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Battle Master

Get the Linear Launcher from Battle Game.

Battle Master-0.8
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How to unlock the Battle Master achievement

  • Hudson 826Hudson 82692,074
    28 Sep 2011 28 Sep 2011 30 Mar 2012
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    S Rank (JP version) / A Rank (US/EU version) Clear Time Requirement:

    Claire (Bow Gun): 6:00
    Claire (Grenade Launcher): 7:30
    Chris: 6:30
    Steve: 9:30
    Wesker: 1:00:00

    Battle Game FAQ Guide (credits: aerwin)
    - Use this guide to know what you are up against and where the healing items are.

    [Wesker] S Rank Difficulty: ***** (*Start with Knife only)
    - Unlock Wesker by completing Chris's Battle Game
    - Watch the video to find out where to get a Magnum.
    - Watch huoshao524 (the video uploader) wisely spend 2 magnum rounds on explosives to waste zombies.
    - Watch huoshao524 defeat Alexia with 4 magnum rounds and 2 knife slashes.
    - Aim for the legs. One strike to the legs counts as two hits. Be aware the range of slashing down is smaller than slashing straight.
    - To make a zombie fall, slash straight on its torso and then slash down on its legs.

    ### From the comments, I heard about the Magnum missing from the cabinet for people who did not take a "diary" at the very same place on previous runs with any characters. Be on your toes, folks. ###

    [Claire (Bow Gun)] S Rank Difficulty: ***** (*6 minutes / 18 rooms = 20s per room)
    - Unlock Claire (Bow Gun) with the Battle Game mode itself by completing the Main Game.
    - Watch the video. (credits: HKGoldenMrA)
    - Do not pick up any healing items. Claire has plenty and time is short.
    - Fire away against zombie hordes. Don't be precise and slow.

    [Chris] S Rank Difficulty: **** (*Alexia 3 is highly mobile)
    - Unlock Chris with the Battle Game mode itself by completing the Main Game
    - Watch HKGoldenMrA (the video uploader) corner Alexia 3 and makes short work of her.

    [Steve] S Rank Difficulty: ***
    - Unlock Steve by obtaining the Lugar Replica from the Main Game in the tank-underground save room. You need NOT be carrying it when the game ends. Just put it in the item box.
    - Watch kaneochang (video uploader) fire away with the sub-machine gun.

    [Claire (Grenade Launcher)] S Rank Difficulty: **
    - Watch the video. (credits: HKGoldenMrA)

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    New xDante1986Hi, target times are surely wrong did first two now with time 6:05:59 and 7:41:30 and according to your guide it´s not enough for A
    Posted by New xDante1986 on 18 Apr at 10:45
    Dropkick Hope86In the video for Wesker, the second shot he takes to blow up the zombie and damage all of them around it is a speed run strat. If you are careful and use you knife instead you will have 5 shots for the final boss and that will kill it. No need to get close and use you knife.
    Posted by Dropkick Hope86 on 03 Jun at 04:38
    Dropkick Hope86Also I am not sure of the maximum time limit to get the magnum but I picked it up at 10 minutes 36 seconds.
    Posted by Dropkick Hope86 on 03 Jun at 04:40
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  • hurdlerderrekhurdlerderrek268,746
    23 Apr 2012 23 Apr 2012
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    Just for a heads up to those who follow the videos listed in the other solutions. For Wesker there is no time limit for a cut-off for an A rank. You just have to finish and survive. However in order to get the Magnum from the lottery machine or whatever it is you must be there as close to 8 minutes as you can. If not you get a diary instead and the magnum you need for the Alexia fight. 5 shots is all you need so take your time and make them count.

    I thought that you had to Wesker's within 10 minutes (as in the first solution in the Wesker video). Otherwise I would have had this done forever ago.

    The other characters are pretty easy since you have unlimited ammo for their best guns. Just watch the vids.
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    HaarbergerI could pick up the magnum at 9:20.
    Posted by Haarberger on 21 Feb 18 at 20:49
  • Plasma SKXPlasma SKX462,910
    25 Jan 2012 29 Jan 2012 05 Feb 2012
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