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Covenant: Gravelord Servant

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How to unlock the Covenant: Gravelord Servant achievement

  • Gaist HeideggerGaist Heidegger133,606
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    This is found about halfway through the Catacombs--but be sure that you've got a divine weapon before setting out or you're in for a lot of frustration, as the skeleton enemies will continuously come back to life and can be tough if you're lower level. You can reach the Catacombs by passing a narrow stairwell at the rear of the graveyard next to the Firelink Shrine--the first area of the game after the tutorial.

    About halfway down through the Catacombs, you will find a Prowling Demon protecting something at the end of a somewhat narrow hallway; the object it is protecting is what you need, a grave eye. A good way to defeat this guy is to dodge his lightning and then position yourself to his left side (your right if he's facing you) behind his empty hand--then he will have a hard time hitting you. If he jumps into the air, get out of the way and then reposition at his flank again.

    Once you've got the eye, in the same vicinity you'll find one of the mausoleum graves is sticking out farther than the rest--and when you walk up to it, you'll get a prompt to climb inside. Do so while holding the eye and then wait about thirty seconds and you'll be transported to the Tomb of Giants. Towards the rear of this area, you'll find Gravelord Nito looking pretty Neato and if you walk up to him and talk you'll be prompted to join the covenant.

    As with all covenants, you only have to be prompted to join in order to unlock the achievement--so if you don't actually want to be a Gravelord Servant, you can then back out of the prompt and go climb back in your gravemobile to return to the catacombs.

    If you're a completionist, do note that you'll need to rank up with the Gravelord covenant in order to acquire all miracles; in order to reach the required rank you'll need a total of 10 Eye of Death items to turn in to Nito Bandito (I suspect so that he can stick them into all his skulls all googly-eye style). You can 'farm' Eye of Deaths from the basilisks in the Depths, but the drop rate is pretty awful so if you're going to do so I recommend boosting your item find as much as possible (covetous serpent ring, humanity, etc.) and having high curse resist before dealing with those awful things.

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    FFX Brotherhood+1, Loved the googly eye comment
    Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 04 Jun 14 at 21:06
    XI AlphaMale IXI don't understand. Nito is dead, so....
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 14 Jun 14 at 00:12
    Sneaky G WizardYeah, same thoughts as me...

    I've progressed far enough to have killed Nito, so am I now unable to do this - it really needs adding in.
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 04 Jul 14 at 11:35
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  • Entitled GamerEntitled Gamer62,769
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    Getting to the Gravelord Nito's tomb can be a difficult task for people even at SL40 or higher, but it's still easily doable from SL5-10 if you know where you're going.

    This video will show you how to reach the Gravelord Covenant from Firelink Shrine in less than 4 minutes without killing anything.

    I did not create the above video. I came across it while struggling in the Catacombs at SL30 and saw no similar solution. Please go to nirvanite17's video page and like his or her video in support.

    You are not required to enter the covenant for the achievement; however, I highly advice you do to receive a weapon required for

    Dark SoulsKnight's HonorThe Knight's Honor achievement in Dark Souls worth 93 pointsAcquire all rare weapons.

    In addition to a miracle for
    Dark SoulsPrayer of a MaidenThe Prayer of a Maiden achievement in Dark Souls worth 92 pointsAcquire all miracles.

    Please note that you can make your journey down here a lot easier with a few things. None of these methods are used in the video, but if you are further in the game you might already be able to take advantage of them.

    If your intelligence is at least 10, you can use a spell called Fall Control, purchasable by Griggs of Vinheim for 1,500souls, to lessen damage from the height drops. Griggs of Vinheim is available in Firelink Shrine once you save him from the lower city of Undead Burg by opening a locked door and speaking to him. He's locked in a house directly to the right and behind where you enter the lower city. The key can be purchased from the Undead Merchant [Male] in Undead Burg's upper city for 1,000souls.

    For more details on Griggs please see

    You can also lower the enemies perception and response time to you with either the Hidden Body spell or the Ring of Fog (and they both stack).

    The Hidden Body spell can be purchased from Dusk of Oolacile for 2,000souls after you have defeated the Hydra and Golden Crystal Golem in Darkroot Basin. The spell will require 14 intelligence to cast.

    While the Hydra may be difficult to get to, it is an easy fight once you walk into the water and it switches to melee attacks. And the Goldem Golem has the same attack patterns and set as the Crystal Golems, which make it an easy miniboss to destroy. For locations and details, please see

    The Ring of Fog is a gift from the Forest Hunter Covenant for successfully killing three human players in Alvina's forest. It's harder than it sounds at this current date since most players tend to farm humanity off of Forest Hunter invasions at higher SL, but invading as a Forest Hunter will prevent you from losing any souls or humanity upon death. You can even invade while in hollow form).
    Details on how to reach this can be seen here
    Dark SoulsSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dark Souls worth 49 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    A divine weapon will allow you to kill the skeletons and prevent them respawning before killing their summoners. This will allow you to move slowly throughout the Catacombs if you do not want to rush it. To get a divine weapon, you'll need the Divine Ember obtainable after beating the Moonlight Butterfly, going right and heading up through the tower and looting the blacksmith statue. For location and details, please see

    Side Notes

    The achievement is missable on your playthrough, as you'll be required to come down to the Catacombs at a later point in the game to kill a certain enemy. If you have done so, you will not be able to join, even if you absolve your sins, until NG+.

    You will be required to receive rank 2 in the Gravelord covenant for a 2nd miracle in it required for the Prayer of a Maiden achievement -- which can be obtained by donating 10 Evil Eyes to the tomb of Gravelord Nito. But if you're doing this early game you should concern yourself with this in NG+ or later on in the story as farming these should not become a priority and you can purchase several from a NPC later on.

    User already had the achievement so they did not pop on the video.

    You do not require the master key.
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    Iced HawkNice Thanks :D
    Posted by Iced Hawk on 18 Jun 14 at 19:11
    bizarre oreoThis is a great guide. I immensely appreciate this guide.
    Posted by bizarre oreo on 06 Jul 16 at 13:34
  • GunflameGunflame470,684
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    Not much to add, just a video showing where to go to get this one. Hope it helps!

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