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Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight

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How to unlock the Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight achievement

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    Achievement description- Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight

    To get this achievement, you need to join the covenant of sunlight. To do this, you have to have at least 25 points in the faith stat.
    Or there is also a catch. If you are lucky enough to have played in multiplayer enough times, you can also reach above 25 quite easily. Every time you are the client in multiplayer, you will gain 5 points toward the 25 required to join the covenant. For example, if your faith stat is only a 10 but you have been the client in multiplayer 8 times, you can still join the covenant. (10+ (5x3) = 25)
    In order to actually find this covenant, there are a few ways. One way is to contact the Warrior of Sunlight Solaire (the guy on the bridge you met in Undead Burg who lets you summon him) with a stat 25 or greater, and he will ask you to join his covenant. You can also encounter him later in the game in Anor Londo.
    If for some reason you can't find Volaire, you can go to the Sunlight Altar which is conveniently across the bridge that the Red Dragon is located on. If your HP is high enough, you can make a run for it and pray you don't die getting there. :) Make sure you equip a fire resistant armor too! Once you reach the bonfire inside that castle across the bridge, turn right to go slightly outside and you'll see the altar. If your faith stat is 50 or above, the altar will also allow you to join the covenant. Good luck!

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    Galarzaa90Wait, so you actually have to join this covenant to get the achievement?

    I got the other achievements just by asking to enter, before selecting yes or no... just wondering... I'm standing still, waiting for someone to summon me.
    Posted by Galarzaa90 on 08 Feb 15 at 19:01
    Galarzaa90After seeing the first comment: So I do not have to join to get the achievements, but do I still need the faith requirement for the achievement?
    Posted by Galarzaa90 on 08 Feb 15 at 19:24
    Fully CompletedCannot join the covenant directly through Solaire at Anor Londo.
    Posted by Fully Completed on 01 Jul 17 at 00:27
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  • Kinky BunsKinky Buns154,715
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    This covenant is located in the Undead Parish across the long bridge with the Hellkite Dragon towering over top of it. It's completely possible to avoid fighting the Hellkite Dragon if you have throwing knives or a bow by positioning yourself at the stairs in the middle of the bridge, hitting it once with a range weapon then running underneath the dragon as it flies over to land on the bridge.

    Since the latest patch you only require a Faith level of 25 to join, but if you're going for the full 100% I'd suggest saving this covenant for the second play through so you can use your skill points for other things than Faith and also work towards the 10 sunlight medals required to get the Sunlight Spear.

    Assuming you wait until your second play through (or not) you can use your White Sign Soapstone to drop a summon sign at bonfires where you have defeated bosses. Each time you help someone kill a boss in their world you deplete the requirement of 25 Faith by 5 points, so do this 5-6 times and you can instantly join and unlock the achievement.

    I'd suggest looking for people in Blighttown at a SL of 90 and drop your summon sign at the bonfire before the boss.

    Hope this helps!
  • Moonlight HavocMoonlight Havoc12,551
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    To get this as early as possible, either get the 25Faith or help people with Taurus Demon, then climb the ladder up to the bridge, walk up the stairs. then the next set of stairs to the op, then run around to the other side of the stairs in the cubby then peak your head out, hit the dragon with an arrow, then as he aggros and jumps down, make a full sprint towards the gate behind him(while he's busy flying down). This is also a faster way to the church and you won't have to put up with those annoying rats! Take note once you get in there the Hellkite will fly off and doesn't return until you leave the area and return.
    I was able to get this achievement at Soul Level 7-10-ish by just helping people with Taurus.
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