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Posted on 10 November 11 at 16:04, Edited on 13 September 12 at 19:34
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Just finished this and I can say if you die and turn off the xbox before it says you are dead, the achievement will pop up I died 4 times total 1 in Act 3, 2 against the Ernst boss fight and 1 against Viktor it really isn't that hard just annoying

Act 0: Not too much going here, pick up the pipe go through pull switch then go to the doom of these people, you can avoid enemies if you like.

Act 1: This one is mostly just walking through the train meeting characters there is no enemies so stay calm and slowly progress through the train ducking under a character side stepping another. I'll tell you where tarot cards are and recordings I have found also, the guy you side step by theres a tarot card just a heads up and if you walk forward from that room turn around at the next door and theres a recording in that room. Now progress forward to the point where the train crashes. And before I forget there are 4 look icons here, refer to the Sharp-Eyed Travler guide for me details
I believe this is still Act 1 until your off the train, now progress through the train wreckage, look at the guy in the water for 1 of the look icons and progress as normal. Here is where things get a bit difficult, but still easy slowly move along the train as it shakes and you have to stay balanced. Now you can see the end, get ready to run for your life so you don't die! You meet some of the survivors and I believe this is the end of Act 1.

Act 2: You start out in the cave, and I'm sorry if I'm not completely accurate on level transitions now you can turn around and look at the guy sitting there and if you walk back towards the water there is another tarot card. Now down the hole where everyone went, you'll have to swim through the water and remember, when you get out you will have leeches on you, quickly shake them off before they kill you, unlikely, but possible. Now you must progress forward more to where you'll find the twins and other survivors, on that path there should be an easy to find recording laying around somewhere. Now that you have found your way to where the twins are talk to them and you'll here a scream in the basement, note: before you go down there's an easy tarot card outside that can be grabbed with no problem now, unless you want to fight enemies to get it later. Now that we go down to the base ment walk forward until you wake up the dead people, pick up survival knife or hatchet and kill them block when needed; another interesting note I've noted is bosses kill you in usually one hit sometimes 2, normal enemies with normal fists two-three, pukers two enemies with saws one, enemies with knives two, it's some stuff I picked up while fighting, but note, that is if you don't block so blocking is in your best interest, now open up the door and continue killing all the enemies that open up the doors, now notice one door did not open of all of those doors, go into that one DUCK! and grab the golden brass knuckles, two-three punches and they die, makes life easier. Now progress through the graveyard gate that opened, these brass knuckles should last you the rest of the Act if not pick up another weapon that is close by, but you really dont have to kill all of these enemies if you dont want to, I'd estimate around 25 enemies in the area you probably only have to kill 8-12 I killed all of them just to be safe and the knuckles broke on the last few but, there is always a weapon somewhere so don't worry or run past the last few, get grabbed by Ernst Act 2 over

Act 3: Not many enemies this one is more about all the spike traps giloteens, electricity fans and blades, learn how to dodge them and you should be fine, and this one is frustrating, but remember you can always turn off the xbox to restart if needed.

Act 4: The search for Kate continues and now there's more enemies then ever. You walk out of the dungeon of Act 3 and you are outside now, grab the nearest weapon I believe a machete and wwalk forward and there should be a door somewhere on the left side, you'll have to go there later but farther on theres another room, which in that room is a tape or a tarot card and guess what 28 explosive blue tubes. ;) take all of them may need them all, I used all of them to kill many enemies from a distance reducing my chances of dying by a lot, now that you clear most enemies go to the fountain and kick open the barrel near the fountain, theres a key! Now look for a chest, I believe there is a puker near that chest and I believe it is to your left, deal with him and open the chest for hedge trimmers, take that. Now use that as needed and head to the shack with the guy who has a dog body, open up the door and now follow him to where you need to go, should be to the right from when you exit the door, not the well though farther. Now you take him to the surgery room and he asks for you to find his heart, a ladder falls down go up there and dont pull the switch right away go to the side where there is a box break that open and you get a nice powered weapon now pull the switch and the rest of the enemies you'll have to fight will be a cakewalk. Now you have given him his heart back its the next scene climb back up where you got the powered weapon and now its a katana take that and head towards the door where you came from from Act 3, now you can open the door that you couldn't before, kill enemies as you progress and ignore the middle area of the outside or ernst may get you, yes he is back but he only walks around the fountain. Why? He is guarding a tape just get it on another difficulty, now as you open up the door ascend the stairs and follow the ghost to a room, here is the second boss fight, if you still have the katana great just downward slice the two bosses and block when they attack or dodge when they use a power attack, MAJOR NOTE: remember you have to kill the doll that controls them or they will keep coming back, if you used the katana up, i believe there is an ice saw in the room use that and fight them, in my opinion it is easier to handle them than the ballerina twins, but thats just me, but DON'T forget about the dolls when they fall down or this could be a long grueling boss fight.
Next up you have to get the azoth. Do the pose that the statue shows you to do, if you dont you fry, litteraly, and if you want theres a tarot card to the left of this. Pick up a weapon you may need it after you get the azoth i picked up the scalpels. Get azoth walk back use it to avoid getting sawed to death and run back to the portal take out the enemies that fall from the ceiling as needed, side note: azoth is a great weapon to deal with groups of enemies quickly so use it and abuse it it doesn't run out, just needs to be recharged.
Now you are back from the portal, and a bunch of dancing dolls will most likely kill you, quikly tur out of the room, doors to your left, walk down the stairs and kick open the chest at the bottom of the stairs for some blue test tubes.Now that you have those go through the door use azoth and the blue test tubes to get by easily, now walk over to the left and grab the hammer, and use azoth to go through the next door. DO NOT PULL THE SWITCH ASAP DO NOT walk through and kill every enemy with the hammer, why? The hammer is strong against enemies and due to the next boss coming up you'll want the next item im going to tell you about in 100% shape. Now they are all dead with the hammer, or azoth, backtrack all the way to the switch and walk past it to the last room, you'll see a chest in the roombreak it for the katara now get ready to BACKSTEP when you walk through the door, a trap. Now pull the switch and go through daja vu of ACT 0, avoid enemies to keep the weapon in tip top shape.
Ernst fight: In my opinion he is really difficult, saying that he has scorpion chains, he punches you once you die, and he is stupid and fast. I put this by itself because I believe this one has to be explained more. You HAVE to use AZOTH, its the only way to break his shield to hurt him, wail on him with the katars but not too much cuz if his shield goes back up and your standing right next to him, charging you azoth will be a pain in the ass, charge azoth up until its a big electro ball each time unless he is really close then throw it fast. BIG SHOT aprox. 12-15seconds
LITTLE SHOT aprox 7-10seconds, note if you do the timing well he shouldnt be to hard, and with the kataras at 100% you don't need a second weapon so be careful as you fight him, be catious and aware of your surroundings. This is the end of Act 4

Act 5: Scene 1: Scene 1 is very strait forward, protect Kate kill enemies one key thing about this part though is to stick by Kate and don't run off too far, sometime enemies come from behind and if your to far, well game over you lose simple as that. To start pick up the machete behind you and progress with that. I used azoth on groups to make my life easier, but thats my style, (very useful against those bitchy pukers that shoot you from out of no where) Now you progress forward until you hit the second car, grab the drill, now stay close to Kate and let the drill do the talking until you hit the end, if you did it right the drill shouldn't run out.
Scene 2: Avoid as many enemies as you possibly can and destroy the towers, pick up the survival knife at beginning and definately use azoth, Warning make sure you dont blow yourself up that'd be embarrasing, as in there are quite a few explosive barrels around. Destroy all 4 towers and then get to the portal. TIP: When you walk down the steps ect. turn left get the two on the left, than i went to the one that is next to the portal area that was on the right, break barrels and grab bone crusher, lastly go to the last one and pick up hatchet if needed, than to the portal as mentioned before. End of Act 5. side note for Scene 2 pick up useful weapons as needed, like for example the blue test tube wont be useful for infinate enemies.

Act 6: Lmao this one is extremely easy I don't even know if you can die as Ernst. I breezed through this one, but a couple points to worry about the point at the fountain with tons of enemies like I said I don't think you can die but better safe then sorry.
Traps to avoid: Leaving the prison area- backstep
Chandelier- right after the battle around the fountain- backstep
And another one when you open a door not hard to miss since you can see the trap ground- again backstep, only points I think you can die
Tapes and or tarots- one in one of the cells I believe the one that you started in in Act 0
another one in the shed
and one behind a pillar where the chandalier falls
Other then those issues mentioned above this level is easy. Omg! I forgot about the boss fight. It is hell, it's because the boss is a bitch you rarely get to attack towards the end and you better keep your arms up to block the entire fight and it is just a pain to land an attack without dying. The thing is keep fighting and you'll eventually win just keep going and hope for the best

Act 7: Going through memory was simple, but after that there are groups of enemies in each memory of Viktors you go through. Still easy but tips, keep arms up and look around the room theres always a half decent item in the room fight each of the enemies off until you get to the room with Viktor
Viktor: Viktor is easy as long as you can dodge and block a downward slice is the best

Act 8: The final act with fighting, you fight Mary she isnt as hard as I thought, all you have to do is keep your arms up and dodge when you have to. You have to hit her in the face 3 times to end the fight and the now just cradle your child.

Act 9: Just a cutscene skip if you want

Update* You can eject the game too if you don't want to wait for the reboot of the Xbox
Thanks Robert de Clair for the information
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