It Begins With a Ring achievement in resident evil 4

It Begins With a Ring

Ring the mysterious bell. What happens after that, is up to you.

It Begins With a Ring0
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How to unlock the It Begins With a Ring achievement

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    Close to the beginning of the game (Chapter 1-1), you'll come across a sign that reads, "Pueblo." Go down the road, and you'll find a village full of hostile people (they don't notice you at first, however) that you view through binoculars.

    What you want to do first is just run past them into the second house on the left that has an open door, which will trigger a cutscene. Once it's over, block as many doors as you can and grab the mounted shotgun on the second floor. Also, any ammo that you can find because you're probably going to need it.
    To add on to that, eventually the villagers are going to break through all the doors and windows, so you may want to start killing/evading them on the move. There are various herbs scattered all throughout (at least one of each color, so you can combine them to fully restore your health and raise your maximum health by a small amount). Ammo will of course be found in the same way, various places around the village. There is a box of shotgun shells in the top of the tower which you can climb, but I wouldn't recommend staying up there because explosives will start to be tossed in the top room and they're not very easily avoidable, if at all. It's a long climb, but don't worry about taking any fall damage.

    All you have to do is hold them off, and then Dr. Salvador (aka the chainsaw guy) will show up. He's very easily taken down with a hand grenade and a few shotgun blasts. Continue killing off the villagers until another cutscene triggers where the church bell rings, after which all of the villagers will go inside and the achievement will pop.

    *Alternatively, if you stay outside, Dr. Salvador will still spawn and attack you. If he does and you go inside, the other will spawn, though it's doubtful two will be attacking you. Just if you would kill him and then want to do it again. If you don't kill him, he will be replaced, but it's unknown if he'll have the same health as he did before you went into the house.

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    Kelvin ThornI didn't enter any buildings or even attempted to attack anyone. Just running around for a few minutes avoiding the enemies will eventually trigger the bell and the achievement, and conserves your ammo as well.
    Posted by Kelvin Thorn on 24 Sep 11 at 16:53
    poochz0rzHaha whaaaat? I wish I had known that when I started my Pro run.
    Posted by poochz0rz on 25 Sep 11 at 00:49
    jleona201You can shoot the bell once you reach the graveyard area. And yeah, the achievement is worded rather strangely. They make it sound like you have to ring the bell.
    Posted by jleona201 on 26 Sep 11 at 07:04
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  • ReevysReevys201,154
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    Right near the beginning of the game in Chapter 1-1, you will come upon a small village. The villagers will be working, while a corpse burns on the fire in the centre. Once they see you, they will begin to attack, and you must survive for several minutes. Eventually the bell will ring and they will leave, and the achievement will pop.

    The best method I've found is to wait until most of the villagers are to the left side of the fire, then run to the building just to the right of the fire. Once you're inside, turn around and shoot a hole in the centre of the door. Stand right up against the door and just knife the enemies through the hole as they get close to the door. Try to aim slightly downwards while you're doing this, and just repeat for a minute or two until the bell rings.

    This method is very cheap, but it conserves a lot of ammo, and is especially handy on Professional. Just be aware that this technique will work only with this specific building, as there are no entrances other than the door. It will also only work if you don't spawn any Dr. Salvador enemies (chainsaw guys), as they will just cut straight through the door, and your neck. If you end up spawning a Dr. Salvador, or any enemies manage to follow you into the building, you can always just press the Back button and hit retry to try again from the entrance of this area.
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    Oats Uber AllesGreat solution. I used 1 bullet to kill 20 Ganados. Great ammo saver.
    Posted by Oats Uber Alles on 03 Oct 11 at 11:10
    TimutimuThis is seriously the best way to do it. I already knew of this and was gonna post a solution but you've already got one, so you can have my thumbs up instead :)
    Posted by Timutimu on 19 Nov 12 at 05:52
    ReevysHaha, thanks man. I can't stress enough how good a method this is for Professional so I'm glad at least some people are getting good use of this solution.
    Posted by Reevys on 21 Nov 12 at 09:41
  • Plasma SKXPlasma SKX463,337
    22 Sep 2011 01 Oct 2011
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