True Son of the Emperor achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

True Son of the Emperor

Kill 40,000 enemies in the game (all game modes combined).

True Son of the Emperor0
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How to unlock the True Son of the Emperor achievement

  • NonfaithNonfaith584,941
    16 Dec 2011 15 Dec 2011 17 Apr 2012
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    Start up a private match on Hab Center Arena 1. Play as Assault with either the Chainsword or Powersword combined with these perks:

    Power Swordsman's Zeal/Swordsman's Zeal

    You can now weigh into groups of enemies and hopefully not have any trouble staying alive. The Zeal perk should allow you to rebuild health faster than you loose it and the Impenetrable should take the bite out of the Orcs with guns. Bare in mind that large groups of Orcs with guns can still whittle away your health enough to kill you if you aren't careful. You should be able to get partway through area 2 without much trouble. This will net you around 600-900 kills a playthrough.

    Now the main reason you want to do this instead of killing scores of Traitor Guardsman is simple. You can actually track your kills in the leaderboards now. Combine this with your other leaderboard stats and figure about 2000 kills for a campaign run-through and you have a good idea of your progress.

    Another bonus is that you can do this with friends which makes this less boring. You won't get as many kills though.

    You have to end the match after you die for the kills to count on the leaderboard. If you hit retry it wipes the kill count and you start back at zero. The kills STILL count towards the achievement. You just won't be able to track them.

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    iPinkMorphAhh wait, Arena 2, not wave! Never mind haha.
    Posted by iPinkMorph on 17 Jun 12 at 11:49
    Foerlso do i have to get the dlc for this? is it possible to grind this here without unlocking any dlc achievements?!
    Posted by Foerl on 03 Jul 12 at 22:03
    NonfaithYou do not need the DLC to do this. The DLC just makes it seem to go a bit faster.
    Posted by Nonfaith on 04 Jul 12 at 18:42
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  • wbswbs962,407
    11 Sep 2011 09 Sep 2011 12 Sep 2011
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    UPDATE watch the video it shows a slightly faster method the below method is find and you might want to switch it up a bit to keep from getting bored.
    By the time I finished this took me 15+ hours but I was testing different methods and I only started with 3,000 kills. Leave comments with how long this method takes you and I will update my guide.

    The best place I have found to boost for this is in chapter 14 after Nemeroth impales Sidonus a bunch of psykers will open warp gates and an infinite number of Traitor Guardsmen will come through. You can go to chapter select and pick the Fallen Brother checkpoint.

    Play on Easy.
    The Traitor Guardsmen are very weak and only take two shots from your plasma pistol to kill. If you die or any of the psykers are killed just restart at the checkpoint and all of your kills will still count but I would be sure you got an autosave before you quit or turn off your xbox just to be safe.
    This is also a good place to finish up some of your kill so many enemies using a certain weapon or ability achievements.

    My advice is to start with the Autocannon which can be found right behind the first metal barricade to your right when you spawn leaned against a green box.You can kill multiple enemies with one shot from the Autocannon so aim for groups.This will also work towards your Firepower achievement for exotic weapons.

    If you use up all the ammo in your Autocannon either restart checkpoint or switch to the storm bolter and you can find ammo for it right behind were you spawn. If you manage to run out of ammo switch to the bolter then plasma pistol. If your using the plasma pistol every time you shoot tap right bumper as well this will cool off your plasma pistol and shoot at the same time it will never overheat. These can count toward your 250 headshot achievement and 500 ranged kills achievement (I am not sure if the Autocannon counts toward these).

    Tips for Combat
    When your using the Autocannon fire in single shots instead of auto to conserve ammo you only need 1 shot to kill.
    Blow up all the red barrels to clear away some of the boxes so you can get better shots.
    You can shoot enemies before they are fully out of the warps just aim at the light and your reticle will turn yellow when you can get a kill
    When your not behind cover constantly strafe left and right to avoid psyker shots.
    You can stay right where you spawned and strafe back and forth or you can use the boxes and debris for cover here are some good spots
    1. Behind the barricade you get the Autocannon from
    2. To the right when you spawn there is a raised platform with a green box to hide behind
    3. To the left after you spawn at the bottom of the ramp get right against the wall and metal box that has a psyker on it
    4. Go to the furthest warp and hide behind the green metal box with a psyker on it to the left looking directly at the furthest warp you can just camp here and kill just the enemies coming out of that warp over and over or you can face the other way and you can get a good view of the warp to your right (left of your spawn) the enemies that spawn behind your will just run right past you and you can hide behind the green box shoot the guys coming out of the warp to your right then pop out from behind the box and shoot all the guys to the left just watch out for grenades
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    KroganKeller@Daradarka: If you die, the kills you have earned will be saved. I can confirm that.
    Posted by KroganKeller on 04 Oct 12 at 21:56
    NoobsUnitedAwesome solution got it this method down and got my 40,000 kills fairly fast. Great guide and video thumbs up from this guy.
    Posted by NoobsUnited on 27 Jan 13 at 04:24
    Oddity515Just got this using this method.

    I committed suicide after running out of ammo for the auto cannon by throwing 5 grenades at my feet in order to restart the checkpoint in the most efficient manner.

    To farm this I stood to the right near where the Guardsmen jump down looking diagonally across to where the guardsmen spawn at the left portal. This gives you a clear line of sight on the of clustered groups of guardsmen as they run forward to cover.

    The Guardsmen spawn the left portal first and then follow the spawn pattern of right portal, left portal middle portal.

    Good luck everyone this one is a real grind!
    Posted by Oddity515 on 19 Jun 13 at 21:13
  • Chronic KillerChronic Killer2,995,159
    06 Aug 2012 28 Jul 2012 07 Aug 2012
    23 5 15
    If you have a turbo controller load up chapter 9:the weapon, checkpoint the bridge. Turbo the x button while you go afk for a very long time. I've been leaving it on while I go to work and sleep for a week and still have not gotten it but any day now

    Update: I finally got it it took about 2 weeks and there is no way to track progress. Also you may want to put it on hard because you'll die faster
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    eHeadachesjust popped, solution perfection.

    I would guesstimate I ran this for maybe 60-70 hours, after completing all campaign achievements, and beginning to scratch the surface on multiplayer leveling, so its no quick fix, but doing it yourself.... nah, fuck that.
    Posted by eHeadaches on 08 Dec 14 at 00:14
    Redbaron671Using this in conjunction with the Hab Lab got it for me.
    Posted by Redbaron671 on 04 Feb 15 at 20:59
    AluCarDThank you for this solution it is easy and fast
    Posted by AluCarD#4282 on 26 Sep 18 at 10:12
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