mashing X and B and you will be getting a ton of xp in no time.

    Hope this solution has been clear enough for you and the clone weapon/money technique helped as well.If you vote negatively please let me know why thanks

    EDIT.. You will need 3,008,316xp so this is a really time consuming achievement which if you were to do by just replaying missions with your original character it would require 3 playthroughs or more
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    xKRAIZEEMANxJust wanted to add: If you are in the Merchant Inventory Screen, you can hit the Right Trigger, until you get all the way to "Modification", from there go to Oleander, and keep selecting/buying.
    The does not jump around, making you have to go all the way to bottom and select Oleander again....That was driving me nuts!!! You can just keep spamming the A button until you run out of cash!!!

    And +1 For the info.
    Posted by xKRAIZEEMANx on 30 Jul 12 at 19:11
    lowrida1987it won't take 3 playtroughs if u use the ausie/black chick because she has an ability to boost ur xp by 150% i'm curently lv 49 with only 1 playthrough & i just got to the prison so i'm not even done yet.
    Posted by lowrida1987 on 14 Aug 12 at 14:03
    DJ JAW135have this game since day 1 im on my 3rd play tru 63 hours still stuck on fuckin 42 with logan the game is fun but its a head wrecker
    Posted by DJ JAW135 on 15 Aug 12 at 23:59
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