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True Son of the Emperor

Kill 40,000 enemies in the game (all game modes combined).

True Son of the Emperor0
19 November 2019 - 9 guides

Achievement Guide for True Son of the Emperor

  • NonfaithNonfaith427,509
    16 Dec 2011 15 Dec 2011 17 Apr 2012
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    Start up a private match on Hab Center Arena 1. Play as Assault with either the Chainsword or Powersword combined with these perks:

    Power Swordsman's Zeal/Swordsman's Zeal

    You can now weigh into groups of enemies and hopefully not have any trouble staying alive. The Zeal perk should allow you to rebuild health faster than you loose it and the Impenetrable should take the bite out of the Orcs with guns. Bare in mind that large groups of Orcs with guns can still whittle away your health enough to kill you if you aren't careful. You should be able to get partway through area 2 without much trouble. This will net you around 600-900 kills a playthrough.

    Now the main reason you want to do this instead of killing scores of Traitor Guardsman is simple. You can actually track your kills in the leaderboards now. Combine this with your other leaderboard stats and figure about 2000 kills for a campaign run-through and you have a good idea of your progress.

    Another bonus is that you can do this with friends which makes this less boring. You won't get as many kills though.

    You have to end the match after you die for the kills to count on the leaderboard. If you hit retry it wipes the kill count and you start back at zero. The kills STILL count towards the achievement. You just won't be able to track them.
  • wbswbs881,678
    11 Sep 2011 09 Sep 2011 12 Sep 2011
    31 4 23
    UPDATE watch the video it shows a slightly faster method the below method is find and you might want to switch it up a bit to keep from getting bored.
    By the time I finished this took me 15+ hours but I was testing different methods and I only started with 3,000 kills. Leave comments with how long this method takes you and I will update my guide.

    The best place I have found to boost for this is in chapter 14 after Nemeroth impales Sidonus a bunch of psykers will open warp gates and an infinite number of Traitor Guardsmen will come through. You can go to chapter select and pick the Fallen Brother checkpoint.

    Play on Easy.
    The Traitor Guardsmen are very weak and only take two shots from your plasma pistol to kill. If you die or any of the psykers are killed just restart at the checkpoint and all of your kills will still count but I would be sure you got an autosave before you quit or turn off your xbox just to be safe.
    This is also a good place to finish up some of your kill so many enemies using a certain weapon or ability achievements.

    My advice is to start with the Autocannon which can be found right behind the first metal barricade to your right when you spawn leaned against a green box.You can kill multiple enemies with one shot from the Autocannon so aim for groups.This will also work towards your Firepower achievement for exotic weapons.

    If you use up all the ammo in your Autocannon either restart checkpoint or switch to the storm bolter and you can find ammo for it right behind were you spawn. If you manage to run out of ammo switch to the bolter then plasma pistol. If your using the plasma pistol every time you shoot tap right bumper as well this will cool off your plasma pistol and shoot at the same time it will never overheat. These can count toward your 250 headshot achievement and 500 ranged kills achievement (I am not sure if the Autocannon counts toward these).

    Tips for Combat
    When your using the Autocannon fire in single shots instead of auto to conserve ammo you only need 1 shot to kill.
    Blow up all the red barrels to clear away some of the boxes so you can get better shots.
    You can shoot enemies before they are fully out of the warps just aim at the light and your reticle will turn yellow when you can get a kill
    When your not behind cover constantly strafe left and right to avoid psyker shots.
    You can stay right where you spawned and strafe back and forth or you can use the boxes and debris for cover here are some good spots
    1. Behind the barricade you get the Autocannon from
    2. To the right when you spawn there is a raised platform with a green box to hide behind
    3. To the left after you spawn at the bottom of the ramp get right against the wall and metal box that has a psyker on it
    4. Go to the furthest warp and hide behind the green metal box with a psyker on it to the left looking directly at the furthest warp you can just camp here and kill just the enemies coming out of that warp over and over or you can face the other way and you can get a good view of the warp to your right (left of your spawn) the enemies that spawn behind your will just run right past you and you can hide behind the green box shoot the guys coming out of the warp to your right then pop out from behind the box and shoot all the guys to the left just watch out for grenades
  • Chronic KillerChronic Killer1,795,863
    06 Aug 2012 28 Jul 2012 07 Aug 2012
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    If you have a turbo controller load up chapter 9:the weapon, checkpoint the bridge. Turbo the x button while you go afk for a very long time. I've been leaving it on while I go to work and sleep for a week and still have not gotten it but any day now

    Update: I finally got it it took about 2 weeks and there is no way to track progress. Also you may want to put it on hard because you'll die faster
  • DaemonizeDaemonize56,555
    20 Nov 2011 31 Oct 2011 24 Nov 2011
    11 3 3
    On chapter 12 "Dying of the light" use "Bastion Primus" as your mission start. Go through the mission as normal until you reach the objective "activate the turrets" activate them and it will distract the orks from attacking you and deter them towards the imperial base. This allows you to be able to kill the orks without the threat of losing health and considering they don't stop spawning you can keep hacking & slashing away at them to your hearts content.

    Another very useful method was using "hab center area 1" in "exterminatus private match". i use the raptor with these perks & weapons

    Bolt Pistol
    Frag grenades

    Death from above
    swordsman zeal (to replenish health with every hit)

    by using this set-up and method i was able to conjure at least 380 kills every 10 minutes, but make sure after you reach an inevitable defeat, don't RETRY because it will reset the kill counter from your last session therefore your kills would not count towards the achievement! instead quit the match, it will bring up the screen where it totals your overall experience, from there repeat the method. Also i found this method to be more enjoyable than most methods as it doesn't feel like grinding so much, it can also contribute to "Chapter Master" achievement! Hope this helps! :)
  • ArconjurorArconjuror307,035
    02 Mar 2013 02 Mar 2013 02 Mar 2013
    5 1 2
    Nonfaith has already posted this solution but I just thought i'd add my input to it as I have just got the achievement.

    Exterminatus - Hab centre arena 1.

    Use assault marine chain sword or power sword with impenetrable and swordsmans zeal (regain health when hitting enemies).

    Wave 1 - just spam x wading through enemies, approx 111 kills

    Wave 2 - shooter boys will spawn with the regular orcs, occasionally pick some off to keep their numbers down or work your way toward them while spamming x (around another 100 or so kills here)

    Wave 3 - flag capture - always spawns in the same spot, fight close to the flag and don't stop spamming X, shoota boys will spawn in front and behind you, and the rear group is the biggest threat. Failing to capture this ends the run, and I have found its worth capturing to get to waves 4 and 5. (around 75-100 kills here and you will probably be on near 300 kills by now)

    For clarification - I am usually facing the big pipe the orcs come out (there is a column of rock near it)

    Wave 4 - Pretty much same as wave 2 but with a lot more enemies, this is a good wave to get to as you can get nearly another two hundred kills in this wave, i'm usually just under 500 at 480 or so kills.

    Wave 5 - Shoota boys will now throw grenades so you will need to hunt them down a bit more urgently, near the end of the wave large shoota boys will spawn, mostly near the bridge area, when you get to the last 5 enemies, just let them kill you. You could continue to waves 6 and beyond, but the enemies will get harder and there aren't as many quick kills.

    I did not retry to get the kills added to my leaderboard for tracking, but I had this pop (during the game not after it) with about 10,000 untracked and not accounted for kills so looks like all kills are tracked for the achievement whether you retry or not (As I know I used to retry a lot when I first played the game)

    Doing this you should always get around 680 kills, think it takes around 10-12 mins per game so its pretty quick.

    Hardest part is the flag capture but once that bit is nailed you should be getting good numbers.

    You will be killing so fast that occasionally an enemy will glitch, if this happens on wave 5 ignore it, but on any other wave lead them to the bridge and use the Y button, usually works.

    I never used grenades or my pistol, and only used the stun attack on glitched enemies. Once I got used to where the shoota boys spawned or came from I would use a tap of the A button to fly a bit toward them rather than fly up and ground pound.

    Assuming your getting the 680 kills per run, 5 runs is 3400 kills so its good numbers. Assuming you've already done the campaigns and weapon kills, even doing 5 runs a day will get you this achievement in 10 days or less.

    You can either do this in between campaigns to break it up, or mix it up with weapon boosting.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
  • OperativeEmeralOperativeEmeral261,529
    14 Aug 2016 15 Aug 2016
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    40,000. Don't let that number seem insurmountable. Gears of War asked you to kill 10,000 players in ranked matches and plenty of people have that one. Gears of War 2 asked you to kill 100,000 enemies in all modes combined and plenty of people have that one too.

    This Achievement is both easy and annoying, and I'll explain why. This Achievement will count EVERY kill in EVERY game mode. Campaign? Check. Exterminatus? Check. Multiplayer? Well...since the servers are dead (an utter tragedy since this game had some of the best multiplayer of the seventh generation of consoles) you'll really only be getting kills from boosting weapons kills for Keeper of the Armory these days, you can't really count multiplayer as a reliable source anymore. ...But all the kills from boosting Keeper of the Armory will count. Check.

    Now, why is it annoying? Because while it will count EVERY kill, you can't TRACK every kill. It's not like say, Gears of War 2 where every 50 or so kills (regardless of the source or game type) you get a little tracker on the side of the screen pop to show you how far you are from getting the full 100,000 kills needed for Seriously 2.0, which is a big help. Knowing you're making real progress helps fight against the despair of the monotonous grind.

    Which kills don't track? Well, if you play Exterminatus and either finish the round successfully, as in your team clears 5 waves and you move on to the next arena and can pick a new loadout, or your team loses and you decide to NOT retry, the game WILL track your kills and your leaderboard status will update with however many kills you got across all rounds in that run.

    However if your team DOES pick to retry, the game will NOT track your kills and your leaderboard status will NOT update, but the kills WILL still count toward the 40,000 total.

    Example; I play a round of Exterminatus Private and kill 100 enemies then die and don't hit retry, I get the screen that shows total score and XP gained and the leaderboard will update with those 100 kills. However if I DO hit retry, I wont get the screen with total score and XP gained and the leaderboard will not update with however many kills I got. But they WILL still count.

    This is why this Achievement is annoying; not having a clear answer as to how many more kills you need can be very discouraging, but don't let that get to you! To admit defeat is to blaspheme against the Emperor!

    Now, onto the actual grind. Depending on your patience and tolerance for repetition, this Achievement can be done first, in just over 13 hours. Now while it CAN be done before everything else, it's a really bad idea to grind for this while you have other stuff to do. Why? Because this game counts ALL your kills across ALL game modes.

    Clearing the campaign will net you several thousand kills, I've seen estimates in the range of 2000 or 3000. And that's for a straight run through. Remember that EVERY kill will count. And when you first start playing you'll likely die a lot and need to play on Normal difficulty just to get through the first time since this game plays so differently to other third person shooters (no cover shooting). There's an Achievement for getting 2,500 kills (Visible, Violent Death), you'll likely get that just from your first campaign playthrough.

    After that, you'll have to play through on Hard, and after that you'll likely need ANOTHER run to get The Emperor Protects, not to mention several tries at The Emperor's Marksman. I'm guessing from the high ratio on The Emperor Protects that people have a tough time with that one. Then there's all the campaign specific Achievements that task you with getting through a chapter using ONLY specific weapons.

    After finishing everything in the campaign, you'll still have a LOT of weapon kills to boost to get Keeper of the Armory, that's well over 3000 kills just for the total kills on each weapon, never mind the kill streaks.

    If you have the DLC you'll likely have to make several attempts to clear the Chaos Invasion Exterminatus, that's about 2000 kills right there.

    Only AFTER you've done EVERYTHING else should you start to really 'working' on this Achievement, since you'll get a lot of progress done on the way there while doing all the other Achievements.

    So, after you've done EVERYTHING else, it's time to grind out this Achievement. Like I said before, this one can be done by itself in about 13 hours. How? Exterminatus, Kalkys Facility. It's possible to get over 1000 kills in 20-30 minutes on this map in the first arena. How? With an Assault Marine equipped with either a Chainsword, Relic Chainsword or Power Sword and with the health regeneration perk equipped. Your second perk can be whatever you want really, I ran with Impenetrable for a while before realizing I was healing fast already with Swordsman's Zeal and it wasn't helping, so I switched to Blast Off, which turns your jets into explosions that deal area of effect damage EVERY time you jump. This added some much needed variety to my kills.

    But since you did EVERYTHING else already, you won't NEED to spend that long grinding. All the untracked kills will catch up to you quickly. By my estimates I still had about 14,000 kills left to grind when I finally got this Achievement. Also I have to thank my friend pseudoidol for giving me some VERY helpful tips on how to grind for this Achievement.

    Remember, don't get discouraged. Never admit defeat.

    Now, time for some strategy for the grind.

    Round 1 - You'll face Gretchin (the little ones that die if you so much as poke them in the face), Slugga Boyz (the regular ones with the one hand axe), and a handful of Shoota Boyz. When you see that you're being shot at, jump away from the mob of melee types that will always form around you and jump to whoever is shooting at you. The Blast Off perk will damage the mob and instantly kill any Gretchin for you. Be mindful of the gaps in the floor when jumping around so you don't fall down and die.

    Round 2 - Exclusively Gretchin and Shoota Boyz. Let your jumps deal with the Gretchin, focus on taking out any Shoota Boyz.

    Now comes the fun part.

    The trick to getting 1000 kills in this one arena will be in exploiting Round 3 and Round 5 when you're required to capture points. You see, until these points are captured, Orks will spawn ENDLESSLY. What I would do is simply stand at the Ork spawn point and kill them all until I had about 30 seconds left to capture the point then jet over there. With the Chainsword you'll be killing them faster than they can spawn in. While you're ON the point, even if you run out of time you'll be fine since you go into overtime as long as you're ON the point.

    How do you know you're still being counted as ON the point? Three of the points will have a painted circle around it and two circles of drains on the floor. As long as you stay within the second drain circle (the bigger one), your still counted as being ON the point. Take some time to experiment with it and get a good feel for it. The last capture point will be against a railing and I found easier to stay within the borders of. Like I said, take some time to practice to get a feel for how far the borders of the capture point go. And for frak's sake make sure you practice moving DURING your melee attacks so you don't go all the way out of bounds. You CAN move BETWEEN melee attacks you know.

    Be mindful that you will also see some Rokkit Boys (the ones with the rocket launchers) and Shoota Nobs (the BIG dudes with the heavy machine gun) show up in waves 3, 4, and 5. You'll want to target them FIRST. The last thing you need will be heavy machine gun fire or explosives raining down on you while you're trying to survive on a capture point. Even with Swordsman's Zeal healing you, it will still make surviving much more difficult.

    If you made sure to take advantage of those capture point countdowns for as long as possible you should have anywhere from 900-1000 kills at the end of the arena. Once it's clear, jump to your death, DON'T select 'retry arena' and your kills will be added to your leaderboard so you can keep track.

    Now, while grinding that first arena is the FASTEST way to grind your way to 40,000 kills, it gets very monotonous very quickly. I had a lot more fun running through the campaign (one of the best the Xbox 360 ever got) and running Exterminatus regularly with other people. It's more FUN to play with others and to be able to use something OTHER than the Chainsword for several hours at a time. I personally favor the Plasma Gun with Melta Gun and the rapid reload perk on the Melta Gun. But then I spent a VERY long time trying to finish the Chaos Invasion DLC.

    So that's it. Stay focused. Don't discouraged. Purge all xenos and heretics in your path. You are the bulwark against the Terror. The Defender of Humanity. You are a Space Marine...and you shall know no fear. For you are a True Son of the Emperor.

    For the Imperium!
  • Comrade SpannerComrade Spanner429,347
    28 Nov 2011 03 Dec 2011 11 Dec 2011
    4 4 0
    The easiest place I found was during the Jump Pack section of chapter 8 (Whispers of the Dead).

    This is the section with two Weirdboyz; when you reach the second one there's a large corridor which leads out to an open space (named by some Imperial Guardsmen as Mastris Plaza).

    Here, you can stay in the large corridor and simply ground pound groups of enemies as they come up the stairs towards you. In amongst the groups will be the occasional Choppa and Shoota Nobz - your ground pounds will stun these for easy executions.

    The advantage to staying in the corridor is that you take very little fire so even if you're not paying huge amounts of attention you can keep grinding up the kills.

    By my reckonings each full spawn (including one of each type of Nob) comes to about 50 kills, and you can plough through them in about 2 minutes per spawn.

    Whilst not the absolute quickest method, if like me you've played the campaign through twice and done 10k+ on Exterminatus, this is a simple place to grind up through the rest.
  • CoreScanCoreScan937,246
    28 Jan 2017 28 Jan 2017 28 Jan 2017
    0 1 0
    It should be noted that "Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine" saves all kills, as well as the Servo Skull collectibles, directly into the player profile, meaning that even if you deleted or lost your save file for whatever reason, your kills and collectibles still remain saved.

    Personally, I used a combination of Exterminatus solo on Hab Center Assault - Arena 1 (to combine this achievement with attaining level 40, which is a massive grind if you're trying to do it in this mode only, without getting bonus XP by completing weapon challenges in PvP Versus modes) and campaign (Part IV - Dying of the Light / 14 - Victory and Sacrifice / Checkpoint: Fallen Brother) on Easy difficulty, due to the shitload of grenades that keep getting thrown at you.

    Upon getting control of your character at the above mentioned checkpoint, move forward and slightly to the right, pick up the Autocannon, then look for a nice position with good cover, preferrably the one on the left side of the starting area. Now, just keep killing the waves of soldiers that keep spawning, without killing any of the three enemies that open the portals, using controlled single-shot or burst-fire from the Autocannon, which fires explosive shots. As soon as you run out of ammo (you have 400 rounds that cannot be refilled), restart the checkpoint, rinse and repeat. At the end of a grinding session, you may wanna consider killing all enemies in the area to get a checkpoint, just to play it safe. If you're not going for the checkpoint, you should, in any case, refrain from dashboarding without exiting to the main menu first.
  • BlackTiboBlackTibo341,978
    01 May 2013 11 May 2013
    1 2 1
    I obtained this achievement with the exterminatus mode, but on Kalkys facility arena.
    I used the same perks
    - Impenetrable
    - Power Swordsman's Zeal/Swordsman's Zeal
    With that, I never need to use heal bonus.

    Wave 1 : Just kill every ork (approx 80 kills)
    Wave 2 : Just kill every ork (approx 110 kills for a 190 kills total)
    Wave 3 : When you are asked to capture a point, just wait until the last seconds to start the capture because during this time, orks spawn infinitely. When only a few seconds are left, start capturing it, you have extra time. When the point is captured, the orks left are the last ones, they don't spawn anymore (approx 230 kills) for a 420 kills total)
    Wave 4 : Just kill every ork (approx 100 kills for a 520 kills total)

    I stopped after the 4th wave because the 4 first waves net you with 520 kills (approx) in 12 minutes. The 5th wave can net you 500 kills but it's really long: about 18 minutes for this wave only and doing 500 kills is really difficult. So it's better to kill yourself after the 4th wave and restart.

    If you want to do the 5th wave:
    Wave 5 : When you are asked to capture 2 points, capture the first one as soon as possible (the one in a larger area if possible). Then, wait as long as possible (as in wave 3 to have infinite ork spawn) to capture the second point. Once the two points are captured, just kill orks until you are asked to capture the center point. Wait as long as possible (as usual) to capture this one (to have infinite ork spawn). Once this one is captured, automatic weapons are triggered, finishing all remaining orks.

    With this method, I played 13 hours to do 31k frags. I only need 31k because of my playthrough (about 3k frags), my weapon challenge (about 3,5k frags) and a lot of attempts to obtain
    Warhammer 40,000: Space MarineThe Emperor ProtectsThe The Emperor Protects achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine worth 91 pointsComplete Part 1 of the game on Hard difficulty in a single session without dying or restarting.
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