Keeper of the Armory achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Keeper of the Armory

Complete all the weapon challenges.

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How to unlock the Keeper of the Armory achievement

  • Canadien BakinCanadien Bakin533,302
    23 Sep 2011 08 Sep 2011 04 Feb 2014
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    UPDATE 1.3 Sept 18, 2011: I’ve updated this to the fastest way I’ve found, plus with the fact that you do NOT need the Power Sword, and also the quickest way for Kill-Streaks.

    This can all be done in Private Matches. This makes this ridiculously easy to boost, just going to take a while. The host can adjust the time limit, health/armor limits, score limit, and spawn times. This will be the standard for boosting all challenges:

    Game Type: Seize Ground
    Map: Waste Management
    Time: Unlimited
    Score: 5000
    Spawn: Lowest Possible
    Armor: 25%

    Part 1. Multi-kills, Charged Shots, Melee weapons, mostly anything other than Kill Streaks:

    Set up a group of 8 players (Maximum Xbox Live Party Size, for communication) and start a private match. Have 1 player be Space Marine (Team A); the other 7 will need to be Chaos Space Marine (Team B). (Or vice versa if going for kills as SM/CSM)

    Perks: Team B spawns as Tactical class with Rapid Deployment on. Team A spawns with whatever weapons they are going for.

    When the match starts, have Team B capture all of the points, and then meet at Capture Point B. This will be the new spawn point for Chaos. Have Team A start killing Team B while standing just outside the ring. With Rapid Deployment on, Team B should spawn in within just 4 seconds of dying.

    With this setup, the score for Team B will reach 5000 at about 12-15 minutes; they will also receive a win. However Team A will get a ton of kills, knocking out challenges very quickly.

    NOTE: Multi-Kills only count once. A multi-kill of 4 counts the same as a multi-kill of 2, just one time, so have Team B space out into groups of 2 when going for vengeance launcher and meltagun kills.

    Part 2. Kill-Streaks done easy!

    Kill-Streaks work like this. Kill 3 people, you have a kill-streak. Anymore kills after 3 is still 1 kill-streak. For efficiency sake, you want to die after 3 and start the next one. 300 Kills is easier than 1,000. Check below for an update to this section.

    Same game type setup as above. Set up a group of 6-8 players and start a private match. Have 2 players as Team A, and 4-6 players as Team B. Can be done with just 4 on Team B, but having more makes it a bit easier, more efficient and more fun.

    Perks: Team A: Homing Beacon, Rapid Deployment // Team B: Rapid Deployment

    When the match starts, Team B captures all the points and meets at Capture Point B (CPB). Team A will consist of two players, The Kill-Streaker and the Spawner. Team B will have 3-5 players that will die for the Kill-Streaker and one player that will be killing the Kill-Streaker.
    On Waste Management there is a bridge leading into CPB, this is where Team A will stand and fire upon the re-spawning Team B. One player, the Kill-Streaker Killer, will stand away from the rest of Team B (Behind the kill-streaker is probably best) and kill him after he gets 3 kills. At this point, the Kill-Streaker will re-spawn in on the other player’s homing beacon and start a new kill streak. You can get 50+ kill streaks in a match this way.

    If you’re comfortable, you can actually have two people going at once for this on Team A, just make sure you don’t kill player before the other re-spawns. It is extremely efficient when going for the Bolter and Storm Bolter. The Heavy bolter is a one person at a time gun due to the fact that a Devastator cannot have homing beacon or rapid deployment.

    To get this achievement you will need to complete all the weapon challenges listed below:
    Bolt Pistol – 150 Kills
    Plasma Pistol – 150 Kills
    Bolter – 250 Kills – 100 Kill-Streaks
    Stalker Bolter – 250 Kills – 50 Headshots
    Plasma Gun – 200 Kills – 100 Charged-Up Shot Kills
    Meltagun – 250 Kills – 36 Multi-Kills
    Vengeance Launcher – 250 Kills – 36 Multi-Kills
    Storm/Twin Bolter – 250 Kills – 100 Kill-Streaks
    Heavy Bolter – 250 Kills – 100 Kill-Streaks
    Plasma Cannon – 250 Kills – 36 Multi-Kills
    Lascannon – 250 Kills – 100 Extreme Range Kills
    Chainsword – 250 Kills
    Power/Chain Axe – 250 Kills
    Thunderhammer/Daemon Maul – 250 Kills

    Multi-Kills: a multi-kill of 2 is the same as a multi-kill of 5. Only counts as 1 multi-kill. Weapons that use this as their Skill Kill Challenges require a total of 36 multi-kills.

    Kill-Streaks: a kill-streak of 3 is the same as a Max-Kill-Streak of 10. Only counts as 1 Kill-Streak. Weapons that use this as their Skill Kill Challenges require 100 separate kill-streaks.

    Extreme Range Kills: These are from practically across map. A medal will pop up with each one that signifies a “Long Range” kill, or something along those lines. This helps with keeping track of this, and what counts and what doesn’t.

    Headshots: A little icon will show up next to the points awarded for a kill signifying a headshot (a skull in crosshairs).

    Power Sword: Is it needed? No! You do not need the Power Sword obtained through Kill Team to finish this achievement.

    Hope this helps with the task of beating all the challenges. If you think I should update/change anything to make it faster, just post in the comments.

    An addition:
    HolyWarr27 has urged me to update my guide again as he states that it is his discovery to get credit for for the new killstreak method listed right below this text. His guide is right beneath mine with a video so he want's you to check it out.

    There's a much easier way to get killstreaks. After killing someone three time with the same weapon, just get a kill with a different weapon. This won't break your TOTAL killstreak, just your weapon killstreak.

    Basically, just kill three times with the weapon you're working on and then swap to your secondary for one kill and swap back. Lather, rinse, repeat. MUCH quicker than dying.
    Posted by Piston Toyota on 23 Jan 14 22:52:11

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    Bootybandit1How many players minimum needed to start a match?
    Posted by Bootybandit1#751 on 18 Mar 14 at 19:52
    Canadien Bakin2
    Posted by Canadien Bakin on 20 Mar 14 at 01:08
    WZRD 179Question. Does the game have split screen and of so can this cheevo be done on it?
    Posted by WZRD 179 on 19 Jul 15 at 10:28
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  • HolyWarr27HolyWarr27596,357
    28 Jan 2014 04 Jan 2014 01 Feb 2014
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    Kill Streak Weapon Challenges-

    -Edit- added a second video for all weapon challenges

    Weapon Challenge methods and helpful tips

    YOU DO NOT need to die between kill streaks!

    The Challenge is for "Weapon" kill streaks, not just kill streaks in general. A simply way around this is to get at least 1 kill with a different weapon after getting your 3 kills with the weapon you are going for kill streaks on, this will reset your kill streak weapon counter allowing you to alternate between kills and avoiding the long re-spawn delay for dying to reset your counter.
    This is the QUICKEST way to rack up kill streaks.

    Special Thanks to I am SNAKE EY3S for help verifying that this actually works and putting up with me for trying it out to begin with.
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    NUBDGEGreat tip!!!
    Posted by NUBDGE on 08 Jan 14 at 21:07
    X MR 504 Xsolution works great
    Posted by X MR 504 X on 23 Jan 14 at 08:09
    flodrosIf that works mate then well done (from a fellow solution writer!) Wish I had have known about that when I did it
    Posted by flodros on 25 Mar 14 at 00:29
  • flodrosflodros602,446
    15 May 2012 16 May 2012 16 May 2012
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    Freeleeday has already got a guide which shows you how many kills you need with each weapon and also what kill streaks etc are. I'm not going to duplicate his hard work, but I disagree with his boosting method, so here's mine. There is also a quick analysis at the end between the 3 solutions currently on TA.

    My first deviation from his solution is that you should never boost with more than 4 people, including yourself. The reason for this is that the more people you add the more turns you have to spend helping them. For the basic 'get 250 kills' it may sound great to have more people in the match to kill but by the time you factor in small magazines or long reload time you will find that the enemy are re-spawning quicker than you can kill them.

    The second is that I prefer to play on Hab Centre. For the basic '250 kills' it doesn't matter what map you use but I think that Hab Centre is better for kill streaks since the spawn points are very near capture points. Because of this you don't need someone else on your team on spawn on. see my point above.

    My final deviation is that I prefer to limit the time of the game using a fixed time rather than 1 team capturing all the points and letting the game sort it out. This means you know exactly how long the game will last, which is fairer and also that less time is wasted at the beginning of the match capturing all the points. The longer you set up each match for the less loading time you will have but this can also get boring when you have 4 players in the match. 4 players with 30 minute matches means you will spend 1.5 hours in a row helping them. I prefer to split it up more. 3-4 players I normally do 10 mins, 2 players I use 15 mins.

    Before the session:

    1. check your loadouts. You will need a tactical marine with rapid deployment. I would suggest that his weapon is either melta or plasma gun. I'll explain why in the kill streak section. All killstreak loadouts shouldn't have any form of armour increasing perks (i.e. iron halo). You also want to have as many loadouts prepared beforehand so that if you finish a weapon in the middle of a match you can switch to another and not waste the rest of your turn.

    2. Once everyone has got their loadouts ready get your teams together. Generally you will have one person on their own team (they will be getting the majority of the kills) with everyone else on the other team. It doesn't matter which team is on chaos or space marine.

    Basic Method:

    The person on their own will be the 'killer' and he is the one this is mainly getting kills. His first job is to tell the other team which spawn point he wants the opposing team to capture. There are 2 that you are interested in - B and C. Each of these is outside one team spawn point. This can normally take place while the game is loading.

    If the killer is going for killstreaks, or if he thinks he may need to re-spawn to switch to another weapon then he should ask the other team to come to him. Otherwise he should travel to their capture point to speed things up.

    The killer should spawn using the loadout necessary for the weapon they are going for, while the 'being killed' team should all spawn using a tactical class with rapid deployment - rapid deployment is essential.

    Once the opposing team have captured the point then the killer can get on with it. When re-spawning the 'being killed' team should choose the capture point they have just captured, not the default spawn. If you make a mistake (and it happens to the best of us) then throw a grenade at your feet and select the correct spawn point.

    Below are guides to the individual weapons:

    ***Bolt/plasma pistol, chainsword, axe, hammer and stalker bolter***

    Basic kills. The only thing you need to be careful of is not to un-cap the point. You should always be aiming for the head with ranged weapons so you should get the 50 stalker headshots long before the 250 kills. Do not use the charged shot with the plasma pistol.

    ***plasma gun and plasma cannon***

    These weapons can both hit multiple targets at once with their charged shots. When going for multikills the 'being killed' team should group together on the silver disk of the capture point. However after getting the multikills it is quicker to use the standard shot so the' being killed' team should just stand still after spawning.

    ***vengeance launcher and melta gun***

    Similar to the above, except that the being killed team should always move to the silver disk.

    With the melta gun it's better if the 'being killed' team stand in a line. As the killer you want to be close, but not too close. You should be able to figure it out as you play.

    With the vengeance launcher you want to place the vengeance grenades on the silver disk when the 'being killed' team are respawning. Once they all move back onto the disk detonate the grenades then repeat.


    This is the first deviation from the the standard game plan. Instead of everyone meeting up at one capture point everyone stays near their own capture point. As the killer go to the capture point outside your spawn. Looking towards the enemies spawn there will be a section of wall that has been shot out. stand near the edge here, looking towards the enemies spawn. The 'being killed' team need to capture their spawn point as normal then stand where their own section of wall has been shot out. Each headshot here with the Lascannon will count as an extreme range kill.

    Since your enemies are on the other side of the map you will not be able to collect ammo. When you run out throw a grenade at your feet to respawn (this is why you don't want any armour buffers on). Once you have got your 100 long range kills you can then head over to the opposite platform so you can collect ammo from your enemies bodies.

    ***bolter, storm bolter and heavy bolter killstreaks***

    These are the most annoying to get since you will have to respawn many, many times. I'm going to give methods for 2, 3, 4 and even 5 player boosting, in spite of my above comment. I would say that 4 player boosting is most efficient but it's not always possible to get a full session.

    In all cases the people on the 'being killed' team come to your capture point. In all cases you (as the killer) want to exit your spawn point using the left hand side.

    2 player:

    Kill your opponent once the point has been captured. After respawning the person being killed stands still while he is killed 2 more times. After 3 kills the killer throws a grenade at his feet to kill himself. If this doesn't kill you then the person being killed gets a free kill (which is why I told you to have your tactical loadout with a melta or plasma gun).

    While you are respawning your opponent should be moving to near where you spawn. Since you are coming down the left hand side he needs to head to the right, if his back is towards his spawn point. This means that you can get an early kill. Then move forward until you can see the entire capture point area. When he re-spawns he should stay still so you can get your next 2 kills. Rinse and repeat.

    In a 15 minute session I was able to get 30 kill streaks using this method.

    3 player:

    Similar to the above. After the initial kill streak kill both enemies once. When they re-spawn only kill one, then the second person kills the killer.

    As a member of the being killed team it's possible to arrange it so that you both get roughly the same number of kills - whoevers turn it is to get kills stands behind their team mate when they run around the side. This means that they will usually be killed second and therefore re-spawn second to get the kill. It's important to remember that the priority is for the killer to get kills so if you are out of sync for any reason then just live with it.

    4 player:

    You can either pair up and duplicate the 2 player method so 2 people are working on kill streaks at the same time or arrange it so that only one does. For the second option after the 'being killed' team captures the point the killer kills them all then grenades himself. Once the 'being killed' team respawns they again head over to the right passageway so that they can be seen from inside the spawn point. The less distance the killer has to run the quicker he can boost so it's important that everyone is there quickly.

    I think you can get about 30-40 streaks in 10 minutes, but it's been a while so I'm not too certain of the exact amount.

    5 player:

    The reason I've kept this in here is that you will quite often find sessions for 5 people with notes saying that the 5th person is a back up or reserve. Quite often the 5th player will be invited along anyway which I personally think is fair.

    This method is a combination of the 3 and 4 player boosting. All 4 players on the 'being killed' team go round to the side passage but 1 stands apart from the others. The killer leaves this person alone. After he's got 3 kills he tells the final person left alone to kill him.

    Like the 3 player method the 'being killed' team can easily set up a rota so that everyone can get these incidental kills, but again the priority is for the killer to get the kills so no bickering about whose turn it is.

    Finally a quick analysis between my method(s) and Freeleeday and Big Brenski's.

    Freeleeday says 50+ streaks in an 6-8 player match between 12-15 minutes in length. Say 60 kills with 6 players and 12 minutes (and I'm picking the best possible stats here). It will take 72 minutes for everyone to have their turn and everyone will end up with 60 streaks.

    Big Brenski says you can get around 33 streaks each. He doesn't give a time but I think you get 2 points per second for holding a capture point. therefore you are looking at about a match length of about 42 minutes. So in an hour everyone will end up with about 50 streaks.

    Using my 2 player method, which is the only one I am certain on the amount of streaks, in 1 hour with 15 minute sessions it is possible for everyone to get 60 streaks. Freeleeday's method takes 20% longer for the same number of streaks, while Big Brenski's method will net you 10 streaks less in that same hour.
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