A Heart of Steel achievement in Resident Evil 4 HD (Xbox 360)

A Heart of Steel

Clear the game on the highest difficulty.

A Heart of Steel+0.2
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How to unlock the A Heart of Steel achievement

  • Doc ChopperDoc Chopper73,150
    14 Oct 2011 22 Sep 2011 05 Apr 2016
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    Here are some useful tricks, that helped me a lot when i finished the Game on Pro back in 2005 on the Cube.

    At the beginning of the game, one or two hits could kill you already, so be careful until you increased your health 2 or 3 times. Also some botany for beginners. People who already played RE4 in the past can skip this.
    - Green herbs regain little pieces of energy. Can be mixed to increase the effect up to 3 pieces wich i strongly recommend. Use single green herbs only, if you have minor injuries and no space available in your inventory.
    - Red herbs multiply the effectivy of green herbs if mixed. Can not be used alone.
    - Yellow herbs increase the total value of your health a little bit. Can be used alone or mixed with a single green or a red/green mix. Yellow herbs are rare, so use them wisely. Best thing to make a red/green/yellow mix and only take it, if you are almost dying. This will stack and fully regain your health bar.

    and use them to your advance. You may have noticed, that every time you go through a door with loading sequence, a checkpoint is generated. This can be useful decimating large group of enemies step by step (i called this "Hit and Run"). Also, you are able to reload, if something went wrong. For example you took more damage than planed or you wasted to much ammo. Attention: This trick DOES NOT work on the El Gigante in Chapter 2-3. Going back through the door will reset his health!

    Use knife and meele attacks as often as possible! Especially on Pro you can run out ammunition faster then you think. Example: Shoot in an enemys knee/face to make him tumble, then get close to him an use a meele attack. When he goes down, stab him with your knife while he is trying to get up. Repeat these steps if neccessary. This also works with more than one enemy at a time. If they are close enough to each other. Use the shotgun and aim for the knees to make a whole group tumble or going down.

    On hard? Is that possible? With a little practise: yes indeed. I made it myself.
    Why I did this? I basicly had not much ammo I wanted to waste (I also decited playing without the TMP). If you can predict his movements and always keep some distance while not attacking, he won't be able hit or grab you often.

    Chapter 2-1: Note that, if you freed the dog from the bear trap in chapter 1-1, he'll disctract El Gigante most of the time. This makes it a lot easier. Right after the cutscene, turn left and run between the pile and the wooden cart (with the yellow herb). Turn around and wait for EG to come and going to punch. Take a step to the right, so that his punch will miss you. In this time penetrate him with your knife 3-4 times. Then he'll grab a rock to throw at you. Still penetrate him 3 - 4 time but be ready to retreat fast enough before he turns around to attack. When he's chasing after you, run behind one of the trees. While EG grabs it and trys to hit you (watch out for the QTE, usually LT+RT), you can hit him a couple of times. When the dog appears always keep some distance, so that EG will go after the dog not you. Hit 2-3 times when he attcks the dog, then retreat in time. rince and repeat this a couple of times and El Gigante is going down without a single shot fired.

    Chapter 2-3: If you choose the right path with the El Gigante, the condition for this to work is that Ashley wears the knight armor. (See "Ashley the knight" below). Just let her stand somewhere and take some steps distance. Attack when EG grabs Ashley. Don't worry, she won't even get a single scratch. :D When he throws her on the ground retreat, than rince and repeat.

    Chapter 4-2: Kill one El Gignte by dropping him into the molten metal pod. And if you really want to use the knife here, use the "Dittman Glitch" to outrun his attacks. But i don't recommend knife only here as you dont have any possibility to distract him. But by now your shotgun, magnum, rifle and/or TMP (if you use it) should be powerfull enough to bring him to his knees with few shots in the face.

    can be detroyed with a single blast from the shotgun, if you aim for the knees at close range.

    finish off Ganados head tentacles monster thingys whatever instanlty. But better not waste them on a single Ganados.

    In crowded areas, there are often positions, where the enemies don't have more then two ways to get close to you. So you can take them out from a safe point and distance, as they come to you. But watch out for enemies with explosives, sickles or crossbows, as they may still be a thread, if you don't take them out quick enough. If enemies need to climb up a ladder or jump to reach you, just use your knife so they fall down and get injured. Repeat this, until they die. It may cost more time, but it really can save ammunition and health.

    If you are in a room with doors, you can also use them for your advantage. If a door is closed, and one or more enemies stand right behind, you can see them because of clipping errors. When you know they lurk directly behind the door, kick it open (quickly tap X twice). this will throw them onto the ground (or at least make them tumble) where you can attack them with your knife. Or shoot if you want to.

    The following is just a personal suggestion. But i never used ord needed any other weapon than mentioned below.

    - Handgun: Don't spend too much cash upgrading your default handgun. Instead, buy the "Red-9" pistol. This can be purchased by the merchant in the tunnel back to the church in chapter 2-2. It's the best handgun in the game. Recommended Accessoire: shoulder pad

    - Shotgun: I recommend not to upgrad the standard shotgun more then 2 or 3 steps per category. Instead buy and upgrade the Striker riot-shotgun as soon as availble (I think somewhen in Chapter 4 or 5)

    - Magnum: the "Broken Butterfly" is the best revolver in the game. It can be purchased in Chapter 3-1. But it also can also be found in a chamber near the hedge labyrinth. The door is locked from inside. You can unlock the door with Ashley's help after you reunited with her at the End of chapter 3-4. Also note that magnum amunition is rare. So better use it on really big/strong enemys or bosses only.

    - Rifle: Again, don't spend to much money upgrading the standard rifle. Instead buy and upgrade the semi-automatic version, which also is available from chapter 3-1.

    - TMP submachine gun: Vey usefull for crowd control and against El Gigantes. Buy the shoulder pad for better aiming!

    In Pro-Mode, Mike (the chopper pilot) will not help you blowing up the gunners besides the first one. For the rest of this level you are on your own, so it will be pretty though. There a only 2 checkpoints in this chapter (when you unlock the doors). So remember where the enemies lurk and use "hit and run" tactic as often as possible.

    Again, people who already played RE4 before might know this already, but for the beginners.
    1. Loot everything!

    2. If you think you don't need it (spare ammunition, weapons you found or got) then sell it!

    3. Always buy the treasure maps! They're absolutely worth every Peseta.

    4. Some treasures can be combined (2 or more pieces). So, their individual value will be increased or multiplied. All of the following treasures can be found by buying the trasure map from the merchant and looking for the white star unless otherwise stated.
    Combineable Treasures: (thanks to TheDevilHand)
    Beerstein + Y,R,G Catseye = 20,000 Ptas
    Butterfly Lamp + G,R,B Eye (Obtained by killing Novistadors) = 32,000 Ptas
    Crown + Royal Insignia (Kill Verdugo), Crown Jewel = 48,000 Ptas
    Elegant Mask + G,B,R Gem = 20,000 Ptas
    Golden Lynx + Red Stone of Faith, Green Stone of Judgment, Blue Stone of Treason = 35,000 Ptas

    ASHLEY THE KNIGHT (thanks Brettalius & mudder85 for the notes)
    If you beat the "Seperate Ways" Sidequest before you start your Pro run, you will unlock a knight armor as a costume. You have to select the "Mafia suit" oufit for Leon in order for Ashley to wear the armor. This will protect her from all damage, even in boss fights, so you don't have to worry about her health all the time. Also, she is to heavy to get carried away by enemies. This makes her the perfect disctraction. You simply can defeat them, while they try to carry her away without avail. Thanks xxxDerVxxx and Shizno759 for the hint.

    KNIFE REGENERADORES (thanks katchtwentysix for the note)
    Instead of wasting your precious ammunition you also can dislimb their legs and then strafe back when they jump at you. Hit them with their knife when the on the ground. They are not able to move, while you slash them. You need about 50 slashes to finsh them off.

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    SavvyAzumaNinjaOne thing I think should be mentioned is when upgrading your ammo capacity. Always upgrade an emptied/depleted gun. You get free ammo with the upgrade. This was very helpful when I was running really low on ammo.
    Posted by SavvyAzumaNinja on 09 May 15 at 17:00
    mudder85You should put something in the guide about choosing the 2nd special outfit at the start of the game... I just go to the point where you get Ashley in my professional run and realized that I picked the wrong outfit. I am wearing the raccoon city police department outfit which means Ashley is wearing her white outfit. For anyone who hasn't started a game on professional and has beaten "separate ways", the outfit where Ashley is in knight armour is the one where Leon is wearing the mafia outfit.
    Posted by mudder85 on 02 Mar 16 at 23:59
    Doc ChopperAdded that, thanks...
    Posted by Doc Chopper on 05 Apr 16 at 06:32
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  • HeavyMetal ZMBEHeavyMetal ZMBE143,952
    27 Sep 2011 20 Oct 2011
    26 4 2
    The hardest part of beating the game on pro when i originally played it on the PS2 was the final fight against Kruser. it took me roughly 3-4hrs to finally beat him and god forbid if i didnt have to watch that stupid cut scene over and over again. on pro for the xbox though i was dreading it and i was like their has to be another way. there is!! USE YOUR KNIFE!! it only takes between 15-17 knifes to kill him on pro. the key is when you get up after he knocks you down just run up to about where the wooden plan path is where you picke dup the emblem in between the door way and knife him and turn to the right as he was "drift" that way. just keep pivoting to your right and knife him before he fully stands up and recover (if he does he has a better chance of stepping back and ruining this) just keep turning to the right and knife and in about 1min youll have him dead in no time
    Showing both comments.
    TheBlackxRangerThis helped me so much. I missed a knife so he jumped back, shot him a couple times in the face with the magnum. Then I cornered him again and knifed him. I was able to get 3 or 4 knifes in each time so Krauser went down pretty fast.
    Posted by TheBlackxRanger on 10 Nov 12 at 23:03
    Blazing Noblei just did the whole Krauser fight in about 20 minutes, knife is definitely the way to go. I didn't get him stuck like in the video, i just swiped at him as he was about to hit me and it worked almost every time, about 10 knife hits, a couple of QTE's and 1 or 2 magnum shots (not fully upgraded) and he was history. thanks for the tip though.
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 05 Aug 15 at 22:39
  • Hudson 826Hudson 82698,688
    18 Sep 2011 17 Sep 2011 16 Jul 2012
    27 10 16
    [Unlocking Pro]

    To unlock Pro difficulty, you must complete the game on normal difficulty. Lesser difficulties do not work.

    [Start Over]

    You a new game on Pro. Nothing is carried over except for costumes. Yes, you start over. No infinite bullets.

    [Save Often]

    No ink ribbon is required so why not? Also abuse the continue point system by exiting and entering a room.

    These are a few occasions you should definitely rely on these tricks.

    - Great Axes: after dealing with insects and draining the water.

    - Rock Crushers: again after dealing with insects and activating the solar beam mechanism.

    - Mike the USELESS pilot: Finished with Krauser, a typewriter welcomes you in the next area while Mike refuses to help. Use it and kiss it.

    [Ashely the Knight]

    Beat Separate Ways to unlock Special Costumes 2 for the main game. Ashley's armor will make her immune to all damage so she could serve as a distraction instead of a burden.

    [RPG is your friend]

    It's easy to get carried away by weapon upgrades. If you ask me, I'd rather spend money on RPGs than some insignificant weapon upgrades.

    [Be No Gunslinger]

    Retire the handgun when the TMP becomes available. TMP does everything handguns can and do it even better. Sell HG ammo, making money and saving inventory space at the same time.

    Keep a Shotgun though. The King Grail room in the Castle requires it.

    [Rushing the Turret]

    Defeating the high ground JJ, you enter a room with three heavy turrets. Take cover in the tunnel on the left and camp there, destroying all grunts that come to you. When nobody comes to you, you come to them. Refer to Video Sharing 2 below.


    Saddler is stunned if he is hit in the eyes on the legs or attacked by explosives.

    The eyes on his front legs are easy but they WILL be destroyed and become unavailable (cry). You can try to get the eyes on his back legs but it is rather difficult to pull that off.

    The easier way to stun him is to use hand grenades so stock up early! Mind that only regular grenades stun Saddler, the flame grenade is useless.

    When Saddler is down, you have a short period of time to unleash your power weapon on his Mouth Eye, like a Magnum revolver or better yet - the RPG.

    A direct RPG hit on his Mouth Eye will summon Ada so you can grab the Special Launcher. Also mind that Saddler gets up much faster than normal so make it quick with that RPG shot.


    Follow this guy. His boss fight tips are very solid. Too bad his series was prematurely finished at Chapter 5-2. << {Credits @ RhoninVideos}


    Alternatively, follow this guy on the Wii who did a NO DAMAGE Pro run. Note that he tried to avoid damage at all cost disregarding time. Fast-forward if you need to.

    His trick to dispose of the Turret Gunners and Saddler is brilliant! << {Credits @ Wolfwood824}
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    Hudson 826No offense but you must be a terrible shot if you ever run out of ammo of every gun. The shotgun is immensely powerful and can be your workhorse. If you burst fire with the TMP, it won't burn through ammo quickly.
    Posted by Hudson 826 on 14 Oct 11 at 03:59
    justinman114fuck the TMP it's all about the Red9, Striker, Auto-Rifle, and Broken Butterfly. TMP is a WASTE of space.
    Posted by justinman114 on 06 Nov 11 at 16:28
    justinman114and El Gigante is easier with KNIFE (except the part where you fight 2 of them with no distractions, i.e. the dog or ashley in armor)
    Posted by justinman114 on 06 Nov 11 at 16:29
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