What Are They Worth? achievement in resident evil 4

What Are They Worth?

Acquire all of the bottle caps in the game.

What Are They Worth?+0.2
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How to unlock the What Are They Worth? achievement

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    Resident Evil 4 HD

    Shooting Range A Chapter 3-1 or 3-2

    Shooting Range B Chapter 4-1

    Shooting Range C Chapter 4-2

    Shooting Rance D Chapter 5-1

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    xBrushedRedxI'm doing this on Xbox one right now. I'm hitting every target (most with head shots) but it keeps saying Reward: 0. Not understanding what I'm doing wrong here
    Posted by xBrushedRedx on 08 Sep 16 at 23:23
    xBrushedRedxNever mind. Figured it out. Was hard to get Salazar to pop up considering how sensitive the triggers are. But I got it
    Posted by xBrushedRedx on 08 Sep 16 at 23:24
    AwakeDeadeyeI did this back on the Gamecube, now it's so hard. :l
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 20 Oct 19 at 07:10
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    Here's a little abridged version for you:

    - There are FOUR shooting galleries you need to play. A, B, C, and D. Incidentally enough, there are FIVE shooting galleries: 3 located in the castle and 2 on the Island. The fifth is entirely optional, if you've done all the others, or potentially missed one.

    (They are marked with two guns on the door, always (?) by a merchant. They also appear as blue dots, or side-missions, on your map)

    - Can you do all four games in one shooting gallery? Maybe. This is unconfirmed though.

    - Each range is a little different when you get, I believe, three or four of the six bottle caps. It "changes things up" from the pattern you just had. It's no big concern though. Just adjust accordingly.

    - You can only earn ONE bottle cap at a time. If you score over 3000 points (NOT 2000 as everyone else is saying, and I can't stress that enough), you get a cap.

    (How do I know it's 3000? It says so in the instructions you get for the minigame in the first range. Lol)

    In addition, if you score over 4000 points OR hit every target, you get the "Rare Prize." There is ONE rare prize per shooting gallery.

    - If you're using the "rapid-fire" selection, DONT use the shotgun. A shotgun fires multiple slugs and has a bad (especially in range D) tendancy to hit targets you don't wanna hit. It also breaks your combo (see below).

    - If you decide to use the TMP (as everyone is suggesting), body shots are better than head shots. Without a TMP stock (or wii remote, haha), aiming is a pain in the ass. Remember that 5 consecutive hits will trigger the target at the back of the range, worth 500 points. If you hit THAT without missing a shot as well, it counts towards the next time the target appears.

    (One of the other solutions says that hitting the target in the very back isn't necessary. Believe me, it IS.)

    - When a guy holding a dynamite stick appears, shoot it (the stick). If aiming the TMP wasn't impossible, I'd suggest going for headshots instead. Up to you though.

    - Even if you don't care about the achievement for this, getting all the bottle caps in each row has a nice cash bonus, so I'd recommend you do it anyways.

    (Oh, and I've done this on the Gamecube and Wii as well.)
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    NegativeCreep08Edit - finally got the last cap with 3300 points and 25/25 targets
    Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 05 Sep 15 at 22:32
    Malicious FuryFor me I did have to score 3000. The second round of the 5-1 video (on the other solution) shows a prize awarded for 2100, 25/25. I did the same and no prize. But I did get the prize at 3300. The key was to get an extra bonus in before shooting the torch
    Posted by Malicious Fury on 09 Jan 17 at 18:22
    AwakeDeadeyeI did this on the Gamecube way back too, man have I gotten rusty. lol
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 24 Sep 18 at 03:33
  • TrueAnakin09TrueAnakin09100,631
    02 Feb 2013 11 Feb 2013
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    Just setting the record straight considering I just got this.

    Okay, so first you want to keep a lookout for blue doors. They are always close to merchants so whenever you find a merchant, look at your map and see if there are any blue dots close to your position. I really only saw one of these doors that could possibly be missed but assuming you are exploring every nook and cranny of the game (like you should be) you can't miss them. The first one does not become available until you are in Salazar's castle (chapter 3). So if you are freaking out because you haven't found any, you're probably still in the village.

    To get a bottle cap you MUST have 3,000+ points. Don't know why people are saying 2,000 but they are wrong. The only exception is with rare bottle caps where you must either score 4,000+ points OR hit all targets.

    To do this, shoot the targets (duh) and gain points. Body shots will give you 50 points while head shots net at least 100. If you get five hits in a row (combo) the back of the range will open up and a Salazar target will move across the rear window. This is worth 500 points so get it if you can. Hitting it also counts toward your next combo.

    DO NOT hit Ashley targets no matter how much you hate her. If you do, the game will penalize you 1,000 points. Good luck recovering from that.

    Everyone seems to say "TMP, TMP, use the freaking TMP." I disagree. The TMP will be your mainstay weapon but it is not the end all solution. There are five I got with the pistol, including the last two which were the most difficult.

    I managed to get three bottle caps from game Type A with this as well as the last two in Type D. It has advantage in the fact that it is only semi-auto for more controlled firing but it seems that no matter how much you've been using the handgun through the game, Leon becomes inebriated once he walks into the range so accuracy and control leaves much to be desired. It can also be problematic for taking out the bonus Salazar targets and considering the recoil, you'll need to adjust your aim after every shot or your accuracy will drop drastically. Not much of an endorsement but if you practice you'll get the hang of it.

    This will be the mainstay, so like it or hate it, you will be forced to use it the most here. I recommend playing through the game with this thing to try and get a feel for it, but you don't have to. The reason this is your choice weapon is because of its magazine capacity, and the fact that it's steadier than the handgun. The disadvantage comes with the trigger sensitivity. Only the lightest of trigger pulls keeps this thing at a one-shot firing rate and even then, it will occasionally double-tap, eliminating your chance at a bonus target and possibly killing an Ashley target when she starts to make her appearance. In the last Alternate Game Type you will have better luck ditching this one altogether as it will hit so many Ashley targets that you will be throwing your controller. In the meantime, though, might as well get comfortable with it.

    Don't use this weapon... Ever. It's good with accuracy and stability, but the spread means that you will never get a combo going.

    Sniper Rifle:
    The only time I really used this was on the last two bottle caps and it was in tandem with the handgun. This is the most accurate weapon but it suffers from slow firing rate, the need to cycle a round after every shot, and the time it takes to get into the scope. I recommend against using it except in the case of the last two caps.

    Practical Tips:
    1) Take It in Stride: Some have said that this beast of an achievement can be put off until the fourth firing range located on the island and then done all in one sitting. Do yourself a favor, don't do that. The game's frustrating enough to not have to sit in the same spot for hours on end trying to cram all of this in like a procrastinator in finals week. Every time you find a door, play the game and get all six bottle caps. Then you can space the achievement out, feel like you're making progress, and have some fun in between the aggravation. That, and completing a game type give you money to spend, so it helps in the game as well.

    2) Go for Rare Caps First: First thing you do when entering a range is to play the game newest game type and focus on hitting all the targets to unlock the rare award. Don't worry about accuracy, or combos, or quality shots; just kill them all, but don't hit the Ashley targets or it won't count. The reason you do this first is because after three regular bottle caps the game type will offer an alternate, and more challenging, setup. It is best to get this one out of the way before that happens. In addition, it helps you re-familiarize yourself with Leon's drunken aiming, and you can get an idea of how the targets come up.

    3) Take a Break: You've spent hours doing this and only have a handful of caps to show for it. It might be one, two, or three. But now you're tired, frustrated, and can barely get a measly two grand. You know what I do? Leave. Collect your caps, save the game and then turn the game off. You'd be amazed how you can improve just by giving yourself a day away from this grind before going back to it. It certainly helped me.

    4) Make a Barrier: It's so frustrating, and you just long to get back to the regular game. Maybe if I just progress a little and then come back to it- DON'T DO IT. This is the kind of thing where you just need to knuckle down and say "I'm not continuing until I get this done!" Force yourself to finish the game type before moving on. This will help with tip #1.

    5) Go for Perfection: Okay that's a little drastic, but if you mess up (hitting an Ashley target) and you know you won't be able to recover (hitting an Ashley target) spin around, walk up to the doors and exit. The game will ask if you want to leave the range. Hit yes and the game will reset, saving you time.

    6) Find a Good Spot: I've seen video of people running back and forth along the bar and they're just making it harder for themselves. Find a good spot (experiment) and stay there for the duration of the round. This will help you avoid having to memorize complex sequences of when to fire, when to move, etc. The only time you need to break this rule is on the final two caps.

    7) Manage Targets: On close to medium range targets, go for head shots, unless you know the chances of making it are slim. Distant targets should really only have body shots as they are more guaranteed hits, but feel free to go for the head if you think you can make it. Some targets will also disappear faster than others. Memorize these and shoot them as soon as the chance arises. For fast moving targets, aim a bit in front of them and wait so that they come to you. If a Salazar target drops, screw everything else and grab him. He's worth 500 points so it's worth losing one or two targets to get him.

    8) Experiment with Weapon Loadouts: Don't go crazy. Each time you switch out it takes a bit to get used to the new weapon. If you find yourself getting frustrated, though, try switching and putting in a few rounds with the alternate weapons, it may be the difference you need. If worse comes to worse, practice with the handgun and then when you're half decent, switch to the TMP and the extra accuracy may be the boost you need.

    9) The Last Two Caps: The alternate Type D game is traumatic. Ashley pops up everywhere and only a few real targets are hidden in her midst. In this case I used the Sniper loadout, using the handgun for regular targets. Once you rack up enough hits for Salazar to drop, swap for your sniper, and shoot him. After the hit, slam the start button until it brings you into the inventory, and switch back to the handgun. Remember to be patient. It pays off more to get combos then to be fast or get head shots. Using this technique I managed to get at least 3 Salazars (possibly 4) which equates to 1500 points. The rest should take care of themselves. Finally, this is the one game type which requires you to move. Don't worry, though, you'll only have to move from one side to the other. It's just that at certain angles some targets aren't visible. I recommend starting to the left of the bell and then when the set comes where you can't see any targets, move to the right and you should be able to make them out. Hit them then move back and you should be good.

    Well, that's all the advice I really have except to be patient and keep at it. Good luck. If you have a critique, let me know.
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    TrueAnakin09Just a note, the one negative vote is from the above commenter who posted a comment that I requested to be, and was, removed. It is by no means the result of my solution being somehow inadequate.
    Posted by TrueAnakin09 on 30 Apr 13 at 14:16
    RisottoRageCan you replay chapters and jump to 5-1 and do you have to do a new game?
    Posted by RisottoRage on 16 Apr 14 at 16:04
    TrueAnakin09I have heard, though not attempted, that you can hold off on these until chapter 5-1 and then do them all at once. As for replaying chapters, there's no way to do that without essentially replaying the whole game. RE4 can only be played in a linear manner so wherever the last save was, that's where you need to start from. RE5 was the first in the series to allow you to play single chapters.
    Posted by TrueAnakin09 on 19 May 14 at 18:42
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