The Hero That Heroes Call achievement in Guardian Heroes

The Hero That Heroes Call

Finish Story Mode in Hard Mode without using any continues.

The Hero That Heroes Call0
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How to unlock the The Hero That Heroes Call achievement

  • Neutron XNeutron X541,043
    15 Oct 2011 15 Oct 2011 18 Aug 2015
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    If you die on a level, you can pick exit game to go back to the main menu, then select continue. It will put you back at the start of the level you died on, and you will have all credits you began the level with (you'll also be able to respend exp points into your stats, so you can pour more experience into a stat you know you will need).

    I would also suggest playing on original mode, as in remix mode on hard, enemies can counter and forceback, and they can combo and juggle you for what seems like forever. I think original mode is generally easier, but go for whatever mode you are better at personally. Might be worth using Han too, so you can get the Undead Rogue's sword on stage 8 for the stat boost.Also, try and let Undead Hero do as much work as possible, or have him take on the bigger enemies at the least.

    you can also gain exp if playing on original mode (as you don't earn exp for juggling dead bodies in remix). So you'll be able to level as much as you like, though you might need a turbo controller to save a possible sore thumb!

    * Difficulty: Hard (Duh!)

    *Mode: Original

    *Xbox Live: Off

    When you reach Stage 2 - Prelude To Hope, as soon as you gain control, command the Undead Hero to either 'cease attack' (command icon where you're standing in front of him) or 'halt' (command icon with the sword overlaying), so he basically won't attack the enemies.

    * Defeat the pink soldiers
    * When the skeletons appear, don't go too far towards the right otherwise you will trigger more of Zur's reinforcements. Kill the skeletons to make the Cyclops appear.
    * Get the Cyclops against the barrier and just keep mashing -->+X(weak punch), when the Cyclops is dead, you'll easily be able to juggle him if you keep mashing -->+X, gaining you a point in bad karma for every few hits. Doing this method will also gain you EXP towards leveling, but you might need to risk pausing the game so you can give your mashing thumb a rest lol.

    Take this route: 1-2-3-8-17-23-28 with Han.
    Order of chosen dialogue: 3,2,5,3,2
    He gets a +10 to Str, Vit, Luck weapon.

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    Cringer85ok, I got the achievement, but I took a different way which was much much easier in my opinion. I wrote an own solution but want to give you thumbs up for your great 'roadmap', it helped a lot!
    Posted by Cringer85 on 20 Feb 13 at 20:04
    EarthboundXWell, this was working fine, but once you get to the last level, it's just way too hard.

    Since they have healers, it takes forever for the Undead Hero to take them out, and blocking doesn't work, because if their mage uses that shield spell, it will pretty much kill you instantly if you are blocking in a corner.

    I couldn't level up in stage 2, because Han's punch attack goes into a combo, so it doesn't seem possible to do that with him there.

    Wasted like 2 hours so far on this. Guess I'll give Cringer85's solution a try.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 20 Jul 14 at 08:18
    Dumbest BoxGreat guide, making the Undead Hero stop attacking is very important to assure that you don't miss the experience because they're killing stuff for you.

    I'd suggest the healing girl for this run. You can spam heal to get tons of extra experience, especially if her mana is near max (which is very often). Plus staying at full health most of the time is nice.

    Also you can get bosses between her and the edge of the screen, then use her shield attack to essentially one-shot them. It needs to be large enough to trap the boss though, so upgrading her spell ability is required but that can be done fairly early.
    Posted by Dumbest Box on 01 Jun 15 at 17:17
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  • Cringer85Cringer85326,905
    20 Feb 2013 20 Feb 2013 14 May 2013
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    Despite Neutron X's fine guide showing the possible roads and the lvl up trick, I still had enormous (!!!) problems beating Stage 28, I didn't even make it to the boss fight at that stage, despite being lvl 74.

    So, I made a backup of my save after lvl up in Stage 2 and tried different roads. I found a wayyyyy easier road: 1-2-3-8-13-18-25 (please have a look at Netron X's fine picture). The enemies on this road are a piece of cake, the only trouble might be the last boss: Zur (+Super Zur). You regain 200 HP when you meet Zur and can simply block him until Undead Hero defeated him and he becomes Super Zur. Now, what you want to do is always run to the other side of Super Zur and column jump so he can't target you. Super Zur is a vampire and heals non-stop, you can't be hit by his beam-spell, or you loss 300-400 HP, it's rarely blockable!!! so while running away and escaping him issue Undead Hero to go Berserk from time to time (the last command all the way to the right on RB commands). His explosion attack hurts Super Zur badly. Undead Hero will otherwise chip Super Zurs HP slowly away. Just takes a bit of patience and maybe 5-6 tries before you got it how to properly escape Super Zur.

    Luckily, in case you die, the last Stage with the fights before Zur turns up are completely blockable and most importantly quick! - so it's no big deal if you have to try that stage again!


    also, the special Sword at stage 8 gives Str+8, Vit+6,Int+4,Mnt+4,Agi+6,Luck+10.

    I leveled Han the way after Stage 2 that he would have full Str,Vit and Mnt when getting the sword. Mnt is important because it gives high spell resistance, which you really want for the boss fight, maybe you don't even need strength!

    -- thanks to Wylaf Beulbe who pointed out that Super Zur is stage 25 and not stage 24 like I originally wrote --
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    DonietscheGreat solution, it worked like a charm!
    Posted by Donietsche on 09 Feb 19 at 15:59
    Senryu BRWorks very well!, you can do in low level´s and because that i recomend put in beserker in all fights the undead hero in satge 25 he cam open the way the boss easy i finished whif level 46 (and i am not good in combo whif Han...)
    Posted by Senryu BR on 24 May 19 at 07:27
    Jimbo LaFleurFirst of all: Yes, this is by far the easiest route, don't even waste time trying the route with stage 28 in the end, it's a LOT harder. As far as I'm aware the dialogue-route for this one is 3-2-1-1-2, but you see the correct stages when selecting the answers in the game. Ok, let me give a bit of additional info from my experience to make this easier, because this achievement is a complete pain in the ass:

    1.) I stun-locked the cyclops in stage 2 until I was level 60 just to be sure I have high enough stats. I think you can go lower than that.
    2.) Once you are finished stun-locking the cyclops spend the rest of the game depleting your magic ALL the time, it gets refilled by killing enemies and within stages when the screen changes. You get quite a lot of XP just for using magic, you don't even have to hit enemies with it! I ended up being level 71 in the last stage and this trick contributed a lot to it.
    3.) Super Zur: Row-change is the way to go, but use the row-change-button and NOT the row-up/down-buttons (I think default is RB/RT for them). The row-change-button (I think it's the A-button in default?) has one major advantage: When you are in the top row and press it, you don't go in the middle row, you go into the lowest row, making it more difficult for Super Zur to get you, because he has to use the middle row first before he can get you. Since he is quite fast that's a major advantage for you! Ok, so the strategy is to be in the top row and once he comes closer to you run to the other side and switch the row the lowest. Once you are in safety go back to the upper row and repeat the process when Super Ur comes back at you. Always keep an eye out for his laser-beam and don't be shy to switch sides.
    Posted by Jimbo LaFleur on 18 Sep 19 at 12:46
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