To Link the Fire achievement in DARK SOULS

To Link the Fire

Reach "To Link the Fire" ending.

To Link the Fire0
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How to unlock the To Link the Fire achievement

  • Carlos AgainCarlos Again148,581
    13 Oct 2011 16 Oct 2011 16 Oct 2011
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    After you defeat Gwyn; the last boss, you are presented with a bonfire. Depending on what you do at this point, decides whether you get the "To Link the Fire" ending, or the "Dark Lord" ending, and their corresponding achievement.

    If you light the bonfire, you will get the "To link the Fire" ending; If you decide to turn your back and walk away without lighting the bonfire, you will get the "Dark Lord" ending.

    Each ending nets you a separate, 90 point achievement.

    This specific achievement relates to the "To Link the Fire" ending.

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    a tea treeJust want to suggest a few things for those who haven't yet defeated Gwyn: you'll do well to have the Black Knight Shield equipped - it gives you the ability to parry him if you want to try that, and also gives you heavy physical and fire resistance (just the kinds of damage that Gwyn does!)

    Before crossing the door to his room, feel free to apply any useful buffs you might have - the stamina-boosting grass or Replenishment miracles might be wise.

    As far as actually fighting him, you can either attempt to parry several of his types of blows (you'll probably know how to do this by the time you get here), or you can just bring a lot of pyromancer spells with you, especially if you have Quelana's ascended flame, and burn him to a crisp. Oh, oh, I'm sorry - to "Cinders".

    Good luck with New Game +!
    Posted by a tea tree on 31 Oct 11 at 09:29
    E5SX B01I agree with what "a tea tree" has posted and found it very helpful, thanks mate. I was playing as a mage and found that there were three or four pillars dotted around the centre of the arena. If you could get Gwyn lodged on the opposite side from yourself, he will end up attacking the pillar and using a side jump to get out of the situation which can give you that extra time to either drink from the estus flask or to cast a spell. I would recommend using the crystal homing soulmass/homing soulmass attack once you have done this since you can use your shield to stop the barrage of attacks he will then use. Keep rinsing and repeating and you should have no problems getting through the fight, I managed to use just one estus flask using this tactic. I hope this helps.
    Posted by E5SX B01 on 31 Mar 12 at 23:47
    bryan dot exeJust to clarify, when Carlos Again says "turn your back and walk away" he means walking back out the door you came in. I spent a full two or three minutes trying to find another door out of the room. Embarrassing.
    Posted by bryan dot exe on 14 May 12 at 16:56
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  • LathandertgLathandertg831,697
    27 Feb 2013 06 May 2013 06 Aug 2014
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    Just one more thing to add as I got BOTH endings in one game cycle.

    The trick was, saving the game exclusively on the usb stick. After defeating Gwyn, I placed myself in front of the bonfire. Now just the moment before I activated it I pulled the usb stick out and watched the ending. After the ending the achievement popped and the new game plus started.

    I then loaded my savegame from the usb stick and just did the other ending by walking away.

    As this solution corrupted someone's savegame: Make sure that while you pull the stick out the savegame flame does not show up because this might destroy your savegame. I think you can avoid this if you pull it out right after the game quicksaves as it saves regularly. Do not move and after pulling it out immediately press A to start the ending sequence.
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    Hurricane MattWorked great, thanks!
    Posted by Hurricane Matt on 28 Dec 15 at 05:33
    McQueen101You can always copy your save to the cloud prior to the last fight and then play offline(Disconnected to the internet) and just log back on and use the cloud save for the other cheevo.
    Posted by McQueen101 on 15 Jan 16 at 04:39
    Shadow XBLDoes this work in remastered? Maybe pull your Ethernet right when the achievement pops, then delete local save, reconnect, and sync?
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 06 Jul 18 at 12:47
  • Seraphim17Seraphim17798,147
    19 Jun 2012 05 Sep 2012
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    I know I'm late to the whole Dark Souls party, but. . .

    Here is a link to a full walkthrough of the game with full commentary. It began as a pyro focus build to help new players break the game early, but a Black Knight Halberd drop changed that. Either way, this is an efficient path through the game that any gamer can emulate.

    NOTE: This was recorded from console and DOES NOT have the new DLC included. My channel however has boss videos against all the DLC bosses.

    Hope it helps
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