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Reach Anor Londo

Arrive in Anor Londo.

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How to unlock the Reach Anor Londo achievement

  • Rej72380Rej7238055,139
    18 Nov 2011 18 Nov 2011
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    The objective of this achievement is to reach Anor Londo for the first time ever. The big challenge in this one is the Iron Golem you have to fight. Before fighting the Iron Golem, head up the stairway across the door of white light leading to the boss and defeat the giant, since he throws giant firebombs right into the boss area.

    Once that threat is neutralized, traverse the white light and fight the Iron Golem. just circle around and get 1-3 hits in with your weapon and be sure not to get grabbed by it or accidentally fall off the bridge.

    After defeating the Iron Golum, examine the golden ring in the middle of the bridge and you will be carried to Anor Londo via gargoyle, effectively unlocking the achievement.

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    Ostrowidzki1989Bonfire and white summon sign info would help a lot in this.
    Posted by Ostrowidzki1989 on 07 Jun 17 at 08:43
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  • ji e toyji e toy154,660
    15 Nov 2015 17 Nov 2015 17 Nov 2015
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    For this achievement, you need to reach Anor Londo. To do so, you need to travel through Sen's Fortress, which opens after ringing both bells of awakening. The entrance is located across the walkway from the bonfire in the old church, where Andre the blacksmith is residing.

    When you reach the top of Sen's Fortress, you will find the white fog door to the Iron Golem. Do not walk through yet, but first do TWO things. As the other guides suggested, go up the stairs in the same room as the fog door and kill the firebomb giant. He does not respawn. Second, and this is missed by the other guides, but makes the fight a lot easier, go across the walkway to another tower. Be sure to be in human form. In this tower, you can find the summon sign of Black Iron Tarkus. Summon him and then go through the fog door.

    Black Iron Tarkus can easily tank the hits of the Iron Golem. He can in fact solo this fight for you.

    During the fight, if you hit the Iron Golem in his legs for enough damage in a short time, he will stagger. If you do enough damage during this stagger, you can make him fall. He will sit on the ground quite long, leaving him open for all attacks, go at him with all you have. If you make him fall near the edge, you can actually make him fall off the fortress to his death. Activate the ring on the middle of the platform and watch the cutscene. The achievement should pop after that, when you have your feet on the ground.

    **Note**: There is a bonfire when you drop from the wall at the second scorched place (The second place where the firebomb giant throws his bombs). You can get human here if you have humanity.

    My first guide, so please leave a comment if you like or dislike it! Constructive feedback is always welcome.

    Praise the sun!
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    HerrKätzchenThis should be the top-solution. None of the other solutions mention the phantom & the bonfire. 10/10
    Posted by HerrKätzchen on 06 Apr 16 at 13:09
  • Removed Gamer
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    This achievement is acquired after defeating the Iron Golem at the top of Sen's Fortress.

    I greatly suggest you take out the Giant throwing fire bomb (top of tower), just use the stairs to your right instead of going left through the white portal.

    As for the boss, the easiest way I've found to him, use a 1h sword (used the drake sword) and remove everything else you're currently wearing. It will greatly speed your movement and you'll be able to stay behind the boss without having to worry of him grabbing you or anything. Simply do 2-3 attack, rotate around him, make sure you keep a small distance so he doesn't stomp you, if he starts stomping his feet (3 times), simply attack the other one. Almost forgot to mention, when the fight start, simply roll between his leg and you can rotate around him from this point, just try to be careful not to roll or back step outside the tower.

    Note that this achievement is not exactly obtained for defeating the Iron Golem but the challenge of this achievement lies in defeating the boss. You'll get the achievement once you touch the ring in the middle of the platform you fought the boss once. Cinematic will start, the achievement pops up after.
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    FinnanI'll just hope it unlocks during my NG+ then
    Posted by Finnan on 28 Oct 11 at 20:05
    fallouthirteenWell, I can confirm that if you don't get it the first run through that it can unlock in NG+.
    Posted by fallouthirteen on 07 Feb 12 at 00:54
    Ostrowidzki1989You should put something about the summon you can use and about sens fortress. The damn fortress is a lot more difficult than the boss.

    I also had 81 endurance with ring of favor and protection and havel ring. I was fast rolling with my heaviest gea, didn't need to be naked.
    Posted by Ostrowidzki1989 on 07 Jun 17 at 08:40
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