Rageman achievement in Dead Island


Kill 100 enemies with Fury attacks.

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How to unlock the Rageman achievement

  • i5centi5cent143,960
    12 Sep 2011 07 Sep 2011 15 Sep 2011
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    To get a character's Fury, you simply need to unlock the first ability on the left skill tree. Then, as you kill zombies a small rage meter at the top left of the screen (just left of your health bar) will fill up. Filling the meter can become easier through advancing the Fury skill tree, as each character has passive bonuses that can be unlocked that make it fill faster or just take less rage to fill the meter. Each character's Fury also lasts longer and becomes more powerful as you progress through their skill tree.

    To use your Fury, hold B for a couple seconds, until the screen changes and you pull out a character-specific weapon. Hopefully you can figure out what to do at this point. It'll take a few tries, as Fury doesn't last very long, and there are no locations where you'll find 100+ zombies at once.

    As for actually getting kills, running around the the City of Moresby can easily round up 6+ zombies, and if it lasts long enough you can sometimes get to another group of 3 or 4 zombies before you run out. Either way, it's best done by accumulation throughout the game in 5 Cent's opinion.

    Also note that all 100 kills do not need to be done with a single character.

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    chanjamlukeI think I used it once in the entire campaign and it was probably by accident.
    Posted by chanjamluke on 04 Mar 12 at 20:38
    C0mfortableNumbWtf did WotWaPoinMinat just say. O.O
    Posted by C0mfortableNumb on 02 Apr 12 at 03:17
    x athiktos xI'm going to give you a thumbs up simply because you referred to yourself in the 3rd person in your solution laugh Athiktos approves...
    Posted by x athiktos x on 16 Sep 14 at 15:10
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  • KanjiKokaKanjiKoka271,292
    12 Sep 2011 12 Sep 2011
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    You spend skill points to unlock and upgrade your Fury ability.

    To quickly reach 100 kills while maximizing your time in Fury mode, I suggest that (if you are this far) you fast travel to the "Square" at the bottom of the map in The City of Moresby.

    There is food inside to regain health and a bench to repair your weapons. If you exit out of the safe house and head in a southwest direction towards the beach, there are 10 zombies that are ALWAYS there and you can activate your Fury as you run up to them. With your Fury now drained and hopefully you've killed them all, just run back towards the safe house and up the stairs onto the street. Take your time and take out at least 4 1/2 groups of zombies and by then, your meter shall be full- give or take how your abilities are unlocked. Make your way back to the safe house and enter. Heal and repair if needed and exit back out. This will refresh the zombies on the beach.

    Overall, you are going in a clockwise pattern at this location. Repeat 10 times and the achievement is yours.

    **Last tip: it's best to have the Fury duration extended ability unlocked as well.
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    oXI deviant IXoworked like a charm. excellent guide
    Posted by oXI deviant IXo on 16 Sep 11 at 20:04
    chanjamlukeGood guide. +1
    Posted by chanjamluke on 04 Mar 12 at 20:41
  • aintezbeinweezyaintezbeinweezy84,573
    09 Dec 2011 09 Dec 2011
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    I think I might have a way that is fast and super easy. I am not 100% sure though so if someone can test it to see if it works and let me know.

    Here is what I've found so far...

    Firstly, you obviously need to have unlocked your Fury ability.

    At the beginning of Act II you start next to Jin and are guided to help the people in the church. Here is where it might be a bit confusing as I don't know how to make a Youtube video.

    What you need is a full Fury meter, and very low health. Why low health? Because you are going to be "dying"...a lot.

    What we want to do is run up to the gate (don't open it yet) and let the four zombies gather in the corner. They did this every time. Once they do, open the gate, then activate your Fury and charge the zombies and kill them as quickly as possible.

    Here is why you want low health. You actually want the Ram to kill you. And it will only take one shot. Once you start going into your screaming death routine. Hit Start immediately and then select "Load Last Check Point."

    When you respawn the kills will have registered and you get the XP from the 4 zombies so long as they are actually dead before the Ram gets you. But best of all you will still have a full fury meter, plus despite the cash penalty showing on the screen, you will not actually lose the money.

    I was using Xian, and had not quite fully advanced my Fury skilltree. But I don't think you will need it if you kill the zombies quickly enough.

    Let me know if it works for anyone else. If it was just some kind of crazy bug I got then I'll remove this since it wouldn't be helpful.

    I did encounter one of the zombies occasionally straggling in the corner and not joining the rest of the pack. Don't know a way to combat this as it seems to be random but it didn't happen too often.
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    chanjamlukeWhy am I discovering this now, after just having done the achievement? +1 anyway.
    Posted by chanjamluke on 04 Mar 12 at 20:40
    Homunculus Furygreat solution. I don't think you need the Ram to kill you. You can just reload the check point after he kicks you. As for the straggler zombies wait to open the gate they will come running to the corner. I did this with near full health a level 24 Xian
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 15 Apr 13 at 08:06
    cherryontop420You DO have to get the ram to kill you, if you don't your rage will be gone.
    Posted by cherryontop420 on 29 Nov 13 at 08:55
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