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Weapon Crazy

Get the Rocket Launcher.

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How to unlock the Weapon Crazy achievement

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    Getting the Rocket Launcher will require you to complete the game with an A Rank. If you have the Japanese version, I believe it is an S rank instead. This is definitely a very tough achievement and if it's your first time playing through this game, it will require a lot of patience. I managed to get it done in 3 hours and 49 minutes using one of the many video walkthroughs on youtube, mostly at the same as I was playing or pausing it occasionally if there was a dangerous/boss room ahead, I would see how the video handled it all first.

    New video walkthrough used by myself (old videos got removed but I used this one for another attempt I did over on PS3, see more at bottom of guide). Big thanks to xAshe10x for his permission to post it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDF304B7E5DFC2F2B

    I don't recommend attempting this on a first playthrough. I think the best approach for your first playthrough, is to follow an A rank video, so you can get used to everything and remember areas/items which will be a much smarter idea and would probably save you a lot of frustration. You also should not watch cutscenes while going for this achievement as it will still count towards your final time so if this is your first playthrough, you'll have no idea what's going on at all if you're the skipping cutscenes.

    To get an 'A' rank:

    - Finish the game in under 4 hours and 30 minutes
    - DO NOT use any First Aid Sprays (If you pick one up, just put it in your next item storage box you come across),
    - DO NOT SAVE THE GAME (Read this carefully: You are allowed to save the game once at a certain part and it's when the game actually asks you if you want to save which happens at the halfway point, just after fighting the Tyrant on the plane as Claire)
    - DO NOT RETRY (If you die then you need to restart the entire game again... unless you make it to the free plane save at the halfway point, in which case you can start from there. You have to finish with 0 retries so remember to choose 'No' when you die.)
    - SKIP ALL CUTSCENES TO SAVE TIME (Very important rule!)

    - IGNORE PEOPLE WHO MESSAGE YOU, DO NOT REPLY, DO NOT SPEAK TO PEOPLE IN YOUR HOUSE, DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANYONE KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR, HIDE YOUR PHONE, DO NOT GO DISAPPEAR RANDOMLY FOR A BIT OR YOU'LL WASTE TIME AS YOU CANNOT PAUSE THE IN-GAME CLOCK ONCE YOU START (Apologize before and afterwards lol Seriously though, my cat started jumping all over me while I was trying to snipe Nosferatu and I ended up missing all my bullets -_-)

    Note: Make sure you DO save at the halfway point mentioned above as this is like a free save you're allowed. If you choose 'NO' then you're asking for big trouble and will have to restart the entire game again if you die after this. If you save here though and then fail, you can load your game back to the halfway point again -_^

    Other 'A' Rank Hidden Requirements which you should do :

    (If you're using a video walkthrough then that person will probably already do these but I will write guidelines out anyway. I have heard people have gotten the A rank without doing these secret requirements but it's better to be safe than sorry and they aren't really difficult)

    - Save Steve quickly when he's trapped inside a room in the mansion. At one point in the mansion (with a few dogs outside before you enter), you will go to leave through the main doors and a cutscene will trigger with Steve's voice 'HEEEELLLLPPPPP MEEEEE!!!' and Claire will respond, 'Steve?!' To get to him (don't go through the doors leading outside), go down the small steps near you, run forward and you'll hit a computer desk with some stairs nearby. To the left of this desk (the stairs are on the right) are some pillars and a wall with paintings on behind them. There are two doors on this wall and the one you want is the far right one. Once through, ignore the door right in front of you and run down the hallway. You'll reach another door, enter this one (not the door right at the end if you turn the corner, the one just before). In this room is a computer monitor (kinda at the top of the screen from the camera angle). Interact with this and it'll show you Steve on the monitor and tell you he's suffering. Continue interacting with it and it'll ask 'Operate it?' Select 'Yes' and then it will ask you which switch to press. Choose 'C' and 'E' then press decide and you've done it!

    - Give Rodrigo the Hemostatic medicine. Rodrigo is the first human you see when the game begins (inside the cell area) and he needs some medicine!!! Around the mansion area, through one of the doors, you'll enter a small outside area and a cutscene will trigger showing Alfred aiming a sniper at you from above. To proceed, you need to quickly run up the stairs located near the bottom left of the screen and once you get near the top, he'll run away through a nearby door. Go through the same door and follow this hallway down. You'll reach two doors, enter the silver one (the one on your right). Run towards the screen camera in this room and you'll reach a couch and on it is the Hemostatic. Take this back to Rodrigo and he'll give you a lockpick in return (which can be used to open locked silver cases you may find).

    - platinumpwnzor comments: 'I know the vids show the gulp worm being killed, but you should probably add that as an explicit requirement to get A ranking at the top (because Chris has to finish the game with his lighter.) I almost skipped it before I saw it listed as a requirement in the first part of the vids.'

    The Gulp Worm isn't the one you come across as Claire, that one can be ignored. The one you need to kill is in the very next room when you first start playing as Chris. Before fighting it, if you have picked up any fire rounds for your Bow Gun then approach the item storage box in the current room and equip both. The Gulp Worm goes down in like 4-5 shots from this unless you get unlucky and it keeps entering it's 'invincible frames' while tunneling.

    A few random tips/methods:

    - Unlimited Green Herb Glitch!: This is something new I never knew about back in 2011 and I'm sure a lot of others didn't either but I came across it recently and gave it a go and it makes the game so much less stressful! I massively recommend using this glitch especially if you're struggling. Give this glitch a quick go before starting your A Rank playthrough (so you know how it works). This is where I learned about it and step by step guide on how to do it, credit to Gods_Weapon1: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/resident-evil-code-...

    - Getting Grabbed: If you get grabbed by a zombie or anything, rotate the left stick in a circle rapidly and keep pressing A as fast as you can to break free before the zombie or whatever can bite you. If you did it correctly, you will push them away before any blood is drawn. This may take a while to get used to and is pretty tricky to pull off. I ended up being a real muppet and pressing the buttons before I was even grabbed which then resulted in me getting grabbed straight afterwards so just don't go overboard.

    - Using a Video Walkthrough: While I was following videos for my playthrough, I paused my game by pressing 'Back' but this has been confirmed by many that this will not stop the in-game clock so don't leave it like that for ages if you need a quick break. Once you reach the halfway save point, take a break then for as long as you like... well, come back to it sometime, of course.

    - Herbs: In case you don't know what herbs are and do, let me explain which each herb does;

    Green - Regain some health
    Red - Nothing unless combined with green
    Blue - Cures poison
    Red and Green - Full heal (Heck yeah)
    There are a few others but this is all you really need to know. Combining Green and Green is pretty good too if your inventory is starting to get full but Red and Green is the way.

    - Text Guide: If for some reason you can't follow video guides or prefer text, then this guide on gamefaqs: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps2/445328-resident-evil-code-veroni... is very detailed and will help you.

    Possible Death/Game Overs (IMPORTANT READ):

    Yellow/Gold Mutant Monster with stretchy arms = SmackYourFace

    - DON'T LEAVE THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER BEHIND: Not exactly a game over but, I made a massive mistake on my A Rank run on PS3. I left the fire extinguisher that you get early on, inside the deposit box you have to put metal items inside which is in one of the very first areas in the game. I figured I wouldn't need it anymore. However, if you keep it with you, then deposit it in your item storage box when you come across one, you can pick it up again later as Chris and use it to reach the Magnum weapon and a ton of ammo. If you left it behind like me though, you'll have to miss out on the Magnum later on :(

    - Alfred the Sniper: This is the part where you enter into a small outside area and a cutscene triggers showing Alfred aiming a Sniper down at you from above. Basically, you just need to run to the stairs at the bottom left of the screen and up them. However, I didn't know which way pointing the analog stick would take me towards the stairs and once I skipped the cutscene, I ran into the wall behind me then tried to make it towards the stairs but I got shot :( One shot doesn't kill but my health was on yellow at the time and it killed me so just be very careful.

    - First Boss Battle against a SmackYourFace: You will come across loads of these enemies later which you can just run past but unfortunately you gotta kill this one and he does nothing but keep smacking you in the face. If you get unlucky like me and shooting isn't working much cause he keeps hitting you, just keep trying or you'll just make it worst by constantly moving. Be sure you check your health after every few hits to make sure he's not gonna take you down. Other than that he's not too hard, just annoying.

    - Crowd of Zombies: When you reach the part where you're looking at a computer and a SmackYourFace enemy smashes through the window near you (it's a jump scare I think), you leave the room through the secret passage you just opened via the computer. Once outside here, there is a bit of a long straight path leading to some stairs going up. When you're back here later on, it will be guarded by many zombies. A lot of players usually run through them instead of killing them but I would recommend against it. I died here once cause I was constantly getting grabbed. It's so not worth the risk, it's better to just kill them. Remember this as well when you return on the way back.

    - SmackYourFace Mansion Room: There is a part in the mansion where you enter a room that was locked by a Silver Key. Inside is a blue Eagle Plate you need to pick up, in the middle of the room on the floor. Also inside are two SmackYourFace enemies and it can get pretty crowded fast so be very careful when you enter here and retreat if needed to get better weapons/items. Grenade launcher wouldn't be a bad choice to deal with these enemies fast. I tried running straight to the Plate to pick it up but unfortunately, Claire kept missing it until I was in a 'perfect' position to do so and I took loads of damage.

    - Tyrant fight on the Plane: It's like a few seconds away from the save point you are allowed to make. I actually got killed by him my first time :( You just need to shoot him a bit then hit the control panel near you when the battle begins. This will send a crate at him and try to knock him out of the plane, it should fail though as you won't have damaged him enough yet and you'll have to do it one more time. You need to wait for the panel to charge back up again (you'll hear a 'beep' once it has) then press it again to send another crate which should end the battle. If you don't want to waste all your ammo, just shoot him a bit after the first crate and then run in circles kinda while you wait for the next crate to be ready.

    - Examine the Valve Shape: Not a game over but it will save a lot of time to remember this. Near the beginning of the 2nd half of the game, you'll enter an area with some pipes and an empty slot where you must put a Valve in in a bit to turn it. Well, before you can make the Valve fit into it's space, you gotta examine the slot FIRST otherwise, when you reach the area where you craft the correct shape for the Valve, it won't let you do it cause Claire doesn't know what it needs to look like yet and you'll have to come all the way back down and enter the previous area again to examine it. Do not forget this like I did once.

    Also, if using the Infinite Green Herb glitch, put it inside the item storage box before entering the room where you need to turn the Valve to proceed, this is so Chris can have it and use it from now on when you switch to him.

    - Nosferatu Boss Fight: Be sure you also take the Assault Rifle (AK) with you before this battle so Claire has it to fall back on if you run out of Sniper ammo. This isn't really all that hard, it just requires good aiming with the Sniper so take your time on this since you only have 7 shots. Do not let the enemy get too close to you or one of his tentacles may send Claire off the edge so keep moving around the helipad if he gets close. As you're zooming in with the rifle (hold LT), be sure you are aiming at the heart, do not miss! You'll also be hit a lot by some kinda purple smoke, Claire will moan a bit when it hits her but it should do barely anything except poison her after a few times. Just keep healing every now and again if it does, especially if you see Claire moving really slow as that means your health is on 'Danger'. You may not do this on your first go so if you die, hit 'Retry' and try it again until you beat him before you restart your save. This is so you can practice a bit on him or you'll just be unprepared every time you get there. Don't forget to also reload your save again, don't continue if you beat him after retrying! Although I did manage this with just the Sniper on Xbox 360, I couldn't on the PS3 version (my skills lol) but luckily, the AK I brought with me finished him off each time I replayed it so yeah, don't forget to bring it.

    - Two Hunters Chaos: When you get back to the island you were on earlier as Claire but you're now playing as Chris, you'll get to a part where you use a 'Turn Table Key' on an elevator to go up it. After climbing over the box once you reach the top, there is a door on your right which you will need to use at some point. Once you go through it, it takes you to a small outside area (you should recognize from earlier as Claire) and your destination is the elevator which is to your left. The problem is, there are two Hunters here which killed me once so I highly recommend you have full health before entering this area. It's only a quick run to the elevator to the left but believe me, they can quickly take you down at an amazing speed if you get unlucky with the positions they're in.

    - The Lone Super Hunter: Well, here is another part I died and it's not long after the previous one. Shortly after going down the elevator after getting past the two Hunters above, you'll enter another room, go up a mini lift in it (watch out for the Hunter in here too) then you'll go through a door at the top, go across a bridge, solve a puzzle, come back and lower the bridge, enter the previous room, back down the mini lift and through another door which takes you back onto the previous bridge which is now lowered. Now, a Hunter drops down from somewhere as you cross this (you should see Chris' head move if he spots it as the camera just happens to be facing away on this part). Unfortunately for me, the Hunter kept on clawing me and wouldn't fall over and I died before I had chance to heal. He almost took me down on my second go as well because the same thing happened but this time I kept my health stocked up! So just keep checking your health as you shoot at this rare Hunter. He might look like the others but trust me, be wary with this one.

    - Helping Claire (Poisoned): If Claire got poisoned during the Nosferatu Boss Fight when you were last playing as her (which is rare if she didn't), then you (Chris) will need to find the Serum to cure her. Backtrack to the elevator, go down, follow the corridor and enter the first double door room you come to (it's just before the corner which takes you to the room where the Giant Spider optional boss is). In case you're not sure then this is the same room where you used a Valve to lower water inside a tank to pick up the Crane Key not long ago. Once inside the room, there is a lift almost in front of you (you may have used this to get the Magnum already if you happened to have the Fire Extinguisher from the beginning). Use it and it will take you down to a room with 3 zombies in. Kill them, then to your right is a shelf with the Serum on. Collect it and return to Claire but before re-entering the room she is in, prepare yourself for the Boss Fight against Alexia which will occur the next time you're Chris, immediately. See more just below a bit on what you should take.

    - Crucial Preparations: After the above part, you start playing as Claire again for a short time and if earlier she was poisoned, her health will be on danger so heal her right away. Now, before leaving this room be sure to have two (I had four cause I get super worried about these things) Red and Green Herbs or Green and Green or a mix of both. I had one Green and Red combined and two green and green combined. You make sure you have these or you could die on the next part, depending on what you do (see below). If she has the AK with ammo in it from earlier still (if you gave it her during the previous boss fight) then equip that as your weapon for this small part.

    - Evil Crusher!!!: Shortly after the above part, a few rooms ahead you'll reach a cannon up some steps you can use after picking up a Security Book near it. A small Crystal Ball will fall out of it and you'll see a square object with a chain on it (I'll call this Pure Evil), slam down in front of you. What you need to do here is, quickly run over the square marking on the ground (where the Pure Evil will slam down) and pick up the Crystal Ball. Then, trigger the Pure Evil again by running over the marking to where you were standing near the cannon. It will slam down and as it's rising back up, quickly go under it and 'Use' the Crystal Ball to put it down there. This will trigger a cutscene where Claire automatically moves and the Pure Evil crushes the Crystal Ball leaving a card behind that you can now pick up. Simple right? No.

    When my brother did that part (it was a normal playthrough though), the Pure Evil landed on him and yeah, it will kill you and result in a Game Over. One hit and all. I didn't know this when I got my A rank so it shocked me when it happened to my bro because of how close I actually had been to dying on that part. And then... it happened to me when I did the PS3 version. The Pure Evil came down and when it went back up, I started walking across the marking to get to safety and I realized all of sudden, Claire literally was walking even though I was holding run. I was like 'OMG NO!-' but too late, it came down and killed her. I realized my mistake shortly after, I was holding Square to run instead of X. I had mixed up the controls on the worst part lol How many old Survival Horror PS games do you hold X to run? Anyway, just be so careful when doing that puzzle thingy...

    - Axe Boss Kinda Fight: Also just after the above part, like just right after, you'll use the card you picked up to enter a room that has Dah Do at the end of it. He'll transform though and after the cutscene, you'll need to run away back towards the camera and into the room you came from (a cutscene triggers when you're close enough) This is the reason you need all those Herbs mentioned above. This Boss Kinda Guy will keep swinging his axe which will hit you as you're running away. I messed up on this and got hit three times nearly because I had the analog stick the wrong way as soon as I skipped the cutscene. Remember, HEAL AFTER EVERY HIT YOU TAKE OR YOU WILL DIE! DO NOT FORGET... AFTER EVERY SINGLE HIT, HEAL! Or see below method...

    Edit: If for some reason you have no healing items at this point, it is possible to escape from the Boss Kinda Guy without using any at all. You will need to attack him first with a weapon that will stun him (one grenade shot will work great) and then run away and repeat once when he gets closer to you. From there, you will make it to the door. Of course, this may require a bit of luck with timing if it's your first attempt doing this. You might want to check out this helpful video by Tibor Kennedy HD showing this method:

    - Alexia First Boss Fight In Mansion Hallway: If you have the Magnum, take it with you as it will kill Alexia in just 5-6 shots I believe. So this is a MUST as it will be a tough fight without it. On Xbox 360, I got through this fight no problem but on PS3, I had no Magnum and I actually died here three times. She does an Instant Kill attack when she gets close to Chris which is why you need to stay as far back as possible or you'll be looking at a Game Over in no time. She will throw blood around the room and after a second or two, it will turn to fire. Avoid this fire as much as possible, even if you have a shot lined up, just run away to a safer spot if any blood lands near you. Those three times I died, each one was because I was stuck in a silly animation of Chris wiping his shirt, trying to put some fire out while she slowly walked over to me and then Instant Killed me. Doesn't matter if you're facing forward or backwards, she will still Instant Kill you so just keep as far back as possible! When I eventually did it, I used a Bow Gun with eight Fire Rounds, then finished her off with a few regular Grenade Rounds from the Grenade Launcher of course. Be wary that you have to be a bit closer when using that, so don't try to fire it across the room. The good thing is each grenade seems to stun her, so this might just work with spamming that quick. You really don't want your run to end here after all the work so far so seriously, be very careful in this battle. Maybe watch a quick video first to see what other people do. Really though, remember to keep far back and avoid standing near blood she throws.

    - Final Boss Preparations: Once you get to where you were playing as Claire not long ago, but as Chris, enter the room you were previously in as Claire. This room will be the one you started in just above where you were putting many Herbs into your inventory from the item storage box as Claire. This is the last box you come across so prepare yourself with everything you need for the Final Battle. I had at least three combined herbs (all green and green) but I was without Bow Gun fire rounds and those deal pretty good damage so take those if you have some. Also take the Grenade Launcher and different rounds you may have for it like the Regular, Flame and Acid, don't bother with the BOW Gas Rounds though if you have any. You can also push the bookcase near the item storage box to reveal a holder on the wall where you can put your Shotgun. Doing this opens up a secret painting nearby and behind it are some Flame Rounds for your Grenade Launcher.

    - Saving Claire, before the Boss Fight!: There is a moment before the final fight begins where Alexia will be walking towards Claire, slowly edging her towards the edge of the platform you're on. If she keeps on doing it, Claire will be dead. Once you gain control after this small unskippable scene, quickly aim (the auto aim should lock on to Alexia) and fire at her. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE BOW GUN EQUIPPED OR SOMETHING SIMILAR WHEN YOU LEAVE THE ROOM JUST BEFORE THIS (it's the room where you enter the 'Veronica' password to initiate the self destruct sequence. Do not use the Shotgun or Grenade Launcher as, though I haven't tested it, I believe due to the range, they would be ineffective against Alexia and Claire would die.

    - Final battle now: For my battle, I didn't have any Flame Rounds for my Bow Gun so I used about 11 normal Bow Rounds out of the 60 I had and the rest of the battle, I just used the Grenade Launcher with the multiple different rounds it has. You will be attacked a lot by the boss and little random small creatures so keep checking your health. It's possible to get poisoned too. Once she's took enough damage, the boss will change into it's final form. Pick up the gun on the wall behind you, now just aim it like the Sniper Rifle and fire at the boss. It takes one shot to kill her but it's pretty difficult since she keeps dodging. Just keep firing all over the place around her though (it's unlimited so don't panic) and you will hit her. Her attacks are pretty easy to dodge but it shouldn't be necessary. If you want to be careful though then, shoot, shoot, and move around while she does her attack (which is only a fire trail) then repeat. Once you hit her, the game is done!

    After the credits or no credits if you skipped them, you will see your ranking. Congrats if you made it!

    It will take a lot of patience and time and probably a lot of restarts before you get the hang of it unless you're pretty lucky. Good luck :) I hope this guide helped you out!

    If you need any more help or tips then be sure to check out the comments below. Like, seriously! So many insane helpful comments from awesome people below, please check them out!

    MAY 9TH 2016 UPDATE: I have now completely changed this solution from what it originally was as I've managed to find time to play through this game again over on PlayStation 3, going for the A rank. I came across a new video walkthrough which I used and it helped incredibly and also did many parts in safer ways which the previous videos didn't. Because of this, some of the tips people have provided in the comments may not make sense now as this new video walkthrough covers most of them. I myself have also added loads more new tips/methods I've learned about since doing this achievement, possible A rank requirements and also multiple links to more info which I don't like posting but, they should help a lot if you're interested. It took me ages to write this solution originally as I went through each video (the old ones) many times listing safer paths/more items the player didn't collect (Example: 'At 5 minutes 34 seconds in Part 6 of the guide, there are two herbs on the left the player misses. Pick them up if needed'). However, these no longer made sense once the videos were removed so most of this solution became useless... Until now! I hope now I've cleaned this solution up with new and more information, tips and new sections such as bosses and places to be extra cautious in, it's still as helpful as it originally was :) Good luck!

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    platinumpwnzorThe videos were very helpful. I know the vids show the gulp worm being killed, but you should probably add that as an explicit requirement to get A ranking at the top (because Chris has to finish the game with his lighter.) I almost skipped it before I saw it listed as a requirement in the first part of the vids.

    Also for some reason, Green + Green herb seems to be full health in this game, even though I haven't seen it heal that much in other Resident Evil games. I had one instance where Green + Green took me from Danger to Fine, so I think you always want to make that or Green + Red, unless you need to top off from yellow before entering double Hunter/Sweeper areas.

    Also, I would recommend taking the Assault Rifle from the weapon locker in the Weapon room when you go to get the mine key. You can use it to kill the 3 dogs in the generator room so that you can collect the 5 herbs and turn on the power unmolested. Plus, it's great backup for the fight against Nosferatu. You don't want to be left high and dry if you can't kill him with the 7 sniper shots.

    I finished @ 3:06:00 while collecting way more items than actually needed, so you can probably get under 4:30:00 while collecting almost everything. I want to hit my head on the wall after choking a couple of times though. I got all the way to mutated Steve on my first try but I died because I forgot to turn around first before running! The run after that, I got stun-locked and grabbed by Alexia 1... hours wasted! angry

    Reloading at the free save definitely works too. toast
    Posted by platinumpwnzor on 19 Jun 15 at 07:45
    TachikomaShikiThanks platinumpwnzor and congrats! Those are some great tips :) Can't really remember too much about the A Rank now but will definitely check out some info on that worm requirement.
    Posted by TachikomaShiki on 21 Jun 15 at 20:11
    TachikomaShikiI've done some checking now and have came across a few things I wasn't aware of back when I did this run. One of the A rank requirements I was aware of was that, you had to save Steve when he needs help, pretty quickly. I didn't feel the need to mention this though not just because the video covers it, but because so many other walkthroughs/guides out there don't mention it at all. All of them have at least the requirements I have listed in the solution down but only random ones mention 'Saving Steve quickly' or 'Giving Rodrigo the medicine' and other random stuff. I've never found a guide to confirm these but once again, the video covers them so I left them out. The Gulp Worm is another one but I actually have found no information which mentions this as a requirement unless it's an optional fight? I can't remember myself.

    Recently, I found some other news that doing certain actions awards you with points and to get the A rank, you have to get a certain amount of these points. Anything below this hidden target and you'll get a lower rank. So like, if you save Steve fast and help Rodrigo, you will gain points for that towards your A rank and of course the other things you're doing such as, not using first aids and not saving, will be giving you a lot of points too of course. So I guess it may be possible to not meet a certain requirement but you suceed in the rest and because of that, you achieve an A rank? I'm not sure, as this is all new to me so I'll leave it out but it definitely makes a lot more sense now why random guides are mentioning Steve and Rodrigo. They are like bonus points I guess. Anyway, I'll be sure to add a reminder for the Gulp Worm fight as that sounds pretty important. Thanks again!
    Posted by TachikomaShiki on 22 Jun 15 at 13:39
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  • Teh ParalyzerTeh Paralyzer459,014
    02 Mar 2013 15 Mar 2013
    18 2 13
    This Achievement is earned by getting an A Rank (S Rank in Japanese Version due to different letter ranks)

    You need to

    Do not save
    Do not retry
    Do not use First Aid Spray
    Give Rodrigo the medicine and Save Steve from the Luger room quickly
    Complete game in under 4 hours and 30 minutes
    Save during Part 1 to Part 2 transition
    Use herbs
    Skip every cutscene

    Now the Hardest Part about this game is not dying. Time is an issue until you have the game memorized.

    The Value Swap Glitch wasn't fixed in this HD remake so the ability to have infinite items still works.

    You can make any item you like but I recommend you make an infinite Herb to help survive moments where an enemy can get the jump on you.

    With the Playing Manual you can trick the game into swapping the number values of item near the Playing Manual.

    When the game starts DO NOT TOUCH the manual

    When you get the Handgun make sure it's in Slot 2

    Now find an Herb and put it in Slot 3

    Without touching the Manual go into Files and read the Playing Manual in the File Menu

    Now The Herb should be equipped

    Fire 1 bullet out of the Herb.

    Now the Herb will be with you forever. UNLESS YOU MIX IT so don't do that.

    You CAN give this item to Chris via the Item Box

    The Video below can show how it's done properly

    Credit to video goes to CaRC1n0g2n
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    LeglessHamsterWhen u have to put your gun in the safety box does this cancel the glitch for the herb?
    Posted by LeglessHamster on 07 Mar 14 at 17:03
    New ParalyzerThe herb glitch can only be cancelled if you mix it
    Posted by New Paralyzer on 18 Jun 14 at 20:22
    RABBID W0LFMan, thanks for posting this when you did. Saved me a ton of time. toast
    Posted by RABBID W0LF on 18 Jan 15 at 03:53
  • Hudson 826Hudson 82698,223
    29 Sep 2011 29 Sep 2011 31 Oct 2011
    12 6 2
    Major Spoiler Alert!!!

    S Rank (Japan version) = A Rank (US / Europe version)

    - Finish the campaign under 4 hours and 30 minutes.
    - Do not use any typewriter to save
    - Do not retry the game after death
    - Do not use any first aid spray
    - Save Steve from the Lugar room (solve puzzle with C + E) within 1 minute and 30 seconds.
    - Deliver medicine to Rodrigo, the prison guard who released you.


    It is imperative that you know the layout of the game. My advice is to play the game three times.

    The first time you play, just enjoy the story and get the story-related achievements. Do not spoil the experience with the achievement hunt. Take your time and familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics.

    The second time you play, follow a walkthrough step by step to fully understand and memorize the game. Watch the walkthrough videos from start to finish. Learn the quickest route, the method to beat or avoid enemies and the locations of hidden items.

    -FOR REAL-
    The third time you play, you are on it. Beware that the game’s clock cannot be paused no matter what! Inventory screen, game reset screen, dashboard… all these CANNOT stop the clock ticking. That’s why you need to memorize everything in your second run.


    After you defeat the T-078 Tyrant on the plane, the game will prompt you to save. This is a FREE SAVE that does NOT affect the achievement. Save the game and continue, unless you wasted too much time.

    Up to the Tyrant battle, I think “Part 1” only takes up about 40% of the game. You should not spend over 2 hours on Part 1.


    The best way to kill Nosferatu is by three direct hits to the heart by a Sniper Rifle but the marksmanship is hard to pull off.

    Nosferatu is highly resilient to normal weaponry. Even 100% of the AK-47 (found in the weapon room) and 7 body shots from the Sniper Rifle cannot kill him. You may want to save up Explosive Bows for this fight.

    If worse comes to worst, a desperate move is to get up close and personal with Nosferatu using the Combat Knife and try to slash his heart.


    If you are ahead of schedule, you may want to arm Chris with powerful weapons and then free Claire from the cocoon (+giving her the antidote if she was poisoned) as soon as you arrive at the Ashford mansion. Claire’s last sequence* is extremely nasty and immediately after that is Chris’s first battle with Alexia, anther death trap. You want to survive all these before you invest more time on this run.

    *Claire’s last sequence: The dangers include the crystal crusher and Steve.


    Claire will MOST LIKELY become poisoned by the Nosferatu Boss. In that case, Chris would have to search for a certain antidote to save his sister later on.

    Many people complain that it wastes a lot of time to the point that they recommend a restart. They are dead wrong.

    The room of the antidote – the weapon room - is exactly the one where you can obtain the Magnum revolver (if you brought along a fire extinguisher and refilled it). The key that is used activate the crane that pull up Nosferatu’s corpse is also nearby (you need a certain valve to drain the water). If you can arrange your play properly, you can retrieve the antidote along with the Magnum revolver and the crane key without lots of backtracking. (# You should have played the game twice and known your way around if you had followed my advice by heart.)

    Last but not least, it is now proved by "WornOutSmiles" (refer to #1 comment) that you can avoid getting poisoned by Nosferatu if you deliberately let the poisonous Moths poison you first. Claire can use a blue herb to heal herself from the Moth poison after Chris saved her.


    This play-list (credits: YouTube user Hayato182004) saves me thousands of words and saves YOU the confusion. Take my words seriously and head over there.

    And before you go, please give me a THUMB UP! ^_^

    Showing both comments.
    WornOutSmilesI accidentally got poisoned by the moths just before the boss fight, Nosferatu (one of the creatures were stuck and I didn't shake it off in time). Anyway, once you are saved by Chris from the cocoon and start Claire's last sequence you will still be poisoned by the moths and will be on "Danger" status. However, a blue herb will cure it and therefore by doing this you wont need the serum.
    Despite this, I still feel it's a better idea to let Claire get poisoned and go to the weapon room for the serum and Magnum since it takes like 5 bullets to take Alexia down when you 1st fight her as Chris. Less chance of dying so late on this way too I think...
    Just thought I'd let you know in case someone would prefer to do it that way. Awesome guide by the way, thanks for posting it :-)
    Posted by WornOutSmiles on 30 Oct 11 at 19:41
    Hudson 826It's awesome you tested out the Moth poison way. Glad I could help.
    Posted by Hudson 826 on 31 Oct 11 at 03:49
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