Lightning Weapon achievement in DARK SOULS

Lightning Weapon

Acquire best weapon through lightning reinforcement.

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How to unlock the Lightning Weapon achievement

  • True XenoBladeTrue XenoBlade451,989
    19 Oct 2011 19 Oct 2011 29 Apr 2015
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    NOTE: I have had people comment saying the dashboard trick to save your Titanite Slab doesn't work. The game got heavily patched a few months ago so it may not work now. If you take a chance with the trick it is at your own discretion, i can't be blamed as this originally worked but i've also got comments saying it still does, so be careful and make sure you dashboard as soon as the achievement pops. The dashboard trick still works as of 29th of April, 2015

    Also, as another user has mentioned in the comments. You can simply get a friend to drop you the weapon when they are in your game and the achievement unlocks, so if you have awesome friends then it cuts out a lot of the work. Same can probably be said for the rest of the weapon achievements as well.

    When you get to Sen's Fortress, the will be a room you HAVE to go through after chasing boulders down 2 sets of stairs. This is where you meet your first mimic (a monster disguised as a treasure chest) and upon it's defeat, you are rewarded with a lightning spear. At this stage in the game it's the only Lightning Weapon will have found. All you need to do to gain this achievement after is to upgrade it to a Lightning Spear + 5 and 'POP' achievement is yours!

    To upgrade this to a + 5 you will need :
    Lightning Spear + 1 = 1 Titanite Chunk
    Lightning Spear + 2 = 1 Titanite Chunk
    Lightning Spear + 3 = 2 Titanite Chunk
    Lightning Spear + 4 = 3 Titanite Chunk
    Lightning Spear + 5 = 1 Titanite Slab

    You can upgrade this to a + 5 yourself at a bonfire (if you have the smithing boxes purchased) or any Blacksmith

    The weapon itself (currently using) is pretty dam good, does a decent damage and like most spears you can hold you'r shield up to block AND attack at same time!

    For obtaining the items needed to actually upgrade the weapon at all here's what i found:

    -- In the Great Hollow there is at LEAST 2 chunks found while descending the Tree, i can't name specifically where but i found 2 along with other coloured chunks.

    -- The Royal Sentinals, the two big guys in Anor Londo in the hall right before the boss fight, drop chunks (you'll know which ones they are because they can also use Healing Miracles) I personally farmed these for an hour and only got 1 chunk, best bet is the bonfire outside of where you obtain the Lordvessel (the massive women) and run down the elevator, run through the room you fought the dual bosses and kill the first knight, then run back to bonfire to reset them. Reason being it took too long to kill the other one while the Black Knight on the stairs shot arrows at me, so it was faster to kill one and run back.

    -- The Darkwraiths in Lower New Londo drop chunks as well, though very rarely. These enemies can also drop the Titanite Slabs, which is rarer still. Best use back stabs to finish them off quickly.

    -- So far as much as i can gather there is ONE definite Titanite Slab drop per game, its when you revisit Undead Asylum the second time (it's optional) from the Boss which is underground in the room you fought the original Boss in the beginning of the game. (walk on the floor and it will drop down into the new Boss chamber)

    It would be also wise to note, unless you are going to be personally using the weapon for something, gather all the necessary materials required to upgrade and do it IN ONE GO. Once you do, and the achievement pops DASHBOARD IT! Reload the save and you will still have the Titanite Slab which is the hardest to obtain.
    (My friend and I have confirmed this works, thought he used a Blue Titanite Slab)

    Of course you can get better Lightning Weapons if you upgraded them from scratch, but hey who wants to waste resources on that? wink

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    Capta1n0bvious3Hi, I know this game and solution are old, but it should be noted that there are 2 guaranteed drops of a titanite slab in 1 playthrough, not 1.
    If you follow Siegmyers quest to the end you will be given a slab.
    It outlines it very well in the walkthrough.
    Posted by Capta1n0bvious3 on 09 Apr 19 at 15:35
    smekkesDashboard trick still works. Did it on xbox one.
    Posted by smekkes on 20 Apr 19 at 22:13
    Damir Malicedasbhoard trick still works
    Posted by Damir Malice on 26 Apr at 20:49
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  • NINja277NINja277469,795
    13 Nov 2011 17 Oct 2011 19 Oct 2011
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    NOTE:This is a work in progress as I am not able to confirm everything as of yet

    To create a Lightning Weapon you need to begin with a standard weapon ( one that you can appply pine resin to otherwise it is unique and will not work )

    No Ember Stones beyond the lesser levels are Required for Lightning Specifically only the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo (which is after Sens Fortress)

    Visit the blacksmith and to complete the Lightning weapon you will ultimately require 9 Titanite shards , 9 Large Titanite shards , 8 Chunks of Titanite and 1 Titanite Slab

    Titanite Chunk - 100% drop rate off the first and third Black Knight in Kiln of the First Flame. These enemies do respawn

    Titanite Slab - is a VERY rare drop off Darkwraiths in
    New Londo Ruins and also a 100% drop off of the Stray demon in the Undead Asylum (tutorial area) underneath the place you fought the Asylum Demon (first boss about 2 min into the game). The asylum can be revisited via the massive crow who you can see at Firelink Shrine who brought there in the beginning of the game.

    Here is a Chart which I believe someone named Oyabunn created so credit to him,One thing to note is that I believe Pure "whatever" is actually Slabs in certain versions though I may be incorrect.[URL=[IMG]
    External image

    If you are looking to gather materials for every weapon upgrade achievement you will need a combined total of 90 Titanite Shards , 20 Large Titanite Shards , 24 Chunks of Titanite , 3 Titanite Slabs , 60 Large Green Titanite Shards , 16 Chunks of Blue Titanite , 2 Blue Titanite Slabs , 16 Chunks of Red Titanite , 2 Red Titanite Slabs , 16 Chunks of White Titanite and 2 White Titanite Slabs

    TRICK-unverified, to get the achievement without using your items simply fully upgrade the item in one shot and wait until the achievement pops WITHOUT leaving the upgrade window thus not allowing the game to save the data then simply turn off the game and turn back on. Supposedly worked on Demons Souls
  • Warriorace777Warriorace777169,752
    10 Nov 2014 31 Dec 2016
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    you can get a lightning spear, in Sins Fortress. you go to the area where you first see the giant boulders that hit the snakeman. head up there go thru the fog door. keep going till you get to the doorway where the boulders, are heading down and follow it down. go to the left and there is a room with a chest. this is a mimic. kill the mimic and you are rewarded with the lightening spear. level it up to +5 and it is yours.
    To upgrade this to a + 5 you will need :
    Lightning Spear + 1 = 1 Titanite Chunk
    Lightning Spear + 2 = 1 Titanite Chunk
    Lightning Spear + 3 = 2 Titanite Chunk
    Lightning Spear + 4 = 3 Titanite Chunk
    Lightning Spear + 5 = 1 Titanite Slab
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