Librarian of Macragge achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Librarian of Macragge

Collect all Servo Skulls.

Librarian of Macragge0
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How to unlock the Librarian of Macragge achievement

  • Gelfling666Gelfling666264,754
    21 Sep 2011 15 Sep 2011
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    This list taken from

    All due respect to them

    quick note the skulls do not appear in the same sequence as they are listed in the pause menu of the game.

    1 Audio Log: Workshift 465 2 (Chapter Start) Before entering the building, destroy the ork barricade opposite of it, on the other side
    2 Journal: Guardsman Alexander 2 (Chapter Start) After the conversation with Leandros and the ambush by gretchins, it’s on a path to the right, by some sandbags
    3 Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris 2 (Trenches) In the second bunker in the trenches, after meeting with Lt Mira
    4 Battlefiedl log: 2nd Lt. Mira 2 (No Man’s Land) After heading into the building from the courtyard, near the grenades in a small room
    5 Jounal: Guardsman Alexander 2 (No Man’s Land) After exiting the building, it’s in the first bunker to the left
    6 Duty Log: Transmechanic Petronius 3 (Chapter Start) Once inside the fortress, to the right, destroy the barricade next to the ammo, and inside the room
    7 Battlefield Log: 2nd Lt. Mira 3 (Armory) Off the elevator on the lower floor, the skull is ahead of you by some ammo
    8 Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris 4 (Train Station) End of the first walkway, before heading to the train, turn left
    9 Journal: Guardsman Alexander 5 (Chapter Start) After seeing the Crane and fighting the orcs in the lower area, head behind the crate to the right of the ramp leading out
    10 Encrypted Report: Inquisitor Drogan 5 (Cargo Bay) After taking the elevator down, on the walkway towards the manufactorum
    11 Audio Log: Workshift 465 6 (Chapter Start) On your way to the elevator up, to your left is a walkway going down with some grenades
    12 Encrypted Report: Inquisitor Drogan 6 (Chapter Start) Before activating the bridge and heading to the exit door, head to the ramp to the left of the door
    13 Duty Log: Transmechanic Petronius 7 (Chapter Start) In the sewers, after the second big encouter with the works, in the left sewer entrance (the exit is in the right entrance)
    14 Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris 7 (Chapter Start) Before the elevator and after dropping to the catwalks, behind a barricade on the left
    15 Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris 8 (Chapter Start) Before entering the street, after dropping into some rubble, in a hallway behind you
    16 Encrypted Report: Inquisitor Drogan 8 (Chapter Start) After the encounter with the Shoota Boyz and entering the building, in a room to the right
    17 Audio Log: Workshift 465 8 (Chapter Start) Upstairs from the previous skull, in a room on the left
    18 Personal Message: Worker Nathaniel 8 (Street Warfare) First underground tunnels, in an area to the right with ammo
    19 Encrypted Report: Inquisitor Drogan 8 (Streeet Warfare) Before the ramp up, after the fight with Orks in the big room, to the left of the ramp
    20 Personal Message: Worker Nathaniel 8 (Jump Pack) After jumping up to the first platform, follow the path to the right, then jump up to next level
    21 Encrypted Report: Inquisitor Drogan 8 (Jump Pack) After the first encounter with Orks, head past the crashed Rok, and to the right of the stairs
    22 Audio Log: Workshift 465 8 (Jump Pack) After the fight with the Wierdboy; head down the stairs to the right, near some grenades
    23 Journal: Inquisitor Drogan 8 (Jump Pack) After exiting the area with the Weirdboy, before heading down the stairs, jump over some rubble straight ahead to reach it
    24 Audio Log: Workshift 465 8 (Jump Pack) In the next area, it’s two levels above you on your right after climbing up the small stairs
    25 Personal Message: Worker Nathaniel 9 (Kalkys Outskirts) Head left of the destroyed bridge, at the end of the canyon
    26 Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris 9 (Kalkys Outskirts) Where the canyons converge is a crashed Valkyrie, you’ll find it nearby
    27 Battlefield Log: 2nd Lt. Mira 9 (Kalkys Outskirts) Before heading up the ramp after the canal area – it’s to the left of the ramp
    28 Duty Log: Transmechanic Petronius 10 (Chapter Start) Head right at the intersection instead of left, after destroying the pair of servo turrets
    29 Duty Log: Transmechanic Petronius 10 (The Labs) In the smaller lab with a turret, destroy it to find some ammo inside as well
    30 Journal: Inquisitor Drogan 10 (Security Room) Before inserting the power source at the center of the room, head towards the side walkway with the destroyed door after clearing the remaining Shoota Boyz
    31 Personal Message: Worker Nathaniel 12 (Chapter Start) After entering the pipe from the bridge, go upstairs and turn left, at the end of the hallway and behind the barricade
    32 Journal: Inquisitor Drogan 12 (Chapter Start) Follow the hallway in the opposite direction, behind another barricade past the stairs is a large room with ammo, grenades and an Iron Halo
    33 Battlefield Log: 2nd Lt. Mira 12 (Chapter Start) After the Chaos and Ork encounter, up the stairs and in a room to the right on the upper floor
    34 Journal: Guardsman Alexander 12 (Enemies Aplenty) After reuniting with Lt. Mira, after fighting in the large room, near the back wall by some ammo
    35 Journal: Inquisitor Drogan 12 (Enemies Aplenty) After the elevator, head down the hallway till there’s a hallway to your right, to the right of that hallway is a small area
    36 Duty Log: Transmechanic Petronius 12 (Bastion Primus) Back to the original hallway from the elevator, at the end, down the catwalk by weapons and a shrine with a Plasma Gun
    37 Journal: Guardsman Alexander 12 (Bastion Primus) After breaking from your squad and Lt. Mira, in a trench near a weapons cache
    38 Battlefield Log: 2nd Lt. Mira 12 (Bastion Primus) Before the fight with the Warboss, under the bunker, behind some crates near the ammo cache and final door
    39 Journal: Inquisitor Drogan 13 (Chapter Start) Before exiting the catwalks area, through the doorway on the left before the ramp
    40 Journal: Inquisitor Drogan 13 (Free the Titan) After exiting the elevator, in the left corner of the room
    41 Journal: Inquisitor Drogan 13 (Free the Titan) After breaking from your squadmates, go up the ramp to the left of the elevator, in a sideroom
    42 Inquisitor Attacked 13 (Free the Titan) To the left of the walkway where you encounter the Chaos Drone, in a small room
    43 Journal: Inquisitor Drogan 15 (Chapter Start) After exiting the elevator, to the right of the ammo and weapons
    44 Personal message: Worker Nathaniel 15 (Traitor’s Arena) In a destroyed pipe to the right of where you fight some Renegades, before heading outdoors
    45 Inquisitor Attacked 15 (Traitor’s Arena) After fighting some Bloodletter Daemons, before heading up the stairs to the next area, near the weapons
    46 Journal: Inquisitor Drogan 16 (Ascent) After the first encounter with the Chaos Psyker, in a hallway, on the left
    47 Journal: Inquisitor Drogan 16 (Vertigo) After exiting the hallway, on a floating platform above with a Chaos Space Marine
    48 Inquisitor Attacked 16 (Vertigo) After an encounter with a Chaos Drone, in a small room to the right

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    Very poor guide, inaccurate and misleading.
    Posted on 20 Sep 14 at 22:06
    KennyannydennyI really like the way you name which chapter you can load to get what skull. Unfortunately, your descriptions are sometimes somewhat cryptic, i had to use a video guide next to yours. So great guide, only needs some visual material to go with the textual descriptions.
    Posted by Kennyannydenny on 26 Mar 15 at 19:41
    steven2furiousJust wanting to post two skulls glitched on me skull 4 chapter 12 and skull 2 chapter 16 this was on hard difficulty i went back looking for them on easy difficult and they both worked hope that helps if it happened to anyone else.
    Posted by steven2furious on 09 Dec 16 at 04:44
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  • KroganKellerKroganKeller328,533
    13 Aug 2012 13 Aug 2012
    34 1 4
    For those of you who prefer a videoguide, I found this on Youtube. I don't take credit for them obviusly. ¡Take care!

    Chapter 2:

    Chapter 3:

    Chapter 4:

    Chapter 5:

    Chapter 6:

    Chapter 7:

    Chapter 8:

    Chapter 9:

    Chapter 10:

    Chapter 12:

    Chapter 13:

    Chapter 15:

    Chapter 16:
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    Sparechange49I used these videos in conjunction with Gelfing666's guide and found the last 10 skulls I had missed on my playthrough very easily. These two guides should be combined. +1
    Posted by Sparechange49 on 15 Feb 13 at 00:55
    King CrepesAwesome guide, thanks for posting it! +1
    Posted by King Crepes on 01 Aug 14 at 10:59
    Im the LoraxThanks for finding these vids so I don't have to lol.. FYI, if when you quit, always check to see if your skull was saved, I got my 2nd skull on ch. 6 then played till a save point. Turned off game, came back later, was at save point but my skull wasn't there and I couldn't re trace my steps to it cuz it was after I went down an elevator angry
    Posted by Im the Lorax on 07 Oct 14 at 23:24
  • Tom XLR8Tom XLR8152,107
    11 Oct 2011 11 Oct 2011 11 Oct 2011
    11 1 8
    So an increasing amount of gamer have come accross a glitch where they will collect a skull, but it won't be added to their count and the can't re-collect it.

    So here's my solution for this (results may vary, not entirely sure but still useful if achieveo is bugging)

    So my example is level 8, skull 3
    I collected it, listened to it, achieveo didnt pop. After collecting every other skull accross the entire game, i had only that one left. Checked again, not there. I un-installed the game from my hard drive, tried again, skull still wasnt there

    So i played through the rest of the level, checking the other skull locations, just to be sure. When checking (skull number unknown) the skull location on top of a roof, in a chapel-like structure, i found a final servo skull!!!
    Please note, i had already collected this, and it had been counted, and the audio file played. but after collecting this skull, the audio was different, not the one it was supposed to be. But the skull count went up, and the final skull audio has been unlocked, for me to listen to at my own leaisure.

    So basically:
    If you collect a servo skull but it isnt counted and wont reappear, another skull you may of previously unlocked on that same level may of reappeared.

    That old expression "when one door closes, another one opens"?
    Well: "when one servo skull disappears and glitches, another one reappears and counter-glitches"

    As ive said, results may vary, im unsure on whether it was a fluke, but am hopeful that it helps some gamers

    If you down vote, please say why so i can edit and improve

    Good luck out there Space Marines!
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    DA9linI had the exact same experience as Tom XLR8, same skull. So I did as his solution said and bame there was the skull I was missing and it popped :) thanks!
    Posted by DA9lin on 07 May 12 at 16:40
    takuto nekoI had the same one glitch on me..Followed your guide....And found it in front of a statue. I almost gave up hope of ever finding it actually..haha
    Posted by takuto neko on 06 Mar 13 at 05:14
    I was really pissed off when this happened but this guide really saved me from shredding the disc laugh Thumbs up pal, cheers!
    Posted on 21 Sep 14 at 00:13
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