Fire Weapon achievement in Dark Souls

Fire Weapon

Acquire best weapon through fire reinforcement.

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How to unlock the Fire Weapon achievement

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    To create a Fire Weapon you need to begin with a standard weapon ( one that you can appply pine resin to otherwise it is unique and will not work )

    Then you will need to recover the Large Flame Ember which is located in Lost Izalith and give this to Vamos who is located in the catacombs which will allow him to complete his Fire upgrade from +5 to +10. Vamos can automatically make Fire weapons to +5.See vid for location video by Marce1024

    In order to complete the Fire weapon from scratch you will ultimately require 9 Titanite shards , 11 Large Green Titanite shards , 9 Chunks of Red Titanite and 1 Red Titanite Slab

    Red Titanite Chunks - Lost Izalith the tentacle monster plants can drop them and they respawn apparently but the best place to farm all chunks are at the very end of the game in the Kiln of the First Flame.

    Red Titanite Slab - Rare drop from Chaos Eater in Lost Izalith
    and in a treasure chest prior to boss Bed of Chaos(the Giant Tree) of Lost Izalith(see vid credit to MrSiegeBreaker13).

    Here is a Chart which was created by an unknown so credit to whoever they are.
    External image

    TRICK-To get the achievement without using your items simply fully upgrade the item in one shot and wait until the achievement pops WITHOUT leaving the upgrade window thus not allowing the game to save the data then simply turn off the game and turn back on. Supposedly worked on Demons Souls

    ***thanks to NITEMARECREATOR for correcting and verify the number of Large Green Titanite and Chunks to be used.
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    Shadow XBLif you summon someone into your game and they drop a +15 fire weapon and you pick it up, do you get the achievement? rinse, repeat for the other achieves too?
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 03 Mar 14 at 20:40
    NINja277Been awhile since I played but I don't think u can drop items while invading
    Posted by NINja277 on 04 Mar 14 at 02:20
    Shadow XBLnot invading - summon.
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 04 Mar 14 at 19:03
    NINja277I really dunno , best thing to do would be test it out and let us know. I'd try it with you but no longer have the game so only trick would be finding someone willing who already has the weapon .
    Posted by NINja277 on 05 Mar 14 at 17:04
    xShoot4WarAmpsxI should point out it is possible to get all theses weapons in 1 playthrough without the trick. There are enemies who drop slabs although it is rare. Crystal Moonlight Butterflies drop Blue Titanite Slabs, Darkwraiths drop Titanite Slabs as well as chunks and Pinwheel guys right before Gravelord Nito drop White Titanite Slabs and Red Titanite Slabs can be dropped of Chaos eaters in Izalith or trade a Ascended Pyromancy Flame with the Snuggly crow
    Posted by xShoot4WarAmpsx on 15 Mar 14 at 00:30
    noth1ngness69People can drop you weapons and you will get the achievements if they are at the highest rank
    Posted by noth1ngness69 on 21 Mar 14 at 04:45
    Shadow XBLthanks! I'm level 91 if anyone can help.
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 23 Mar 14 at 05:04
    Lil Silent OneYa any sharing caring players who would help us out would be awesome especially time saving
    Posted by Lil Silent One on 23 Apr 14 at 04:07
    mangiovePlease someone can help and borrow me weapons. Im level 78.
    Thanks you
    Posted by mangiove on 24 May 14 at 13:08
    XI AlphaMale IXApparently the little Pinwheel Skeletons from the next room can actually KILL Vamos. Guess I won't be getting this until NG+. Ugh.
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 09 Jun 14 at 04:24
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